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Wacky Jacks Adler, David L 2.50
Wagon Wheels Brenner, Barbara K 2.25
Wainscott Weasel, The Seidler, Tor T 4.75
Wait Till Helen Comes Downing Hahn, Mary U 5.00
Wake Me in the Spring Preller, James J 2.00
Wake up Emily, It's Mother's Day Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Wake up Sun Harrison, David E 1.28
Wake Up, Wake Up! Wildsmith, Brain D 1.14
Wales, the Gentle Giants Milton, Joyce L 2.50
Walk in My World, A Mazer, Anne Y 6.50
Walk Two Moons Creech, Sharon V 5.30
Walking the Road to Freedom: The Story of Ferris, Jeri Q 4.00
Wall Of Names, A: The Story of the Vietnam… Memorial Donnelly, Judy O 3.30
Wall, The Bunting, Eve P 3.70
Walter the Warlock Hautzig, Deborah M 2.75
Wanderer, The Creech, Sharon V 5.30
Wanted Dead or Alive...Harriet Tubman Mcgovern, Ann P 3.70
Wanted Dead or Alive: The...Harriet Tubman McGovern, Ann P 3.70
Wanted: Mud Blossom Byars, Betsy T 4.75
Wanted-Mud Blossom Byars, Betsy P 3.70
War Between the Vowels and the Consonants Turner, Priscilla P 3.70
War Comes to Willy Freeman Collier, James and Christopher U 5.00
War Dog Heroes: True Stories of Dog Courage in Sanderson, Jeannette S 4.50
War with Grandpa Smith, Robert Q 4.00
War With Grandpa, The Kimmel Smith, Robert S 4.50
Watch Out Man Eating Snake Giff Patricia / Dell L 2.50
Watch Out! Ronald Morgan Giff Patricia / Dell O 3.30
Watcher, The Howe, James Z 7.00
Watchers: Island Lerangis, Peter V 5.30
Watchers: J.D. Lerangis, Peter V 5.30
Watchers: Lab 6 Lerangis, Peter V 5.30
Watchers: Last Stop Lerangis, Peter V 5.30
Watchers: Rewind Lerangis, Peter V 5.30
Watchers: War Lerangis, Peter V 5.30
Water Buffalo Days Nhuong, Huynh Quang P 3.70
Watership Down Adams, Richard Y 6.50
Watsons Go to Birmingham, the Curtis, Christopher Paul T 4.75
Wax Museum Cook, Donald L 2.50
Way West: The Journal of a Pioneer Woman Knight, Amelia Stewart R 4.25
Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger Sachar, Louis P 3.70
Wayside School is Falling Down Sachar, Louis P 3.70
Wayside School is Falling Down Sachar, Louis S 4.50
We Are Best Friends Aliki H 1.70
We Just Moved Krensky, Stephen I 1.94
We Need Trees Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
We Remember the Holocaust Adler, David Y 6.50
We Scream for Ice Cream Chardiet, Bernice K 2.25
We Shall Not Be Moved Dash, Joan Z 7.00
Weather Chanko, P & Morton,D C 1.00
Weather Webster, Vera L 2.50
Weather Words Gibbons, Gail K 2.25
Weather Words and What they Mean Gibbons, Gail R 4.25
Weather Words-What They Mean Gibbons, Gail R 4.25
WeatherPoems for all Seasons Hopkins, Lee L 2.50
Wednesday Surprise Bunting, Eve M 2.75
Well I Never Chardiet, B. & Maccarone K 2.25
We'll Never Forget you Roberto  Clemente Engel, Trudie N 3.00
Well, The Taylor, Mildred T 4.75
Were Dinosaurs Good? Granowsky, Alvin M 2.75
We're Going on a Bear Hunt Rosen, Michael I 1.94
We're in Big Trouble Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha I 1.94
Werewolf Chronicles, The Philbrick,W. R. T 4.75
Werewolves Don't go to Summer Camp Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
West Side Kids Don't Call me Slob-O Schecter, Ellen R 4.25
Westing Game, The Raskin, Ellen V 5.30
Wflliwaw! Bodoff, Tom V 5.30
Whale Is Not A Fish, A: And Other Animal Mix-ups Berger, Melvin P 3.70
Whales' Song, the Sheldon, Dylan N 3.00
Whales, the Gentle Giants Milton, Joyce L 2.50
What a Day! Miranda, Anne K 2.25
What a Tale Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
What Am I Made Of? Bennett, David N 3.00
What Am I? Williams, Deborah C 1.00
What Are You Figuring Now? Ferris, Jeri P 3.70
What Can It Be? Schaefer, Lola M. N 3.00
What Comes in 2's, 3's, and 4's? Aker, Suzanne & Karlin Bernie I 1.94
What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything? Avi W 5.70
What Do Insects Do? Canizares, S.& Chanko,P A 0.25
What Do You Hear When the Cows Sing? Maestro, Marco Giulio J 2.00
