Grade One List: Levels C through I

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Title Author Guided Reading Grade Level
Apple Bird Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Apples Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Bears Kalman, Bobbie C 1.00
Big Long Animal Song Artwell, Mike C 1.00
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Martin, Bill C 1.00
Bunny, Bunny Hall, Kirsten C 1.00
Cats Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Fox on the Box, the Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
Gregory's Dog Stobbs, William C 1.00
Hi, Word Bird Moncure, Jane C 1.00
I Have a Watch Williams, Deborah C 1.00
I See Monkeys Williams, Deborah C 1.00
I Want a Pet Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
I Want To Be a Clown Johnson, Sharon C 1.00
I Went Walking Williams, Sue C 1.00
Joshua James Likes Trucks Petrie, Cztherine C 1.00
Jump Frog Salem, Lynn C 1.00
Leaves Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
Looking for Halloween Evans,Karen C 1.00
Monsters Namm, Diane C 1.00
My Dream Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
My Kite Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Now We Can Go Jonas, Ann C 1.00
Octopus Goes to School Bordelon, Carolyn C 1.00
One Hunter Hutchins, Pat C 1.00
Pancakes for Breakfast dePaloa, Tomie C 1.00
Pancakes, Crackers & Pizza Eberts, Marjorie C 1.00
Playhouse For Monster, A Mueller, Virginia C 1.00
Rain Kalan, R C 1.00
Raindrops Brimmer, Larry C 1.00
Roll Over Peek, Merle C 1.00
Sammy at the Farm Evans,Karen C 1.00
Spots, Feathers, and Curly Tails Tafuri, Nancy/Greenwillow C 1.00
Swing, Swing, Swing Tuchman,G C 1.00
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep Dunbar, Joyce C 1.00
Toot, Toot Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Up Went the Goat Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
We Need Trees Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
Weather Chanko, P & Morton,D C 1.00
What a Tale Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
What Am I? Williams, Deborah C 1.00
What's for Lunch? Garrett, Ann C 1.00
What's Inside? Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
Where Does the Teacher Sleep? Gibson, Kathleen C 1.00
Where's the Haloween Treat? Ziefert, Harriet C 1.00
Animal Shapes Wildsmith, Brain D 1.14
At the Park Hoenecke, Karen D 1.14
Ball Bounced, the Tafuri, Nancy/Greenwillow D 1.14
Bears in the Night Berenstain, Stan & Jan D 1.14
Bears on Wheels Berenstain, Stan & Jan D 1.14
Bears, Bears, Everywhere Connelly, Luella D 1.14
Best Castle Ever Ziefert, Harriet D 1.14
Cat that Sat Vinje, Marie D 1.14
Cat Traps Coxe, Molly D 1.14
Chick and the Duckling, the Ginsburg, Mirra D 1.14
Dinosaur's Galore Eaton, Audrey D 1.14
Dirty Larry Hamsa, Bobbie D 1.14
Fast Draw Freddie Hamsa, Bobbie D 1.14
Fishing Yukish, Joe D 1.14
Footprints in the Snow Benjamin, Cynthia D 1.14
Frog and the Fly Wood, Leslie D 1.14
Good Night Little Kitten Christensen, Nancy D 1.14
Good, Bad Cat Antle,  Nancy D 1.14
Grocery Shopping Yannone, Deborah D 1.14
Halloween Mask for Monster Mueller, Virginia D 1.14
Happy Birthday, Danny & the Dinosaur Hoff, Syd D 1.14
How Many Bugs in a Box? Carter, David D 1.14
I Am Water Marzollo, Jean D 1.14
I Can Build a House Watanabe, Shigeo D 1.14
I Like Books Browne, Anthony D 1.14
I Love Mud and Mud Loves Me Stephens, Vicki D 1.14
Ice is ...Whee! Greene, Carol D 1.14
Mary Wore her Red Dress Peek, Merle D 1.14
My Messy Room Packard, Mary D 1.14
Paul the Pitcher Sharp, Paul D 1.14
Play Ball Kate Gordon, Sharon D 1.14
Sam,s Ball (and other Sam books) Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Ball Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Cookie Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Teddy Bear Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
