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S.O.S. Titanic Bunting, Eve T 4.75
Sacajawea Bruchac, Joseph Y 6.50
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Coerr, Eleanor R 4.25
Sadie and the Snowman Morgan, Allen L 2.50
Safe Return Dexter, Catherine Q 4.00
Salamandastron Jacques, Brian Y 6.50
Salem Days: Life in a Colonial Seaport Knight/Adventures in Colonial America T 4.75
Salty Dog Rand, Gloria L 2.50
Sam and the Firefly Eastman, Philip D. J 2.00
Sam and the Tigers Lester, Julius M 2.75
Sam the Minuteman Benchlley, Nathaniel J 2.00
Sam the Scarecrow Gordon, Sharon F 1.42
Sam Who Never Forgets Rice, Eve K 2.25
Sam, Bangs and Moonshine Ness, Evaline O 3.30
Sam,s Ball (and other Sam books) Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Samantha Saves the Day American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Samantha's Surprise American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Sammy at the Farm Evans,Karen C 1.00
Sammy the Seal Hoff, Syd H 1.70
Sam's Ball Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Cookie Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Teddy Bear Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Wagon Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Samuel's Choice Berleth, Richard S 4.50
Samurai's Daughter, The San Souci, Robert D. Q 4.00
San Domingo Henry, Marguerite R 4.25
Sand Cake Asch, Frank K 2.25
Santa Claus Doesn't Moop Floors Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Santa Fe Trail, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Sara Crewe Burnett, Frances Hodgson O 3.30
Sarah Bishop O'Dell, Scott X 6.00
Sarah Morton Daniel's Day: Day in the Life of, A Waters, Kate Q 4.00
Sarah, Plain and Tall MacLachlan, Patricia O 3.30
Sarah, Plain and Tall MacLachlan, Patricia R 4.25
Sarah's Unicorn Coville, Bruce I 1.94
Sarny: A Life Remembered Paulsen, Gary W 5.70
Saturnalia Flack, Marjorie W 5.70
Save the Manatee Rfiesinger, Allison N 3.00
Say Cheese Giff Patricia / Dell L 2.50
Say Hola, Sarah Giff Patricia / Dell N 3.00
Scared Stiff Malcolm, Jahnna N. V 5.30
Scaredy Dog Thomas, Jane Resh K 2.25
Scary Day the Bennett, Jean N 3.00
Schernoff Discoveries, The Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
School Bus Crews, Donald D 1.14
School Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon Thaler, Mike M 2.75
School Mouse Harris, D. P 3.70
School Nurse from the Black Lagoon Thaler, Mike M 2.75
School's Out Hurwitz, Johanna N 3.00
Schoolyard Mystery, the Levy, Eizabeth N 3.00
Science Experiments Webster, Vera L 2.50
Science- Just add Salt Markle, Sandra L 2.50
Scorpions Myers, Walter Dean Z 7.00
Scrappers No Easy Out Hughes, Dean Q 4.00
Scrappers No Fear Hughes, Dean Q 4.00
Scruffy Parish, Peggy K 2.25
Sea Otter Rescue: The Aftermath of an Oil Spill Smith, Roland W 5.70
Sea Star Henry, Marguerite R 4.25
Search for Delicious, The Babbitt, Natalie U 5.00
Searching For Laura Ingalls Wilder Lasky, Kathryn S 4.50
Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree Gibbons, Gail H 1.70
Seaward Cooper, Susan X 6.00
Second Chance Kroll, Steven N 3.00
Second Grade Friends Cohen, Meriam M 2.75
Second Grade Friends Again Cohen, Meriam M 2.75
Second Mrs. Giaconda, The Konigsburg, E. L. T 4.75
Secondhand Star MacDonald, Maryann L 2.50
Secret at the Polk Street School Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Secret Garden, The Burnett, Frances H. U 5.00
Secret of Foghorn Island Hayes, Geoffrey K 2.25
Secret of Nimh, The Brien, Robert C. V 5.30
Secret of the Seal, The Davis, Deborah P 3.70
Secret Soldier, The McGovern, Ann P 3.70
Secret Soldier, the: Story of Deborah Sampson McGovern, Ann O 3.30
Secret Valley,the Bulla, Clyde Robery O 3.30
Secrets of Foghorn Island, the Hayes, Geoffrey L 2.50
See You in Second Grade Cohen, Miriam J 2.00
See you Tomorrow Charles Cohen, Miriam J 2.00
Seed is a Promise, A Merrill, Claire O 3.30
Seedfalks Fleischman, Paul S 4.50
Seeds Saunders-Smith, Gail J 2.00