What Game Shall We Play Hutchins, Pat H 1.70
What Happens to Rock? Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science L 2.50
What Has Wheels? Hoenecke, Karen A 0.25
What Is a Dinosaur? Granowsky, Alvin M 2.75
What Is a Fossil? Goldish, Meisk M 2.75
What is That! Said the Cat Maccarone, Grace F 1.42
What Jamie Saw Coman, Carolyn T 4.75
What Kind of Babysitter is This? Johnson, Dolores L 2.50
What Mary Jo Shared Udry, Janice L 2.50
What Next Baby Bear Murphy, Jill L 2.50
What will the Weather  Be Like Today? Rogers, Paul H 1.70
What's Cooking, Jenny Archer? Conford, Ellen M 2.75
What's for Lunch? Garrett, Ann C 1.00
What's Inside? Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
What's the Big Idea Benjamin Franklin? Fritz, Jean O 3.30
What's the Matter With Herbie Jones? Kline, Suzy N 3.00
What's the Matter, Kelly Beans? Enderle, Judith N 3.00
Wheels Cobb, Annie D 1.14
Wheels on the Bus Kovalski, Mary Ann I 1.94
When Clay Sings Baylor, Byrd N 3.00
When I Forgot Marriott, Janice N 3.00
When I Get Bigger Mayer, Mercer K 2.25
When I Was Young in the Mountains Rylant, Cynthia M 2.75
When Plague Strikes Giblin, James Cross X 6.00
When the Giants Came to town Leonard, Marcia L 2.50
When the King Rides by Mahy, Margaret J 2.00
When the Tripods Came Christopher, John V 5.30
When the Water Closes Over My Head Napoli, Donna Jo R 4.25
When Will I Read? Cohen, Miriam I 1.94
When Will We be Sisters? Kroll, Virginia L. K 2.25
When Winter Comes Neuman, Pearl L 2.50
Where are the Bears? Winters, Kay K 2.25
Where Are You Going, Little Mouse Kraus, Robert H 1.70
Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Fritz, Jean S 4.50
Where Does the Teacher Sleep? Gibson, Kathleen C 1.00
Where in the World is the Perfect Family Hest, Amy P 3.70
Where is the Bear? Nims, Barbara K 2.25
Where the Lilies Bloom Cleavers, Vera and Bill Y 6.50
Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson X 6.00
Where the Wild Things are Sendak, Maurice J 2.00
Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? Fritz, Jean R 4.25
Where,s Spot? Hill, Eric E 1.28
Where's Al? Barton, Byron D 1.14
Where's Lulu? Hooks, William I 1.94
Where's the Haloween Treat? Ziefert, Harriet C 1.00
Which Witch? lbbotson, Eva S 4.50
Whipping Boy Fleischman, Sid R 4.25
Whistle for Willis Keats, Ezra Jack L 2.50
White Bird Bulla Clyde Robert N 3.00
White Fang London, Jack Y 6.50
White Mountain, The Christopher, John V 5.30
White Rabbit's Color Book Baker, Alan I 1.94
White Stallion Shub, Elizabeth O 3.30
Who Am I? Christensen, Nancy E 1.28
Who Goes out on Halloween? Alexander, Sue G 1.56
Who Goes to School? Hillert, Margaret F 1.42
Who Is Carrie? Collier, James and Christopher W 5.70
Who is Coming? McKissack, Patricia G 1.56
Who is the Beast? Baker, Keith H 1.70
Who Killed Mr. Boddy? Parker, A. E. P 3.70
Who Lives in a Tree? Canizares, Susan et al B 0.50
Who Lives in the Arctic? Canizares, Susan et al B 0.50
Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush? Spinelli, Jerry U 5.00
Who Put the Pepper in the Pot Cole, Joanna K 2.25
Who Really Killed Cock Robin? George, Jean Craighead U 5.00
Who Sank the Boat? Allen, Pamela K 2.25
Who Shot the President?: The Death of John E Kennedy Donnelly, Judy P 3.70
Who Stole the Cookies ? Moffatt, Judith G 1.56
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz? Avi P 3.70
Who Took the Farmer's Hat Nodset, Joan I 1.94
Who Was that Masked Man, Anyway? Avi T 4.75
Who Will Be My Friends? Hoff, Syd F 1.42
Who's a Pest Bonsall, Crosby J 2.00
Who's Afraid of the big Bad Bully? Slater, Teddy K 2.25
Who's Afraid of the Dark? Bonsall, Crosby I 1.94
Who's in Love With Arthur? Brown, Marc M 2.75
Who's That Stepping on Plymouth Rock? Fritz, Jean R 4.25
Whose Mouse Are You? Kraus, Robert H 1.70
Whose Side Are You On? Moore, Emily Q 4.00
Why Can't I Fly? Gelman, Rita G 1.56
Why Coyote Howls at Night Moore, Emily Q 4.00
Why Don't You Get on a Horse Sam Adams? Fritz, Jean R 4.25