Sam's Wagon Lindgren, Barbro D 1.14
School Bus Crews, Donald D 1.14
Sid and Sam Buck, Nola D 1.14
Sleepy Dog Ziefert, Harriet D 1.14
Snow Joe Greene, Carol D 1.14
There is a Town Herman, Gail D 1.14
Things I Like Browne, Anthony D 1.14
Two Crazy Pigs Nager, Karen Berman D 1.14
Wake Up, Wake Up! Wildsmith, Brain D 1.14
Wheels Cobb, Annie D 1.14
Where's Al? Barton, Byron D 1.14
All By Myself Mayer, Mercer E 1.28
Big Egg Cox, Molly E 1.28
Circus Fun Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Dog and Cat Fehner, Pauk E 1.28
Fire! Fire! Said Mrs.McGuire Martin, Bill E 1.28
Five Little Monkeys...Jumping on the Bed Christelow, Eileen E 1.28
Five Silly Fishermen Edwards, Roberta E 1.28
Flying Crews, Donald E 1.28
Foot Book, The Seuss, Dr. E 1.28
Funny Man, A Jenson, Patricia E 1.28
Get Lost Becka Simon, Shirley E 1.28
Go, Dog, Go Eastman, Philip D. E 1.28
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Miles, Betty E 1.28
Gum on the Drum Start to Read E 1.28
Happy Birthday, Dear Dragon Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Help for Dear Dragon Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Here Are My Hands Martin, Bill E 1.28
Hi, Clouds Greene, Carol E 1.28
Hungry Billy Goat Milios, Rita et al: Rookie Reader E 1.28
I Am Not a Dinosaur Packard, Mary E 1.28
I Like it When Murphy, Mary E 1.28
I Love Cats Matthias, Catherine E 1.28
If I Were an Ant Moses, Amy E 1.28
Inside, Outside, Upside down Berenstain, Stan & Jan E 1.28
It Looked Like Spilt Milk Shaw, Charles E 1.28
Just Like Me Neasi, Barbara E 1.28
Larry and the Cookie McDaniel, Becky:Rookie Reader E 1.28
Let's Go, Dear Dragon Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Little Cowboy and the Big Cowboy Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Little Runaway Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Machines at Work Barton, Byron E 1.28
Merry Christmas, Dear Dragon Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Mike's First Haircut Gordon, Sharon E 1.28
Mike's New Bike Greydanus, R. E 1.28
Morris the Moose Wiseman, Bernard E 1.28
Nose Book, The Perkins, Al E 1.28
Oh A-Hunting We Will Go Langstaff, John E 1.28
Oh, Cats Buck, Nola E 1.28
Oh, No, Sherman! Erickson.Betty E 1.28
Pet That I Want, the Packard, Mary E 1.28
So Sick! Ziefert, Harriet E 1.28
Spring is Here Gomi, Taro E 1.28
Sunshine, Moonshine Armstrong, Jennifer E 1.28
Sweet Potato Pie Rockwell, Anne E 1.28
Taking Care of Rosie Salem, Llynn & Stewart,J E 1.28
There Were Ten in the Bed Adams, P. E 1.28
This Old Man Adams, P. E 1.28
Wake up Sun Harrison, David E 1.28
Where,s Spot? Hill, Eric E 1.28
Who Am I? Christensen, Nancy E 1.28
Woosh! Melser, June E 1.28
Yellow Boat Hillert, Margaret E 1.28
Zoo in Willy's Bed, The Sturnman, Gorman, E 1.28
Across the Stream Ginsburg, Mirra F 1.42
Amy Loves the Wind Hoban, Julia F 1.42
Are You My Mommy? Diks, Carla F 1.42
Are you There Bear? Maris, Ron F 1.42
Beep, Beep Gregorich, Barbara F 1.42
Big Bird's Copycat Day Lerner, Sharon F 1.42
Birthday in the Woods, A Salem, Llynn & Stewart,J F 1.42
Bread, Bread, Bread Morris, Ann F 1.42
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin Hudson, C. F 1.42
Bubble Trouble Packard, Mary F 1.42
Bug, Bear and a Boy, A McPhail, David F 1.42
Caps, Hats Socks and Mittens Borden, Louise F 1.42
Cat Games Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Cat Goes Fiddle-I-Fee Galdone, Paul F 1.42
Clifford's Christmas Bridwell, Norman F 1.42
Clifford's Puppy Days Bridwell, Norman F 1.42
Color of his Own Lionni, Leo F 1.42
Cookie's Week Ward Cindy F 1.42
Curious George and the Pizza Rey, Margaret F 1.42
Dark, Dark Tale Brown, Ruth F 1.42
Dear Zoo Campbell, R. F 1.42
