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Journey Home Uchida, Yoshika V 5.30
Best Bad Thing, The Uchida, Yoshiko U 5.00
Bracelet, The Uchida, Yoshiko R 4.25
Jar of Dreams, A Uchida, Yoshiko R 4.25
Journey to Topaz Uchida, Yoshiko U 5.00
Glenda Udry, Janice P 3.70
Let's Be Enemies Udry, Janice J 2.00
What Mary Jo Shared Udry, Janice L 2.50
Not That I Care Vail, Rachel V 5.30
Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary Van der Rol, R. & Verhoeven, R. X 6.00
Big Fat Worm, The Van Laan, Nancy G 1.56
Amanda Pig and Her big Brother Oliver Van Leeuwen, Jean L 2.50
Going West Van Leeuwen, Jean O 3.30
Hannah's Helping Hands Van Leeuwen, Jean Q 4.00
Hannah's Winter of Hope Van Leeuwen, Jean Q 4.00
More Tales of Oliver Pig Van Leeuwen, Jean K 2.25
Tales of Amanda Pig Van Leeuwen, Jean L 2.50
Hannah of Fairfield Van Leeuwen, Jean /Pioneer Daughters Q 4.00
Babe Ruth: One of Baseball's Greatest Van Riper, Guernsey R 4.25
Mathew Brady: Civil War Photographer Van Steenwyk,Elizabeth T 4.75
Jumanji VanAllsburg, Chris P 3.70
Just a Dream VanAllsburg, Chris Q 4.00
Polar Express, The VanAllsburg, Chris N 3.00
Two Bad Ants VanAllsburg, Chris Q 4.00
Wreck of the Zephyr VanAllsburg, Chris Q 4.00
Wretched Stone VanAllsburg, Chris R 4.25
Oliver and Amanda's Halloween VanLeewen, Jean L 2.50
Beatles, the Venezia, Mike N 3.00
Da Vinci Venezia, Mike P 3.70
Diego Rivera Venezia, Mike M 2.75
Diego Rivera Venezia, Mike P 3.70
Francisco Goya Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Frida Kahlo Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Gauguin Venezia, Mike Q 4.00
George Handel Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Georgia O'Keeffe Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Grant Wood Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Henry Matisse Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Leonard Bernstein Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Mee Venezia, Mike Q 4.00
Monet Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Tchaikovsky Venezia, Mike Q 4.00
Journey to the Center of the Earth, A Verne, Jules X 6.00
Cat that Sat Vinje, Marie D 1.14
Hanna's Butterfly Vinje, Marie H 1.70
Alexander and the ... Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith O 3.30
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith M 2.75
Alexander Who... Rich Last Sunday Viorst, Judith O 3.30
Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me?..)..Move Viorst, Judith L 2.50
Good-Bye Book, The Viorst, Judith J 2.00
Bad Girls Voigt, Cynthia U 5.00
Bad, Badder, Baddest Voigt, Cynthia U 5.00
Dicey's Song Voigt, Cynthia W 5.70
Homecoming Voigt, Cynthia X 6.00
Izzy, Willy-Nilly Voigt, Cynthia X 6.00
Jackaroo Voigt, Cynthia Y 6.50
On Fortune's Wheel Voigt, Cynthia Z 7.00
Solitary Blue, A Voigt, Cynthia W 5.70
Tree by Leaf Voigt, Cynthia V 5.30
Anna Is Still Here Vos, Ida V 5.30
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