Sees Behind Trees Dorris, Michael T 4.75
Selchie's Seed, The Levey Oppenheim, Shulamith W 5.70
Seminole Indians, The Lund, Bill P 3.70
Serpent's Children, The Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Seven Blind Mice Young, Ed I 1.94
Seven Chinese Brothers, the Mahy, Margaret O 3.30
Seven Kisses in a Row MacLachlan, Patricia O 3.30
Seven Treasure Hunts, the Byars, Betsy M 2.75
Seventh Grade Weirdo Wardlaw, Lee S 4.50
Seventh Tower, The: The Fall Nix, Garth W 5.70
Shades of Gray Reeder, Carolyn W 5.70
Shadow of a Bull Wojciechowska, Maia U 5.00
Shadow of the Wolf Whelan, Gloria N 3.00
Shadow over Second Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Shadows Struttard, Marie J 2.00
Shaggy Sheep, the Kratky, Lada Josefa J 2.00
Shark in School Giff Patricia / Dell N 3.00
Shark Lady McGovern, Ann N 3.00
Shark Lady: The Adventures of Eugenie Clark McGovern, Ann O 3.30
Sharks Simon, Seymour T 4.75
Sharks and Rays Weldon, Owen Q 4.00
Sheep in a Jeep Shaw, N. G 1.56
Sheepdog in the Snow Baglio, Ben M. Q 4.00
Sheila Rae, the Brave Henkes, Kevin K 2.25
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution Fritz, Jean T 4.75
Shhh Henkes, Kevin F 1.42
Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds R 4.25
Shining Blue Planet and Other Cased, the Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Shipwreck Saturday Cosby, Bill K 2.25
Shoes for Everyone: A Story About Jan Matzeliger Mitchell, Barbara R 4.25
Shoeshine Girl Bulla Clyde Robert N 3.00
Shooting Stars Branley, Franklyn O 3.30
Shooting Stars Costello, Emily R 4.25
Shortcut Crews, Donald G 1.56
Shortest Kid in the World Bliss, Corinne K 2.25
Shortstop From Tokyo Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Show and Tell Greene, Stephanie N 3.00
Show and Tell Frog Oppenheim, Joanne J 2.00
Show and Tell War Smith, Janice Lee N 3.00
Show Me a Snake Hole Frederick Shirley L 2.50
Show Time...Polk Street School Giff Patricia / Dell J 2.00
Showtime at the Polk Street School Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Sid and Sam Buck, Nola D 1.14
Sidewalk Story Mathis, Sharon N 3.00
Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School Sachar, Louis S 4.50
Sideways Stories from Wayside School Sachar, Louis P 3.70
Sideways Stories from Wayside School Sachar, Louis S 4.50
Sierra Siebert, Diane Q 4.00
Sign of the Beaver Speare, Elizabeth George T 4.75
Sign of the Chrysanthemum, The Paterson, Katherine U 5.00
Silent Hero, the Shea, George O 3.30
Silent to the Bone Konigsburg, E. L. V 5.30
Silk Route, The Major, John S. U 5.00
Silly Tilly's Valentine Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls Jewell, Nancy I 1.94
Silver Whelan, Gloria N 3.00
Silverwing: How One Small Bat Became a Noble Hero Oppel, Kenneth U 5.00
Simon and the Aliens Mills, Eva N 3.00
Sing Down the Moon Dell, Scott T 4.75
Sing for Your Father, Su Phan Pevsner, Stella and Tang, Fay W 5.70
Sip of Aesop, A Yolen, JAne N 3.00
Sir Small and the Dragonfly O'Connor, Jane H 1.70
Sister Greenfield, Eloise W 5.70
Sister Sister Homegirl on the Range Quin-Harkin, Janet S 4.50
Six Foolish Fisherman Elkin, Benjamin L 2.50
Six Voyages of Pleasant Fieldmouse, The Wahl, Jan R 4.25
Sixteen Short Stories by Outstanding Writers Gallo, Donald R. Z 7.00
Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You DeClements, Barthe S 4.50
Sixth Grade Secrets Sachar, Louis S 4.50
Sixth-Grade Sleepover Bunting, Eve R 4.25
Skateboard Tough Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Skates of Uncle Richard, The Fenner, Carol P 3.70
Skateway to Freedom Alma, Ann V 5.30
Skating on Thin Ice Everett F 1.42
Skeletons Don't Play Tubas Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Skeletons! Skeletons! Hall Katy O 3.30
Skinny Bones Park Barbara O 3.30
Skirt, the Soto, Gary N 3.00
Sky Dogs Yolen, Jane U 5.00
SkyFire Asch, Frank J 2.00
Skylark MacLachlan, Patricia R 4.25
Slam Dunk Saturday Marzollo, Jean M 2.75
Slam! Myers, Walter Dean W 5.70