Dozen Dogs, A Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Foolish Goose Simon, Shirley F 1.42
Going for a Walk De Regniers, B. F 1.42
Harry Takes a Bath Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Have You Seen the Crocodile? West, Colin F 1.42
Here Comes A Bus Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Hooray For Snail Stadler, John F 1.42
I Am An Apple Marzollo, Jean F 1.42
I Need You, Dear Dragon Hillert, Margaret F 1.42
I Want a Pet Gregorich, Barbara F 1.42
I'm a Seed Marzollo, Jean F 1.42
Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox Maccarone, Grace F 1.42
It's a Perfect Day Pizer, Abigail F 1.42
Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots Hurd, Edith Thacher F 1.42
Jump Frog, Jump Kalan, R. F 1.42
Just Like Daddy Asch, Frank F 1.42
Lady with the Alligator Purse, the Westcott, Nadine F 1.42
Mama Cat Has Three Kittens Fleming, Denise F 1.42
Mama Zooms Cowen-Fletcher Jane F 1.42
Marmalade's Nap Wheeler, Cindy F 1.42
Marmalade's Snowy Day Wheeler, Cindy F 1.42
Missing Tarts, The Hennessy, B. G. F 1.42
Monster Math Picnic MacCarone, Grace F 1.42
One Gorilla Morozumi, Atsuko F 1.42
Pardon? Said the Giraffe West, Colin F 1.42
Pizza Party Maccarone, Grace F 1.42
Pumpkin, Punpkin Titherington,Jeanne F 1.42
Roll Over! Peek, Merle F 1.42
Rosie's Walk Hutchins, Pat F 1.42
Sam the Scarecrow Gordon, Sharon F 1.42
Shhh Henkes, Kevin F 1.42
Skating on Thin Ice Everett F 1.42
Sly Fox and Red Hen Hunia, Fran F 1.42
Soccer Game Maccarone, Grace F 1.42
Teeny Tiny Woman O'Connor Jane F 1.42
Ten Bears in My Bed Mack, Stan F 1.42
Ten Black Dots Crews, Donald F 1.42
Thank You Nicky Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Tiger is a Scardy Cat Phillips, Joan F 1.42
Up, Up and Away Hillert, Margaret F 1.42
What is That! Said the Cat Maccarone, Grace F 1.42
Who Goes to School? Hillert, Margaret F 1.42
Who Will Be My Friends? Hoff, Syd F 1.42
Yellow Boat, the Hillert, Margaret F 1.42
Alligator Shoes Dorros, Arthur G 1.56
Andi's Wool Cox, Rhonda G 1.56
Big Fat Worm, The Van Laan, Nancy G 1.56
Biscuit Capucilli, Alllyssa G 1.56
Biscuit Finds a Friend Capucilli, Alllyssa G 1.56
Boris Bad Enough Kraus, Robert G 1.56
Buzz Said the Bee Lewison, Wendy G 1.56
Calico Cat at School Charles, Donald G 1.56
Carla's Breakfast Drzewiecki, Paul G 1.56
Carrot Seed Kraus, Robert G 1.56
Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit Bridwell, Norman G 1.56
Cookies and Crutches Delton, Judy G 1.56
Curious George Rey, Margaret G 1.56
Day I Had to Play with My Sister Bonsall, Crosby G 1.56
Each Peach Pear Plum Ahlberg, Allan G 1.56
Fat Cat Sat on the Mat Karlin, Nurit G 1.56
Feathers for Lunch Ehlert, Lois G 1.56
Gone Fishing Long, Erlene G 1.56
Growing Vegetable Soup Ehlert, Lois G 1.56
Hanzel and Pretzel Thaler, Mike G 1.56
Harry Gets Ready for School Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Harry Goes to Fun Land Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Hush Little Baby Frazee, Marla G 1.56
I Shop with My Daddy Maccarone, Grace G 1.56
I Took My Frog to the Library Kimmel, Eric G 1.56
I'm a Caterpillar Marzolla, Jean G 1.56
Jason's Bus Ride Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Just Grandpa and Me Mayer, Mercer G 1.56
Mike and Tony: Best Friends Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Mine's the Best Bonsall, Crosby G 1.56
Monster Math School Time MacCarone, Grace G 1.56
Monster Under My Bed, The Gruber, Suzanne G 1.56
More Spaghetti, I Say Gelman, Rita G 1.56
Mother, Mother I Want Another Polushkin, Maria G 1.56
Mouse and Owl Gregorich, Barbara G 1.56
My Friends Gomi, Taro G 1.56
New House for Mole and Mouse Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Nicky Upstairs and Down Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Nicole Digs a Hole Gregorich, Barbara G 1.56
