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Jazz, Pizzazz, and the Silver Threads Quattlebaum Mary P 3.70
Magic Squad and the Dog of Great Potential, The Quattlebaum Mary P 3.70
Happily Ever After Quindlen, Anna O 3.30
Sister Sister Homegirl on the Range Quin-Harkin, Janet S 4.50
It'll Be All Right on the Night! Quinn, Pat Q 4.00
Prudence Raatma, Lucia N 3.00
Henri Rousseau Rabott, Ernest T 4.75
Prince William Rand, Gloria Q 4.00
Salty Dog Rand, Gloria L 2.50
Daughter of the Mountains Rankin, Louise V 5.30
Fire in the Sky Ransom, Candice F. R 4.25
Listening to Crickets: A Story About Rachel Carson Ransom, Candice F. R 4.25
Third Grade Stars Ransom, Candice F. P 3.70
Thirteen Ransom, Candice F. R 4.25
Boston Coffee Party Rappaport, Doreen M 2.75
Escape From Slavery: Five Journeys to Freedom Rappaport, Doreen Q 4.00
Westing Game, The Raskin, Ellen V 5.30
52 Days by Camel: My Sahara Adventure Raskin, Lawrence T 4.75
Officer Buckle and Gloria Rathmann, Peggy J 2.00
Ruby the Copycat Rathmann, Peggy K 2.25
Raptors: Hunters in the Sky Rauzon, Mark J. R 4.25
Yearling, The Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan X 6.00
Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson X 6.00
Experiments with Light Ray, Broekel L 2.50
Pumpkins Ray, Mary Lyn M 2.75
Mail Carriere Ready, Dee M 2.75
Police Officers Ready, Dee M 2.75
Snakes! Recht Penner, L. L 2.50
Big Block of Chocolate, The Redhead, Janet I 1.94
Great African Americans in Business Rediger, Pat T 4.75
Great African Americans in Civil Rights Rediger, Pat T 4.75
Great African Americans in Entertainment Rediger, Pat T 4.75
Great African Americans in Literature Rediger, Pat T 4.75
Great African Americans in Music Rediger, Pat T 4.75
Great African Americans in Sports Rediger, Pat T 4.75
Keisha Leads the Way: Magic Attic Club Reed, Teresa Q 4.00
Keisha to the Rescue: Magic Attic Club Reed, Teresa Q 4.00
Keisha the Fairy Snow Reed, Teresa et al/ Attic Club Q 4.00
Across the Lines Reeder, Carolyn W 5.70
Foster's War Reeder, Carolyn V 5.30
Grandpa's Mountain Reeder, Carolyn T 4.75
Shades of Gray Reeder, Carolyn W 5.70
Danny's Big Jump Reeder, Tracey L 2.50
Day the Sky Turned Green, the Reeves, Barbara M 2.75
Howie Merton and the Magic Dust Reeves, Faye M 2.75
Ghost Twins: Mystery at Kickingbird Lake Regan, Dian Curtis P 3.70
Home for the Howl-idays Regan, Dian Curtis S 4.50
Usborne Book of Inventors, The Reid, Struan and Fara, Patricia W 5.70
Book About Planets and Stars, A Reigot, Betty R 4.25
Book of Foolish Machinery Reigot, Betty O 3.30
Behind Rebel Lines Reit, Seymour T 4.75
Rebus Bears, The Reit, Seymour I 1.94
Things that Go: A Traveling Alphabet Reit, Seymour L 2.50
Pow Wow Summer Rendon, Marcie R. S 4.50
Fox and the Crow: Aesop's Fables Resnick Jane P. & Lindy J 2.00
Hare and The Tortoise:Aesop's Fables Resnick Jane P. & Lindy P 3.70
Armies of Ants Retan, Walter M 2.75
Curious George Rey, Margaret G 1.56
Curious George and the Ice Cream Rey, Margaret J 2.00
Curious George and the Pizza Rey, Margaret F 1.42
Curious George at the Beach Rey, Margaret H 1.70
Curious George Goes to the Hospital Rey, Margaret J 2.00
New Land: A First Year on the Praire, the Reynolds, Marilynn M 2.75
Save the Manatee Rfiesinger, Allison N 3.00
Sam Who Never Forgets Rice, Eve K 2.25
All About Things People Do Rice, Melanie and Chris K 2.25
Farmer Joe's Hot Day Richards, Zimmerman J 2.00
Mouse Mess Riley, Linnea, Riley J 2.00
Blue Door, The Rinaldi, Ann X 6.00
Keep Smiling Through Rinaldi, Ann V 5.30
My Dream of Martin Luther King Ringgold, Faith R 4.25
Tar Beach Ringgold, Faith P 3.70
Talking to Faith Ringgold Ringold, E,Freeman, L.&Roucher, S 4.50
Case of the Stolen Code Book Rinkoff, B. O 3.30
Choosing Up Sides Ritter, John H. V 5.30
Cake that Mack Ate, The Robart,Kovalski/Little Brown H 1.70
Bridges Robbins, K. N 3.00
Sticks and Stones, Bobbie Bones Roberts, Brenda C. P 3.70
Absolutely True Story, The: How I Visited Roberts, Willo Davis R 4.25
Girl With the Silver Eyes, The Roberts, Willo Davis U 5.00
Megan's Island Roberts, Willo Davis R 4.25
Henry Reed, Inc. Robertson, Keith X 6.00
Children of the fire Robinet, Harriette P 3.70
Addie's Bad Day Robins,Joan J 2.00
Best Christmas Pageant Robinson, B. Q 4.00
Best School Year Ever, the Robinson, B. P 3.70
My Brother Louis Measures Worms and Other Louis Robinson, Barbara T 4.75
Lost in the Forest Robinson, Fay K 2.25
Countess Veronica Robinson, Nancy K. Q 4.00
Just Plain Cat Robinson, Nancy K. O 3.30
Leaving Home: 15 Distinguished Authors Explore Rochman, H. & McCampbel Z 7.00
Somehow Tenderness Survives: Stories of Rochman, Hazel X 6.00
How Much is that Guinea Pig in the Window? Rocklin, Joanne L 2.50
Jake and the Copycats Rocklin, Joanne J 2.00
