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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH O'Brien, Robert C. V 5.30
Ten Timid Ghosts O'Connell, Jennifer J 2.00
Bad Luck Penny, the O'Connor Jane L 2.50
Dragon Breath O'Connor Jane L 2.50
LuLu Goes to Witch School O'Connor Jane J 2.00
Molly the Brave and Me O'Connor Jane K 2.25
Teeny Tiny Woman O'Connor Jane F 1.42
Sir Small and the Dragonfly O'Connor, Jane H 1.70
Comeback O'Connor, Jim P 3.70
Ghost in Tent 19, the O'Connor, Jim M 2.75
Jackie Robinson O'Connor, Jim N 3.00
Black Pearl, The O'Dell, Scott W 5.70
Black Star, Bright Dawn O'Dell, Scott V 5.30
Island of the Blue Dolphins O'Dell, Scott V 5.30
Sarah Bishop O'Dell, Scott X 6.00
Thunder Rolling in the Mountains O'Dell, Scott U 5.00
CD and the Giant Cat Odgers, Darrel and Sally V 5.30
Mice at Bat Oechsli, Kelly I 1.94
Grandma Moses: Painter of Rural America O'Neal, Zibby T 4.75
Long Way , A: A Story Women's Right to Vote O'Neil, Zibby R 4.25
Silverwing: How One Small Bat Became a Noble Hero Oppel, Kenneth U 5.00
Could it Be? Oppenheim, Joanne J 2.00
Do You Like Cats? Oppenheim, Joanne K 2.25
Have you Seen Birds? Oppenheim, Joanne K 2.25
Not Now Said the Cow Oppenheim, Joanne J 2.00
Show and Tell Frog Oppenheim, Joanne J 2.00
You Can't Catch Me! Oppenheim, Joanne L 2.50
Butterflies Orgel, Doris K 2.25
Flower of Sheba, the Orgel, Doris L 2.50
Mouse Who Wanted to Marry, the Orgel, Doris J 2.00
Next time I Will, the Orgel, Doris K 2.25
Island on Bird Street, The Orlev, Uri X 6.00
Lady with the Hat, The Orlev, Uri Z 7.00
Story of Chicken Licken Ormerod, J. I 1.94
Animal Farm Orwell, George Z 7.00
Afternoon on the Amazon Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Buffalo Before Breadfast Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Day of the Dragon King Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Dingoes at Dinnertime Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Dinosaurs Before Dark Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Dolphins at Daybreak Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Favorite Greek Myths Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Ghost Town at Sundown Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Hours of the Olympics Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Knight at Dawn, the Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Lions at Lunchtime Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Magic Tree House Series Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Midnight on the Moon Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Munnies in the Morning Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Night of the Ninjas Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Pirates Past Noon Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Polar Bears Past Bedtime Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Spider Kane and the Mystery at Jumbo'sNightcrawler Osborne, Mary Pope O 3.30
Standing in the Light Osborne, Mary Pope T 4.75
Sunset of the Sabertooth Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Tigers at Twilight Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Tonight on the Titanic Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Vacation under the Volcano Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Vikings Ships at Sunrise Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Detective Stories P ullman, P hilip Z 7.00
Bubble Trouble Packard, Mary F 1.42
I Am Not a Dinosaur Packard, Mary E 1.28
My Messy Room Packard, Mary D 1.14
Pet That I Want, the Packard, Mary E 1.28
Amelia Bedelia (other books in series Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Amelia Bedelia Surprise Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Be Ready at Eight Parish, Peggy K 2.25
Bravo Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Cats' Burglar, the Parish, Peggy K 2.25
Come Back, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Dinasaur Time Parish, Peggy K 2.25
Good Driving Amelia Bedilia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Good Work, Amelia Bedilia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Grandma and the Desperadoes Parish, PEggy J 2.00
Key to the Treasure Parish, Peggy N 3.00
Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy J 2.00
No More Monsters for me Parish, Peggy J 2.00
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Scruffy Parish, Peggy K 2.25
Teach us, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Thank You Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Too Many Rabbits Parish, Peggy J 2.00
Skinny Bones Park Barbara O 3.30
Almost Starring Skinnybones Park, Barbara O 3.30
Junie B.Jones... Series Park, Barbara M 2.75
Kid in the Red Jacket, the Park, Barbara O 3.30
Maxie, Rosie, and Earl-Partners in Grime Park, Barbara O 3.30
My Mother Got Married and other Disasters Park, Barbara O 3.30
Bugs, the Goats, and the Little Pink Pig Parker & Wright O 3.30
Case of the Invisible Cat,the Parker, A. E. Q 4.00
Revenge of the Mummy Parker, A. E. P 3.70
The Secret Secret Passage Parker, A. E. P 3.70