Sleepers, Wake Jacobs, Paul Samuel T 4.75
Sleeping Ugly Yolen, Jane M 2.75
Sleepless Beauty Minters, Frances O 3.30
Sleepy Book Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70
Sleepy Dog Ziefert, Harriet D 1.14
Slower than a Snail Schreiber, Anne G 1.56
Slugs and Snails Asch, Frank J 2.00
Slump the Kroll, Steven N 3.00
Sly Fox and Red Hen Hunia, Fran F 1.42
Small Pig Lobel, Arnold H 1.70
Small Potato Club Series, The Ziefert O 3.30
Small Potatoes and the Snowball Fight Ziefert, Harriet O 3.30
Small Wolf Benchlley, Nathaniel J 2.00
Smallest Cow in the World, the Paterson, Katherine K 2.25
Smartest Bear and His Brother Oliver, the Bach, Alice N 3.00
Smartest Man in Ireland, The Hunter, Mollie S 4.50
Smasher King-Smith, Dick O 3.30
Smoky the Cow Horse James, Will S 4.50
Snaggle Doodles Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Snail Saves the Day Stadler, John G 1.56
Snake Alarm Krailing, Tessa M 2.75
Snakes! Recht Penner, L. L 2.50
Snow Joe Greene, Carol D 1.14
Snow Lion McPhail, David K 2.25
Snow Treasure McSwigan, Marie R 4.25
Snow White and REd Rose Hunia, Fran K 2.25
Snowball War, the Chardiet, Bernice K 2.25
Snowshoe Thompson Smiler, Levinson K 2.25
Snowy Day, The Keats, Ezra Jack J 2.00
Snuggle Wuggle Londan Jonathan / Scholastic G 1.56
So Can I Facklam, Margery B 0.50
So Far From the Bamboo Grove Watkins, Yoko Kawashima V 5.30
So Hungry! Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94
So Many bunnies Walton, Rick K 2.25
So Sick! Ziefert, Harriet E 1.28
Soap Soup and other Verses Kuskin, Karla K 2.25
Soccer Cousins Marzollo, Jean K 2.25
Soccer Game Maccarone, Grace F 1.42
Soccer Mania Tamar, Erika M 2.75
Soccer Sam Marzollo, Jean M 2.75
Soccer Stars, Best Friend Face-off Costello, Emily R 4.25
Socks Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Sod Youses on the Great Plains Rounds, Glen N 3.00
Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman? McKissack, Patricia V 5.30
SojournerTruth: Walking The Road To Freedom Ferris, Jeri Q 4.00
Soldier Boy Burks, Brian T 4.75
Soldier's Heart Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Solitary Blue, A Voigt, Cynthia W 5.70
Solo Girl Pinkney, Andrea M 2.75
Some Friend Warner, Sally R 4.25
Some of the Kinder Planets Wynne-Jones, Tim U 5.00
Somebody and the Three Bears Tolhurst Marilyn J 2.00
Someday a Tree Bunting, Eve P 3.70
Somehow Tenderness Survives: Stories of Rochman, Hazel X 6.00
Someone is Following PipRamsey Roy, Ron N 3.00
Someone to Count On Hermes, Patricia T 4.75
Something Queer ..... (series) Levy, Eizabeth N 3.00
Something Upstairs Avi T 4.75
Something Very Sorry Bohlmeijer, Arno R 4.25
Somewhere Baskwill, Jane J 2.00
Song and Dance Man Ackerman, Karen O 3.30
Song Lee .... (series) Kline, Suzy N 3.00
Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt Kline Suzy L 2.50
Song Lee and the Leech Man Kline Suzy L 2.50
Song Lee in Room 2B Kline Suzy L 2.50
Song of the Swallows Politil, Leo O 3.30
Song of the Trees Taylor, Mildred S 4.50
Sons of Liberty Griffin, Adele Y 6.50
Sophie and Lou Mathers, Petra P 3.70
Sophie Hits Six King-Smith Dick M 2.75
Sophie in the Saddle King-Smith Dick M 2.75
Sophie Is Seven King-Smith Dick M 2.75
Sophie 's Lucky King-Smith Dick M 2.75
Sophie 's Tom King-Smith Dick M 2.75
Sophie's Snail King-Smith Dick M 2.75
SOS Titanic Bunting, Eve V 5.30
Sound, Heat and Light Berger, Melvin L 2.50
Sounder Armstrong, William T 4.75
Soup Peck, Robert Q 4.00
Space Dog... series Standiford, Natalie L 2.50
Space Rock Buller, Jon K 2.25
Space Station Plot and Other Cases Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Spanish-American War, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Special Present Rylant, Cynthia L 2.50
Spectaular Stone Soup Scheffler,  Ursel M 2.75
Speeding Sleigh and Other Cases Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Speedy Snake and Other Cases Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Spell Casters, Phoebe's Fortune Warriner, Holly R 4.25