Three Smart Pals Rocklin, Joanne L 2.50
Apples and Pumpkins Rockwell, Anne I 1.94
Sweet Potato Pie Rockwell, Anne E 1.28
Trucks Rockwell, Anne I 1.94
How To Eat Fried Worms Rockwell, Thomas R 4.25
ESP TV Rodgers, Mary R 4.25
Freaky Friday Rodgers, Mary R 4.25
Summer Switch Rodgers, Mary R 4.25
Cesar Chavez Rodriguez, Consuelo Y 6.50
Biggest Snowball Ever Rogan, John K 2.25
Best Friends Sleep Over Rogers, Jacqueline M 2.75
What will the Weather  Be Like Today? Rogers, Paul H 1.70
New Shoes, Red Shoes Rollings, Susan I 1.94
Buttons for George Washington Roop, Peter and Connie M 2.75
Grace's Letter to Lincoln Roop, Peter and Connie P 3.70
If You Lived with the Cherokee Roop, Peter and Connie Q 4.00
Keep the Lights Burning Abbie Roop, Peter and Connie K 2.25
Off the Map, The Journals of Lewis and Clark Roop, Peter and Connie U 5.00
Old Rocking Chair, the Root, Phyllis M 2.75
John Henry Rosales, Melodye O 3.30
Gingerbread Man, The Rose, Rita I 1.94
We're Going on a Bear Hunt Rosen, Michael I 1.94
Bill Cosby: The Changing Black Image Rosenberg, Robert X 6.00
Run Jump Whiz Splash Rosenberry, Vera J 2.00
Deputy Dan and the Bank Robbers Rosenbloom, Joseph L 2.50
Deputy Dan Gets his Man Rosenbloom, Joseph L 2.50
I Hate my Best Friend Rosner. Ruth L 2.50
Copper lady, the Ross, Alice M 2.75
Hannah's Fancy Notions: A Story of Industrial Ross, Pat R 4.25
M & M and the .... (series) Ross, Pat K 2.25
Meet M & M Ross, Pat K 2.25
After the Dancing Days Rostkowski, Margaret I W 5.70
Iceberg Hermit, The Roth, Arthur X 6.00
Blind Outlaw, the Rounds, Glen P 3.70
Cowboy Trade, The Rounds, Glen S 4.50
Sod Youses on the Great Plains Rounds, Glen N 3.00
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling, J. K. V 5.30
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Rowling, J. K. V 5.30
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J. K. V 5.30
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Rowling, J. K. V 5.30
Absent Author, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Bald Bandit, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Canary Caper,the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Deadly Dungeon, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Empty Envelope, the Roy, Ron Q 4.00
Falcon's Feathers, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Goose's Gold, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Someone is Following PipRamsey Roy, Ron N 3.00
Three Ducks Went Wandering Roy, Ron K 2.25
Place in the Sun, A Rubalcaba, Jill U 5.00
Night of the Twisters Ruckman, Ivy U 5.00
Jigsaw Jones Mystery, the Case of...Snowman Ruller, James M 2.75
First Apple Russell, Ching Yueng N 3.00
Money Boot, the Russell, Ginny N 3.00
Riding Freedom Ryan, Pam Munoz P 3.70
Hello First Grade Ryder, Joanne I 1.94
Angel for Solomon Singer, An Rylant, Cynthia O 3.30
Best Wishes Rylant, Cynthia O 3.30
Blue Hill Meadown Rylant, Cynthia M 2.75
Blue-Eyed Daisy, A Rylant, Cynthia W 5.70
But I'll Be Back Again Rylant, Cynthia V 5.30
Children of Christmas:Stories for the Season Rylant, Cynthia R 4.25
Every Living Thing Rylant, Cynthia R 4.25
Gooseberry Park Rylant, Cynthia P 3.70
Henry & Mudge Get the Cold Shivers Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge Take the Big Test Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge Under the Yellow Moon Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Bedtime Thumps Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Careful Cousin Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: First Book Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Forever Sea Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Happy Cat Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Long Week End Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Puddle Trouble Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry & Mudge: Sparkle Days Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Henry and Mudge Rylant, Cynthia K 2.25
In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen Rylant, Cynthia M 2.75
Islander, The Rylant, Cynthia T 4.75
Little Sea Pony, the Rylant, Cynthia L 2.50
Little Shopping,A Rylant, Cynthia L 2.50
Missing May Rylant, Cynthia W 5.70
Mr. Putter and Tabby Bake the Cake Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Mr. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Night in the Country Rylant, Cynthia I 1.94
Poppleton .... Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00
Relatives Came, The Rylant, Cynthia P 3.70
Special Present Rylant, Cynthia L 2.50
Van Gogh Cafe, The Rylant, Cynthia S 4.50
When I Was Young in the Mountains Rylant, Cynthia M 2.75
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