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Quack Said the Billy Goat Causley, Charles H 1.70
Quake! Cottonwood, Joe T 4.75
Queen Eleanor Brooks, Polly Schoyer T 4.75
Quick as a Cricket Wood, Audrey I 1.94
Quilt Story, the Johnston, Tony & DePaola, Tomie L 2.50
R is For Radish Coxe, Molly J 2.00
Rabbit Hill Lawson, Robert Z 7.00
Rabbit Race Baglio, Ben M. O 3.30
Rabbit's Birthday Kite MacDonald, Maryann J 2.00
Rabbit's Wish For Snow Tchin I 1.94
Rabble Starkey Lowry, Lois T 4.75
Ragweed Avi U 5.00
Rain Kalan, R C 1.00
Rain Forest Cowcher, Helen P 3.70
Rain Forest Secrets Dorros, Arthur S 4.50
Rain Forest Tree, A Kite, Lorien Q 4.00
Rain Forest, The Fusselman, Fred Q 4.00
Rain Ghost, The Kilworth, Garry X 6.00
Rain Puddle Holl, A. J 2.00
Rainbow of my Own Freeman, Don I 1.94
Rainbow People, The Yep, Laurence V 5.30
Raindrops Brimmer, Larry C 1.00
Rairarubia Adams, W. Royce S 4.50
Ralph S. Mouse Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Ramona and Her Father Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Ramona and Her Mother Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Ramona Forever Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Ramona Quimby: Age 8 Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Ramona the Brave Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Ramona the Pest Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Raptors: Hunters in the Sky Rauzon, Mark J. R 4.25
Rapunzel Chardiet, Bernice L 2.50
Rascal North, Sterling V 5.30
Rats on the Roof (&Range) Marshall, James M 2.75
Rat's Tale, A Seidler, Tor T 4.75
Rats! Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Real Hole, The Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Real Thief, The Steig, William U 5.00
Reason for a Flower, The Heller, Ruth M 2.75
Rebus Bears, The Reit, Seymour I 1.94
Red Cap Wisler, G. Clifton W 5.70
Red Dog Wallace, Bill U 5.00
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf Ehlert, Lois J 2.00
Red Means Good Fortune: ...San Fran China Town Goldin, Barbara Diamond S 4.50
Red Ribbon Rosie Marzollo, Jean M 2.75
Red Riding Hood Marshall, James L 2.50
Red Scarf Girl: Memoir of the Cultural Revolution Jiang, Ji Li Z 7.00
Red-Hot Hightops Christopher, Matt Q 4.00
Relationships of Living Things Atwater, Mary & Baptiste et al R 4.25
Relatives Came, The Rylant, Cynthia P 3.70
Reluctant Dragon, The Grahame, Kenneth/ Bantam Q 4.00
Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen, The Alexander, Lloyd V 5.30
Remember the Ladies: The First Women's Rights Johnston, Norma U 5.00
Remembering Box, The Clifford, Eth S 4.50
Rent a Third Grader Hiller, B.B. O 3.30
Report To the Principal's Office Spinelli, Jerry U 5.00
Reptiles Ballard, Lois L 2.50
Reptiles Do the Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora S 4.50
Rescuers, The Sharp, Margery S 4.50
Rest Of The Story, The Harvey) Jr., Paul Z 7.00
Return of Rinaldo,the Sly Fox Scheffler,  Ursel M 2.75
Return of the Great Brain, The Fitzgerald, John D. T 4.75
Return of the Home Run Kid Christopher, Matt N 3.00
Return of the Indian, The Maccarone, Grace M 2.75
Return of the Third Grade Ghosthunters Maccarone, Grace M 2.75
Return to Howliday Inn Howe, James P 3.70
Revenge of the Mummy Parker, A. E. P 3.70
Ribsy Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Riddle of the Red Purse, the Giff Patricia / Dell L 2.50
Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, The Giblin, James Cross V 5.30
Riding Freedom Ryan, Pam Munoz P 3.70
Rifle, The Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner, The Myers, Walter Dean U 5.00
Rinaldo, the Sly fox Scheffler,  Ursel M 2.75
Ring of Endless Light, A L'Engle, Madeleine W 5.70
Rip Roaring Russell Hurwitz, Johanna M 2.75
Rise and Shine, Mariko-chan Tomioka, Chiyoka K 2.25
Rising Stars of the NBA Layden, Joe P 3.70
River Apart, A Sutherland, Robert U 5.00
River Ran Wild, A Cherry, Lynne S 4.50
River Through the Ages Steele, Philip U 5.00
River, The Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Road Through the Ages Steele, Philip U 5.00
Road to Memphis, The Taylor, Mildred X 6.00
Road to Seneca Falls, The Swain, Gwenyth R 4.25
Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Dahl ,Roald N 3.00
Robert the Rose Horse Heilbroner, Joan I 1.94
Robin Hood Ingle, Annie P 3.70
Robinson Crusoe Dolch, E. W. and Marguerite P. P 3.70
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Taylor, Mildred W 5.70
Roll Over Peek, Merle C 1.00
Roll Over! Peek, Merle F 1.42
Roller Skates Calmenson, Stephanie J 2.00
Rollermama Hinchliffe, Jo N 3.00
Rollo and Tweedy and the Ghost at Dougal... Allen, Laura Jean K 2.25
Romeo and Juliet: Together at Last Avi U 5.00
Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat Giff Patricia / Dell G 1.56
Rooster Crows, The Petersham, Maud and Miska J 2.00
Rooster's Gift, the Conrad, Pam M 2.75
Root Cellar, The Lunn, Janet V 5.30
Rosa Parks Greenfield, Eloise P 3.70
Rosa Parks: My Story Parks, Rosa U 5.00
Rose in My Garden, The Lobel, Arnold M 2.75
Roses For Renee Calenson, Stephanie J 2.00
Rosie the Riveter Colman, Penny Z 7.00
Rosie's Big City Ballet Giff Patricia / Dell N 3.00
Rosie's Nutcracker Dreams Giff Patricia / Dell N 3.00
Rosie's Walk Hutchins, Pat F 1.42
Rotating Rollerblades and Other Cases, the Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Rough Riders, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Rough-Faced Girl, The Martin, Rafe S 4.50
Round Trip Jonas, Ann L 2.50
Ruby and the Smoke, The Pullman, Phillip Y 6.50
Ruby the Copycat Rathmann, Peggy K 2.25
Rumpelstiltskin Zelinsky, Paul N 3.00
Run Jump Whiz Splash Rosenberry, Vera J 2.00
Runaway Bunny, The Brown, Margaret Wise M 2.75
Runaway Monkey Stewart, J & Salem,L B 0.50
Runaway Ralph Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Runaway Teddy Bear, The Hofmann, Ginnie K 2.25
Runaway to Freedom: A Story of the Underground Smucker, Barbara T 4.75
Russell and Elisa Hurwitz, Johanna M 2.75
Russell Rides Again Hurwitz, Johanna M 2.75
Russell Sprouts Hurwitz, Johanna M 2.75
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