Spider Boy Fletcher, Ralph R 4.25
Spider Kane and the Mystery at Jumbo'sNightcrawler Osborne, Mary Pope O 3.30
Spies on the Devil's Belt Haynes, Betsy W 5.70
Spirit of St. Louis, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Spirit Quest Sharpe,Susan S 4.50
Splatter Marriott, Janice N 3.00
Spoiled Rotten DeClements, Barthe L 2.50
Spooky Riddles Brown, Marc I 1.94
Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, the Peet, Bill M 2.75
Sports Bloopers Hollander, Phyllis & Zander P 3.70
Sports Mysteries: Case of the Basketball Video Edwards, T. J. P 3.70
Sports Mysteries: Case Of The Missing Pitcher Edwards, T. J. P 3.70
Spot's Birthday Party Hill, Eric I 1.94
Spot's First Christmas Hill, Eric J 2.00
Spot's First Walk Hill, Eric G 1.56
Spots, Feathers, and Curly Tails Tafuri, Nancy/Greenwillow C 1.00
Spray-Paint Mystery, the Shelf, Angela P 3.70
Spring Fever! Lerangis, Peter T 4.75
Spring is Here Gomi, Taro E 1.28
Spy in the Attic, the Scheffler,  Ursel M 2.75
Spy on third Base, the Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Squanto and the First Thanksgiving Celsi, Teresa L 2.50
Squanto:Friend of the Pilgrims Bulla, Clyde Robert O 3.30
Squirrels in the School Baglio, Ben M. Q 4.00
Srtrike Out Howard, Tristan M 2.75
St. George and the Dragon Hodges O 3.30
Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade Martin, Ann M. O 3.30
Stacey and the Missing Ring Martin, Ann M. O 3.30
Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall Martin, Ann M. O 3.30
Stacey and the Mystery Money Martin, Ann M. O 3.30
Stacy Says Goodbye Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Stage Fright Martin, Ann M. N 3.00
Stan the Hot Dog Man Kessler, Ethel K 2.25
Standing in the Light Osborne, Mary Pope T 4.75
Stanley Hoff, Syd I 1.94
Stanley and the Magic Lamp Brown, Jeff P 3.70
Star Simon.J. M 2.75
Star Fisher, The Yep, Laurence S 4.50
Stargazers, the Gibbons, Gail N 3.00
Starring First Grade Cohen Merriam J 2.00
Starring Rosie Giff Patricia / Dell N 3.00
Stars Penner, Lucille J 2.00
Statue of Liberty, the Penner, Lucille L 2.50
Stay Away From Simon Carrick, Carol O 3.30
Stay! Keeper's Story Lowry, Lois U 5.00
Stay, Fang Hazen, Barbara Shook I 1.94
Staying Nine Conrad, Pam R 4.25
Steal Away Armstrong, Jennifer T 4.75
Steal Away-to Freedom Armstrong, Jennifer Z 7.00
Stealing Freedom Carbone, Lisa U 5.00
Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson Denenberg, Barry V 5.30
Stellaluna Cannon, Jannell N 3.00
Sterkarm Handshake, The Price, Susan Z 7.00
Sticks and Stones, Bobbie Bones Roberts, Brenda C. P 3.70
Stone Fox Gardiner, John Reynolds P 3.70
Stone Soup Brown, Marcia K 2.25
Stone Soup McGovern, Ann J 2.00
Stop, Stop Hurd, Edith Thacher M 2.75
Stories From the Days of Christopher Columbus Young, R. A. & Dockrey, J. U 5.00
Stories Huey tells the Cameron, Ann N 3.00
Stories Huey Tells, The Young, R. A. & Dockrey, J. U 5.00
Stories in Stone: The World of Animal Fossils Kittinger, Jo.S./ A First Book U 5.00
Stories Julian Tells, the Cameron, Ann N 3.00
Stories of the North London, Jack Y 6.50
Storm Book, The Zolotow, Charlotte P 3.70
Storm in the Night Stolz, Mary N 3.00
Stormy, Misty's Foal Henry, Marguerite R 4.25
Story About Ping, The Flack, Marjorie P 3.70
Story of Alexander Graham Bell… Davidson, Margaret O 3.30
Story of Benjamin Franklin… Davidson, Margaret O 3.30
Story of Chicken Licken Ormerod, J. I 1.94
Story of Dona Chila, The Moore, Eva P 3.70
Story of Ferdinand, The Leaf, Munro M 2.75
Story of George Washington Carver, The Moore, Eva Q 4.00
Story of Geronimo, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Story of Harriet Tubman, The: Conductor of the McMullan, Kate S 4.50
Story of Harriet Tubman: Freedom, The Sterling, Dorothy U 5.00
Story of Jackie Robinson, Bravest Man in Baseball Davidson, Margaret O 3.30
Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pioneer Girt, The Stine, Megan Q 4.00