Why Mosquitoes buzz in People,s Ears Aardema, Verna P 3.70
Why the Ocean Is Salty Leonhardt, Alice Q 4.00
Wild Babies Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Wild Christmas Reindeer Brett, Jan P 3.70
Wild Culpetter Cruise, the Paulsen, Gary O 3.30
Wild Pony, the Betancourt, Jeanne O 3.30
Wild Weather Hurricanes Hopping, Lorraine P 3.70
Wild Wild Sunflower Child Carlstrom, Nancy White N 3.00
Wild Wild Wolves Milton, Joyce M 2.75
Wild Willie and King Kyle Detectives Joosse, Barbara N 3.00
Wilfrid Laurier Spigelman, Martin W 5.70
William Problem, The Baker, Barbara S 4.50
William's Doll Zolotow, Charlotte M 2.75
Willie's Wonderful Pet Cebulash, Mel I 1.94
Wilma Mankiller Lowery, Linda P 3.70
Wind Bacon H 1.70
Wind and the Sun dePaloa, Tomie K 2.25
Wind Blew, the Hutchins, Pat L 2.50
Wind in the Door, A L'Engle, Madeleine V 5.30
Wind in the Willows Grahame, Kenneth/ Bantam T 4.75
Window, The Ingold, Jeanette V 5.30
Winged Cat, The: A Tale of Ancient Egypt Lattimore, Deborah Nourse U 5.00
Winged Colt of Casa Mia Byars, Betsy N 3.00
Wingman On Ice Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Wings Yolen, Jane & Nolan, Dennis W 5.70
Wings, A Tale of Two Marshall, James K 2.25
Winter on the Farm Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00
Winter Room, The Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Paulsen, Gary W 5.70
Wise Woman and Her Secret Merriam, Eve M 2.75
Wish Giver, The Brittain, Bill T 4.75
Wish on a Unicorn Hesse, Karen T 4.75
Witch Hunt: It Happened in Salem Village Krensky, Stephen Q 4.00
Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Speare, Elizabeth George W 5.70
Witch of Fourth Street, The Levoy, Myron S 4.50
Witchcraft of Salem Village, The Snyder, Zilpha Keatley U 5.00
Witches Dahl ,Roald W 5.70
Witches Don't Do Backflips Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Witches of Worm, The Jackson, Shirley V 5.30
Witches, the Dahl ,Roald R 4.25
WitcWs Cat Chew, Ruth P 3.70
Wizard and Wart at Sea Smith, Janice Lee J 2.00
Wizard of Earthsea, A LeGuin, Ursula K. Z 7.00
Wizard of Oz Hunia, Fran L 2.50
Wizard of Oz, The Baum, L. Frank U 5.00
Wizards Don't Need Computers Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Hunia, Fran L 2.50
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: musical Genius Martinez. Alejandro O 3.30
Wolfman Sam Levy, Eizabeth O 3.30
Wolfmen Don't Hula Dance Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Wolf's Chicken Stew, the Kasza, Keiko K 2.25
Wolves Andrews, J. P 3.70
Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The Aiken, Joan V 5.30
Woman Hollering Creek Cisneros, Sandra Z 7.00
Woman Who Flummoxed the Faries, the Forest, Heather O 3.30
Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher Duncan, Lois M 2.75
Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings Schindler, S.D. N 3.00
Woodsong Paulsen, Gary T 4.75
Woosh! Melser, June E 1.28
Words Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Word's Greatest Toe Show, the Lamb, Nancy & Singer, Muff M 2.75
Words of Stone Henkes, Kevin V 5.30
World of Adventure: Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
World Series Gutelle, A. O 3.30
Worst Show and Tell Ever, the Walsh, Rita J 2.00
Worst Witch at Sea, The Murphy, Jill P 3.70
Worst Witch Strikes Again, The Murphy, Jill P 3.70
Worst Witch, The Murphy, Jill P 3.70
Wreck of the Zephyr VanAllsburg, Chris Q 4.00
Wretched Stone VanAllsburg, Chris R 4.25
Wright Brothers, The Freedman, Russell Y 6.50
Wright Brothers, The Sobol, Donald J. U 5.00
Wringer Spinelli, Jerry U 5.00
Wrinkle in Time, A L'Engle, Madeleine V 5.30
Write up a Storm with the Polk Street School Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Writer of the Plains: A Story about Willa Cather Streissguth, Tom Q 4.00
Wrong Way Around Magic Chew, Ruth N 3.00
Wump World, the Peet, Bill P 3.70
Wumpworld Peet, Bill P 3.70
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