Who Killed Mr. Boddy? Parker, A. E. P 3.70
Great African Americans in Film Parker, Janice T 4.75
I Love Spiders Parker, John H 1.70
Bugs Parker, Nancy Winslow O 3.30
Jacket I Wear in the Snow Parker, Nancy Winslow L 2.50
Enormous Watermelon, The Parkes, Brenda H 1.70
I am Rosa Parks Parks, Rosa O 3.30
Rosa Parks: My Story Parks, Rosa U 5.00
Amelia Earhart Parlin,John P 3.70
Amazing Snakes Parsons, Alexanda L 2.50
Amazing Spiders Parsons, Alexanda Q 4.00
Stripe Partis, Joanne J 2.00
Bridge to Terabithia Paterson, Katherine S 4.50
Great Gilly Hopkins, The Paterson, Katherine S 4.50
Jacob Have I Loved Paterson, Katherine U 5.00
Jip His Story Paterson, Katherine V 5.30
King's Equal,the Paterson, Katherine O 3.30
Lyddie Paterson, Katherine U 5.00
Master Puppeteer, The Paterson, Katherine X 6.00
Of Nightingales That Weep Paterson, Katherine U 5.00
Park's Quest Paterson, Katherine U 5.00
Preacher's Boy Paterson, Katherine T 4.75
Sign of the Chrysanthemum, The Paterson, Katherine U 5.00
Smallest Cow in the World, the Paterson, Katherine K 2.25
Big Race, the Patrick, Steve L 2.50
Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Maybe Maybe Patron, Susan M 2.75
Koko's Kitten Patterson, Francine S 4.50
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo Patterson, Katherine V 5.30
Alida's Song Paulsen, Gary Y 6.50
Amos and the Alien Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos Binder, Secret Agent Paulsen, Gary O 3.30
Amos Gets Famous Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos Gets Married Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos Goes Bananas Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos's Killer Concert Caper Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Boy Who Owned the School, The Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Brian's Winter Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Call Me Francis Tucker Paulsen, Gary W 5.70
Canyons Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Case of the Dirty Bird, the Paulsen, Gary O 3.30
Coach Amos Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Cookcamp, The Paulsen, Gary Y 6.50
Cowpokes and Desperadoes Paulsen, Gary O 3.30
Culpepper's Canyon Paulsen, Gary P 3.70
Dancing Carl Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Danger on Midnight River Paulsen, Gary P 3.70
Dogsong Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Dunc and Amos and the Red Tattoos Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and Amos Go to the Dogs Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and Amos Hit the Big Top Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and Amos Meet the Slasher Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and the Flaming Ghost Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and the Greased Sticks of Doom Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and the Haunted Castle Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc and the Scam Artists Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc Breaks the Record Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc Gets Tweaked Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc's Doll Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc's Dump Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc's Halloween Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Dunc's Undercover Christmas Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Father Water, Mother Woods Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Full of Hot Air Paulsen, Gary L 2.50
Harris and Me Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Hatchet Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Haymeadow, The Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Island, The Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Mr. Tucket Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
My Life in Dog Years Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Night the White Deer Died, The Paulsen, Gary Z 7.00
Nightjohn Paulsen, Gary W 5.70
Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Rifle, The Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
River, The Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Sarny: A Life Remembered Paulsen, Gary W 5.70
Schernoff Discoveries, The Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Soldier's Heart Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Super Amos Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Tent, The Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Thunder Valley Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Tiltawhirl John Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Time Benders Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Tracker Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Treasure of El PatrEn, the Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Tucket's Gold Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Tucket's Ride Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Tucket's Ride Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Voyage of the Frog, The Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Wild Culpetter Cruise, the Paulsen, Gary O 3.30