Story of Muhammad Ali: Heavyweight Champion Denenberg, Barry S 4.50
Story of Ruby Bridges, the Coles, Robert O 3.30
Story of the Mayflower Compact, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Story of The Persian Gulf War, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Story of The Sinking of the Battleship Maine, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Story of The Surrender at Yorktown, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Story of the White House, The Waters, Kate S 4.50
Story of The Women's Movement, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Story of Thomas Alva Edison, The Davidson, Margaret R 4.25
Story of Walt Disney, Maker of Magical Worlds, the Selden, Bernice O 3.30
Story, a Story, A:African TAle Haley, Gail.E. M 2.75
Stowaway Hesse, Karen W 5.70
Straight Line Wonder Fox, Mem J 2.00
Stranger at the Window Alcock, Vivien U 5.00
Stranger Came Ashore, A Hunter, Mollie U 5.00
Strawberry Girl Lenski, Lois P 3.70
Strawberry Hill LaFaye, A. Y 6.50
Stray, The King-Smith, Dick R 4.25
Streak, the Kroll, Steven N 3.00
Strega Nona dePaloa, Tomie N 3.00
Strider Cleary, Beverly R 4.25
Stripe Partis, Joanne J 2.00
Striped Ice Cream Lexau, Joan N 3.00
Stuart Little White, E. B. R 4.25
Subtle Knife, The Pullman, Philip Z 7.00
Sue Likes Blue Gregorich, Barbara G 1.56
Sugar Snow Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00
Sugaring Season (Making Maple Syrup) Burns, Diane S 4.50
Sugaring Time Lasky, Kathryn S 4.50
Summer I Shrank My Grandmother, The Woodruff, Elvira Q 4.00
Summer in the Big Woods Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00
Summer in the South, A Marshall, James Q 4.00
Summer Life, A Soto, Gary Z 7.00
Summer of My German Soldier Greene, Bette Z 7.00
Summer of the Great-Grandmother, The L'Engle, Madeleine Z 7.00
Summer of the Swans, The Byars, Betsy U 5.00
Summer REading is Killing Me Scieszka, Jon N 3.00
Summer Switch Rodgers, Mary R 4.25
Summer to Die, A Lowry, Lois T 4.75
Summer Wheels Bunting, Eve O 3.30
Sun & Spoon Henkes, Kevin R 4.25
Sun Up, Sun Down Gibbons, Gail O 3.30
Sun, Wind, and the Rain, The Peters, L. M 2.75
Sunburn Prokopchak, Ann B 0.50
Sunny  Side up Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Sunset of the Sabertooth Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Sunshine, Moonshine Armstrong, Jennifer E 1.28
Super Amos Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Supercharged Infield Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Superfudge Blume, Judy Q 4.00
Surprise Party Hutchins, Pat K 2.25
Surprise Party, the Prager, Annabelle J 2.00
Surprises Hopkins, Lee L 2.50
Surprising Myself Fritz, Jean O 3.30
Survival!: Fire Duey, K. & Bale, K. A. R 4.25
Susan B. Anthony: Champion of Women's Rights Monsell, Helen Albee R 4.25
Susanna of the Alamo Jakes, John T 4.75
Swamp of the Hideous Zombies, Hayes, Geoffrey O 3.30
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt Hopkinson, Deborah S 4.50
Sweet Memories Still Kinsey-Warnock, N. & H. Q 4.00
Sweet Potato Pie Rockwell, Anne E 1.28
Swiftly Tilting Planet, A L'Engle, Madeleine W 5.70
Swimmy Lionni, Leo L 2.50
Swing, Swing, Swing Tuchman,G C 1.00
Switcharound Lowry, Lois R 4.25
Sword and the Stone, The Maccarone, Grace J 2.00
Sydney-Where Biscuits Go Surfing Coy, Michael R 4.25
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble Steig, William M 2.75
Symphony of Whales,A Schuch, Steve O 3.30
Take Off Hunter, Ryan Ann O 3.30
Taking Care of Rosie Salem, Llynn & Stewart,J E 1.28
Taking Care of Terrific Lowry, Lois S 4.50
Taking Care of Yoki Campbell, Barbara R 4.25
Taking Sides Soto, Gary S 4.50
Tale of Peter Rabbit Potter, Beatrice L 2.50
Tales from the Homeplace: Adventures of a Texas Burandt, H. and Dale, S. S 4.50
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Blume, Judy Q 4.00
Tales of Amanda Pig Van Leeuwen, Jean L 2.50
Tales of Olga da Polga, The Bond, Michael P 3.70
Tales of the Golden Goose Behr, Alexandra L 2.50
Talk About a Family Greenfield, Eloise O 3.30
Talking Earth, The George, Jean Craighead U 5.00
Talking to Faith Ringgold Ringold, E,Freeman, L.&Roucher, S 4.50
Tall Tale and Other Cases Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Tallyho, Pinkerton! Kellogg, Steven M 2.75
Tamika and the Wisdom Rings Yarbrough, Camille O 3.30
Tangerine Bloor, Edward U 5.00
Tar Beach Ringgold, Faith P 3.70
Tarantula in My Purse, The George, Jean Craighead U 5.00
Taste of Blackberries, A Buchanan Smith, Doris P 3.70
Taste of Salt: T he Story of Modern Haiti Temple, Frances W 5.70
Tchaikovsky Venezia, Mike Q 4.00
Teach us, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Teacher from the Black Lagoon Thaler, Mike M 2.75
Teachers Deedrick, Tami M 2.75
Teacher's Pet Dicks, Terrance L 2.50
Teacher's Pet Hurwitz, Johanna O 3.30
Tears of a Tiger Draper, Sharon M. Z 7.00
Tecumseh Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Teddy Bear Cures a Cold Gretz, Susanna K 2.25
Teddy Bear for Sale Herman, Gail G 1.56
Teeny Tiny Woman Galdone, Paul K 2.25
Teeny Tiny Woman O'Connor Jane F 1.42
Teeny Tiny Woman, the Seuling, Barbara J 2.00
Tell Me a Story, Mama Johnson. Angela L 2.50
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep Dunbar, Joyce C 1.00
Ten Apples Up on Top LeSieg, Theo J 2.00
Ten Bears in My Bed Mack, Stan F 1.42
Ten Black Dots Crews, Donald F 1.42
Ten Little Ducks Hammond, Franklin G 1.56
Ten O'Clock Club, the Beach York.Carol N 3.00
Ten Sleepy Sheep Keller, Holly G 1.56
Ten Timid Ghosts O'Connell, Jennifer J 2.00
Ten True Animals Rescues Betancourt, Jeanne O 3.30
Ten, Nine, Eight Bang, Molly G 1.56
Tent, The Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Terrific Trains Mitton, Tony & Parker, Ant J 2.00
Terror in the Towers Kerson, Adrian O 3.30
Thank You Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Thank You Nicky Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Thank You, Jackie Robinson Cohen, Barbara P 3.70
Thanksgiving: Why We Celebrate It the Way We Do Hintz, Martin & Kate P 3.70
That Fat Hat Barlam, Joanne K 2.25
That Wild Berries Should Grow Whelan, Gloria U 5.00
The Secret Secret Passage Parker, A. E. P 3.70
Then Again, Maybe I Won't Blume, Judy T 4.75
There is a Town Herman, Gail D 1.14
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed... Adams, P. H 1.70
There Were Ten in the Bed Adams, P. E 1.28
There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom Sachar, Louis Q 4.00
There's a Frog in My Sleeping Bag Clymer, Susan R 4.25
There's a Hamster in my Lunchbox Clymer, Susan Q 4.00
There's a Hamster in My Lunchbox Clymer, Susan R 4.25
There's a Hippopotamus Under my Bed Thaler, Mike K 2.25
There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer, Mercer I 1.94
There's a Tarantula in My Homework Clymer, Susan R 4.25
There's a Wocket in My Pocket Seuss, Dr. J 2.00
There's An Alligator Under My Bed Mayer, Mercer J 2.00
There's An Hippopotamus Under My Bed Mayer, Mercer J 2.00
There's an Owl in the Shower George, Jean Craighead Q 4.00
There's No Such Thing as a Dragon Kent, Jack M 2.75
There's Something in My Attic Mayer, Mercer J 2.00
These Happy Golden Years Wilder, Laura Ingalls R 4.25
These Lands Are Ours: Tecumseh's Fight For the Connell, Kate T 4.75
They Lead the Way: 14 American Women Johnston, Johanna O 3.30
Thief in the Village, A Berry, James V 5.30
Thief of Hearts Yep, Laurence V 5.30
Things I Like Browne, Anthony D 1.14
Things that Go: A Traveling Alphabet Reit, Seymour L 2.50
Third Grade Bullies Levy, Eizabeth N 3.00
Third Grade Stars Ransom, Candice F. P 3.70
Thirteen Ransom, Candice F. R 4.25
This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall Korman, Gordon S 4.50
This is My Friend Mayer, Mercer K 2.25
This is My House Dorros, Arthur L 2.50
This is the Bear & the Bad Little Girl Hayes, Sarah I 1.94
This is the Place For Me Cole, Joanna I 1.94
This Old Man Adams, P. E 1.28
This Place is Dry Cobb, Vicki R 4.25
This Place is Wet Cobb, Vicki R 4.25