Winter Room, The Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Paulsen, Gary W 5.70
Woodsong Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Words Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
World of Adventure: Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Tom's Midnight Garden Pearce, Philippa V 5.30
Handful of Time, A Pearson, Kit U 5.00
Life and Words of Martin Luther King, Jr., The Peck, Ira W 5.70
Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp, The Peck, Richard U 5.00
Ghost Belonged to Me, The Peck, Richard V 5.30
Great Interactive Dream Machine, The Peck, Richard Y 6.50
Long Way from Chicago, A Peck, Richard V 5.30
Lost in Cyberspace Peck, Richard Y 6.50
Little Soup's Birthday Peck, Robert K 2.25
Nine Man Tree Peck, Robert Z 7.00
Part of the Sky, A Peck, Robert Z 7.00
Soup Peck, Robert Q 4.00
Day No Pigs Would Die, A Peck, Sylvia Z 7.00
Mary Wore her Red Dress Peek, Merle D 1.14
Roll Over Peek, Merle C 1.00
Roll Over! Peek, Merle F 1.42
Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, the Peet, Bill M 2.75
Wump World, the Peet, Bill P 3.70
Wumpworld Peet, Bill P 3.70
Adventures of Captain Underpants, the Pelkey, Dav P 3.70
Families are Different Pellegrini, Nana K 2.25
Kissing Hand, the Penn, Audrey I 1.90
Dinosaur Babies Penner, Lucille L 2.50
Stars Penner, Lucille J 2.00
Statue of Liberty, the Penner, Lucille L 2.50
House that Jack Built Peppe, Rodney J 2.00
Hand, Hand, fingers, Thumb Perkins, Al J 2.00
Nose Book, The Perkins, Al E 1.28
Cinderella Penguin or the little glass slipper Perlman, Janet L 2.50
Bats: The Amazing Upside-Downers Perry, Phyllis S 4.50
Awake and Dreaming Person, Kit S 4.50
Love Me, Love My Broccoli Peters, Julie Anne S 4.50
Sun, Wind, and the Rain, The Peters, L. M 2.75
Tiny Christmas Elf Peters, Sharon/First Start Easy Reader G 1.56
Airplanes Petersen, David J 2.00
Airports Petersen, David L 2.50
I Hate Camping Petersen, P.J. M 2.75
I Hate Company Petersen, P.J. M 2.75
Rooster Crows, The Petersham, Maud and Miska J 2.00
Littles and the... The (series) Peterson, John M 2.75
Littles Take a Trip Peterson, John M 2.75
Littles, the Peterson, John L 2.50
Mystery in the Night Woods Peterson, John M 2.75
Place To Hide, A Petit, Jayne X 6.00
Alexander Graham Bell Petrie, A. Roy V 5.30
Joshua James Likes Trucks Petrie, Cztherine C 1.00
Maya Angelou: Journey of the Heart Pettit, Jayne X 6.00
Sing for Your Father, Su Phan Pevsner, Stella and Tang, Fay W 5.70
Friendship Pact, The Pfeffer, Susan Beth Q 4.00
Kid Power Pfeffer, Susan Beth S 4.50
Werewolf Chronicles, The Philbrick,W. R. T 4.75
Tiger is a Scardy Cat Phillips, Joan F 1.42
Newspaper Kids, The Phillips, Juanita Q 4.00
One Hundred Hungry Ants Pinczes, Elinor K 2.25
Back Home Pinkey, Gloria Jean O 3.30
Duke Ellington Pinkney, Andrea L 2.50
Solo Girl Pinkney, Andrea M 2.75
Ugly Duckling Pinkney, Jerry O 3.30
5 Novels Pinkwater, Daniel V 5.30
Big Orange Spot, the Pinkwater, Daniel L 2.50
Lizard Music Pinkwater, Daniel T 4.75
Magic Moscow, The Pinkwater, Daniel P 3.70
Little Engine That Could, The Piper, Watty I 1.94
Grain of Rice, A Pittman, Helena Clare P 3.70
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World Pitts, Walter & Mildred P 3.70
It's a Perfect Day Pizer, Abigail F 1.42
Big Max Platt, Kin J 2.00
Bremen-Town Musicians-Grimm Plume, Isle K 2.25
Babushka's Doll Polacco, Patricia P 3.70
Chicken Sunday Polacco, Patricia N 3.00
Thunder Cake Polacco, Patricia M 2.75
Song of the Swallows Politil, Leo O 3.30
Old Man's Mittens, The Pollock, Yevonne J 2.00
Mother, Mother I Want Another Polushkin, Maria G 1.56
OutsideDog, the Pomerantz, Charlotte K 2.25
Bat Bones and Spider Stew Poploff, Michelle K 2.25
Treasures in the Dust Porter, Tracey U 5.00
Tale of Peter Rabbit Potter, Beatrice L 2.50
No Trouble at All! Powell, Joyce M 2.75
Surprise Party, the Prager, Annabelle J 2.00
Hiccups For Elephant Prellar, James I 1.94
Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster,the Preller, James N 3.00
Case of Hermie the Secret Valentine ,the Preller, James N 3.00
Case of Hermie the Spooky Sleepover ,the Preller, James N 3.00
Case of the Christman Snowman, the Preller, James N 3.00
NBA Action from A to Z Preller, James L 2.50
Wake Me in the Spring Preller, James J 2.00
It's Halloweeen Prelutsky, Jack K 2.25
It'sValentine's Day Prelutsky, Jack K 2.25
Baseball Birthday Party, the Prger, Annabelle J 2.00
Sterkarm Handshake, The Price, Susan Z 7.00
Extraordinary Women Journalists Price-Groff, Claire W 5.70
Sunburn Prokopchak, Ann B 0.50
Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves Proop, Peter & Connie R 4.25
Buck Stops Here, The Provensen, Alice T 4.75
Joseph: 1861 -A Rumble of War Pryor, Bonnie V 5.30
Broken Bridge, The Pullman, Philip Z 7.00
Clockwork Pullman, Philip Z 7.00
Count Karlstein Pullman, Philip Y 6.50
Golden Compass, The Pullman, Philip Z 7.00
Subtle Knife, The Pullman, Philip Z 7.00
Amber Spyglass, The Pullman, Phillip Z 7.00
Ruby and the Smoke, The Pullman, Phillip Y 6.50
Big Race, the Pye, Trevoe N 3.00
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