Thomas Alva Edison: Young Inventor Sabin, Louis Q 4.00
Thomas Jefferson: Man with a Vision Crisman, Ruth U 5.00
Three Bears Galdone, Paul K 2.25
Three Billy Goat's Gruff Brown, Marcia I 1.94
Three Billy Goat's Gruff Stevens, Janet K 2.25
Three Blind Mice Mystery. the Krensky, Stephen L 2.50
Three By the Sea Marshall, Edward K 2.25
Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe Williams, Vera K 2.25
Three Ducks Went Wandering Roy, Ron K 2.25
Three Investigators, The Mystery of the Fiery Eye Arthur, Robert Y 6.50
Three Little Javelinas, the Lowell, Susan L 2.50
Three Little Pigs Galdone, Paul L 2.50
Three Little Pigs Marshall, James L 2.50
Three Names MacLachlan, Patricia M 2.75
Three Smart Pals Rocklin, Joanne L 2.50
Three Stories you Can Read to your Cat(&Dog) Miller, Sara K 2.25
Three Up a Tree Marshall, James K 2.25
Through Grandpa's Eyes Maclachlan, Patricia L 2.50
Through Grandpa's Eyes MacLachlan, Patricia P 3.70
Through the Medicine Cabinet Greenburg, Dan M 2.75
Throw-Away Pets Duffey, Betsy N 3.00
Throwing Shadows Konigsburg, E. L. T 4.75
Thunder At Gettysburg Gauch, Patricia Lee S 4.50
Thunder Cake Polacco, Patricia M 2.75
Thunder Rolling in the Mountains O'Dell, Scott U 5.00
Thunder Valley Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Tidy Titch Hutchins, Pat I 1.94
Ties That Bind, Ties That Break Namioka, Lensey X 6.00
Tiger Eyes Blume, Judy W 5.70
Tiger is a Scardy Cat Phillips, Joan F 1.42
Tiger Woods: An American Master Edwards, Nicholas R 4.25
Tigers at Twilight Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Tight End Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Tikki Tikki Tembo Mosel, Arlene L 2.50
Till's Christmas Thacker, Nola R 4.25
Tiltawhirl John Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Time Apart, A Stanley, Diane T 4.75
Time Benders Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Time Cat Alexander, Lloyd P 3.70
Time for Andrew Hahn, Mary S 4.50
Time of Angels, A Hesse, Karen W 5.70
Time of Wonder McCloskey, Robert R 4.25
Time to Sleep Fleming, Denise H 1.70
Time Warp Trio: 2095 Scieszka, Jon P 3.70
Time Warp Trio: Good, the Bad, and the Goofy, The Scieszka, Jon P 3.70
Time Warp Trio: The Knights of the Kitchen Table Scieszka, Jon P 3.70
Time Warp Trio: The Not-So-Jolly Roger Scieszka, Jon P 3.70
Time Warp Trio: Tut Tut Scieszka, Jon P 3.70
Time Warp Trio: Your Mother Was a Neanderthal Scieszka, Jon P 3.70
Tiny Christmas Elf Peters, Sharon/First Start Easy Reader G 1.56
Tiny Green Thumbs Guest, C.Z. M 2.75
Tiny Seed, The Carle, Eric L 2.50
Titanic Sinks!, The Conklin, Thomas T 4.75
Titantic  Crossing Williams, Barbara R 4.25
Titantic, the Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Titantic, the Lost.. and Found Donnelly, Judy N 3.00
Titch Hutchins, Pat G 1.56
To Be a Slave Lester, Julius Z 7.00
To the Top!:/climbing the World's Highest Mountain Kramer, Sudelle. A N 3.00
Toad For Tuesday, A Erickson, Russell N 3.00
Toilet Paper Tigers, The Korman, Gordon Q 4.00
Toliver's Secret Brady, Esther Wood T 4.75
Tom Edison's Bright Idea Keller, Jack M 2.75
Tom Sawyer Hall, Richard J 2.00
Tom the TV Cat Heilbroner, Joan J 2.00
Tom, Babette, & Simon Avi T 4.75
Tomorrow Wizzard MacLachlan, Patricia R 4.25
Tom's Midnight Garden Pearce, Philippa V 5.30
Tonight on the Titanic Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Toning The Sweep Johnson, Angela Y 6.50
Too Hot to Handle Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Too Many Babas Croll, Carolyn K 2.25
Too Many Mice Brenner, Barbara J 2.00
Too Many Puppies Brewster, Patience I 1.94
Too Many Rabbits Parish, Peggy J 2.00
Too Many Tamales Soto, Gary M 2.75
Too Much Magic Sterman, Betsy & Samual R 4.25
Too Much Noise McGovern, Ann J 2.00
Too Soon to Say Goodbye Kent, Deborah S 4.50
Toot, Toot Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Tooter Pepperday Spinelli, Jerry L 2.50
Toothpaste Millionaire, The Merrill, Jean T 4.75
Top Cat Byars, Betsy O 3.30
Torn Thread Isaacs, Anne W 5.70
Tornado Byars, Betsy O 3.30
Tornadoes Hopping, Lorraine N 3.00
Touchdown for Tommy Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Tough to Tackle Christopher, Matt P 3.70
Tournament Trouble Costello, Emily R 4.25
Tracker Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Tractor Trailers Schaefer, Lola M. N 3.00
Train Leaves the Station Merriam, Eve H 1.70
Train Time Baehr, Lisa L 2.50
Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold Fritz, Jean X 6.00
Travels with Rainie Marie Martin, Patricia S 4.50
Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Lewis Z 7.00
Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn, The Bellairs, John S 4.50
Treasure of El PatrEn, the Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Treasure of the Lost Lagoon, the Hayes, Goeffrey K 2.25
Treasures in the Dust Porter, Tracey U 5.00
Treasury of Pirate Stories, A Bradman, Tony S 4.50
Tree by Leaf Voigt, Cynthia V 5.30
Trial of the Screaming Teenager Giff Patricia / Dell J 2.00
Trickster Ghost, the Showell, E. O 3.30
Triffic the Extraordinay Egg King-Smith, Dick R 4.25
Triplet Trouble and the.... (series) Dadley, Debbie L 2.50
Trixie and the Cyber Pet Krailing, Tessa M 2.75
Trojan Horse, The: How the Greeks Won the War Little, Emily N 3.00
Trolls Don't Ride Roller Coasters Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Trouble Dolls Buffett, Jimmy & Savannah Jane P 3.70
Trouble River Byars, Betsy S 4.50
Trouble with buster Lorimer, Janet N 3.00
Trouble with Trolls Brett, Jan P 3.70
Trouble with Tuck Taylor, Theodore R 4.25
Troubling a Star L'Engle, Madeleine V 5.30
Trout Summer Conly, Jane Leslie T 4.75
Trucks Rockwell, Anne I 1.94
True Confessions Tashjian, Janet S 4.50
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The Avi V 5.30
True Crimes and How They Were Solved Larsen, Anita Z 7.00
True Life Treasure Hunts Donnelly, Judy N 3.00
True Stories about Abraham Lincoln Gross, Ruth Belov M 2.75
True Stories about Abraham Lincoln Whitaker, Alan O 3.30
True Story of Balto: The Bravest Dog Ever Standiford, Natalie L 2.50
True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Scieszka, Jon Q 4.00
True Story of the Three Little Pigs, The Scieszka, Jon Q 4.00
Trumpet of the Swan, The White, E. B. Q 4.00
Trumpet of the Swan, the White, E. B. R 4.25
Truth about the Moon, the Bess, Clayton M 2.75
Tuck Everlasting Babbitt, Natalie U 5.00
Tuck Everlasting Babbitt, Natalie X 6.00
Tucker's Countryside Selden, George X 6.00
Tucket's Gold Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Tucket's Ride Paulsen, Gary S 4.50
Tucket's Ride Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Tumble Bumble Bond felicia K 2.25
Turkey for Thanksgiving, A Bunting, Eve P 3.70
Turkey That Ate My Father, The Marney, Dean Q 4.00
Turkey Trouble Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Turkey's Side of It, the Smith, Janice Lee M 2.75
Turn Homeward, Hannalee Beatty, Patricia T 4.75
Tutankhamen's Gift Sabuda, Robert R 4.25
Tut's Mummy: Lost and Found Donnelly, Judy P 3.70
TV Kid, the Brars, Betsy R 4.25
TV Reporter Boraas, Tracey M 2.75
Twenty and Ten Bishop, Claire U 5.00
Twenty-One Balloons, The DuBois, William V 5.30
Twilight In Grace Falls Honeycutt, Natalie W 5.70
Twinkie Squad, The Korman, Gordon S 4.50
Twits Dahl ,Roald Q 4.00
Twits, The Dahl ,Roald P 3.70
Two Bad Ants VanAllsburg, Chris Q 4.00
Two Bear Cubs Jonas, Ann H 1.70
Two Crazy Pigs Nager, Karen Berman D 1.14
Two Dog Biscuits Cleary, Beverly K 2.25
Two Hungry Hippos Adams, Alison M 2.75
Two Plus One Goes A.P.E. Springstubb, Tricia L 2.50
Two Points Kennedy,J. & Eaton,A B 0.50
Two Runaways,the Schultz, Irene M 2.75
Two Silly Trolls Jewell Nancy J 2.00
Two Tickets to Freedom: The True Story of Ellen Freedman, Florence S 4.50
Two Under Par Henkes, Kevin T 4.75
Two-Part Invention L'Engle, Madeleine Z 7.00
Tyler Toad and Thunder Crowe, Robert M 2.75
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