Nine Men Chase a Hen Gregorich, Barbara G 1.56
No Mail for Mitchell Siracusa, Catherine G 1.56
N-O Spells No Slater, Teddy G 1.56
Not Me Said the Monkey West, Colin G 1.56
One Fish, Two Fish, Red.. Seuss, Dr. G 1.56
One Monday Morning Shulevitz, Uri G 1.56
Pair of Socks, A Murphy, Stuart G 1.56
Peanut Butter and Jelly Westcott, Nadine G 1.56
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See Martin, Bill G 1.56
Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat Giff Patricia / Dell G 1.56
Sheep in a Jeep Shaw, N. G 1.56
Shortcut Crews, Donald G 1.56
Slower than a Snail Schreiber, Anne G 1.56
Snail Saves the Day Stadler, John G 1.56
Snuggle Wuggle Londan Jonathan / Scholastic G 1.56
Spot's First Walk Hill, Eric G 1.56
Sue Likes Blue Gregorich, Barbara G 1.56
Teddy Bear for Sale Herman, Gail G 1.56
Ten Little Ducks Hammond, Franklin G 1.56
Ten Sleepy Sheep Keller, Holly G 1.56
Ten, Nine, Eight Bang, Molly G 1.56
Tiny Christmas Elf Peters, Sharon/First Start Easy Reader G 1.56
Titch Hutchins, Pat G 1.56
Who Goes out on Halloween? Alexander, Sue G 1.56
Who is Coming? McKissack, Patricia G 1.56
Who Stole the Cookies ? Moffatt, Judith G 1.56
Why Can't I Fly? Gelman, Rita G 1.56
Zoo Looking Fox, Mem G 1.56
Animal Tricks Wildsmith, Brain H 1.70
Away Go the Boats Hillert, Margaret H 1.70
Bailey Goes Camping Henkes, Kevin H 1.70
Big Red Barn Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70
Busy Beavers Dabcovich, Lydia H 1.70
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Barton, Byron H 1.70
Cake that Mack Ate, The Robart,Kovalski/Little Brown H 1.70
Captain Cat Hoff, Syd H 1.70
Cave Boy Dubowski, Cathy East H 1.70
Clap your Hands Cauley, L H 1.70
Clean House for Mole and Mouse Ziefert, Harriet H 1.70
Come Out and Play Little Mouse Kraus, Robert H 1.70
Curious George at the Beach Rey, Margaret H 1.70
Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp Hoff, Syd H 1.70
Dinosaur Who Lived in my Backyard, the Hennessy, B. G. H 1.70
Enormous Turnip Slier, Debby H 1.70
Enormous Watermelon, The Parkes, Brenda H 1.70
George Shrinks Joyce, William H 1.70
Gilberto and the Wind Ets, Marie Hall H 1.70
Goodnight Moon Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70
Hanna's Butterfly Vinje, Marie H 1.70
Hooray for the Golly sisters! Truesdell, Sue H 1.70
How Do I  put it on ? Watanabe, Shigeo H 1.70
I Love Spiders Parker, John H 1.70
I Was Walking Down the Road Barchas, S. Scholastic H 1.70
Jafta Lewin, Hugh H 1.70
Just Going to the Dentist Mayer, Mercer H 1.70
Just Me and My Babysitter Mayer, Mercer H 1.70
Just Me and My Dad Mayer, Mercer H 1.70
Just Me and My Little Brother Mayer, Mercer H 1.70
Just Me and My Little Sister Mayer, Mercer H 1.70
Just Shopping with Mom Mayer, Mercer H 1.70
Mama, Do You Love Me? Joosse, Barbara H 1.70
My Mom Made Me Go to Camp Delton, Judy H 1.70
New Baby Calf, The Chase, Edith & Reid H 1.70
Owliver Kraus, Robert H 1.70
Picture for Harold's Room, A Johnson, Crockett H 1.70
Put Me in the Zoo Lopshire, Robert H 1.70
Quack Said the Billy Goat Causley, Charles H 1.70
Sammy the Seal Hoff, Syd H 1.70
Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree Gibbons, Gail H 1.70
Sir Small and the Dragonfly O'Connor, Jane H 1.70
Sleepy Book Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70
Small Pig Lobel, Arnold H 1.70
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed... Adams, P. H 1.70
Time to Sleep Fleming, Denise H 1.70
Train Leaves the Station Merriam, Eve H 1.70
Two Bear Cubs Jonas, Ann H 1.70
We Are Best Friends Aliki H 1.70
What Game Shall We Play Hutchins, Pat H 1.70
What will the Weather  Be Like Today? Rogers, Paul H 1.70
Where Are You Going, Little Mouse Kraus, Robert H 1.70
Who is the Beast? Baker, Keith H 1.70
Whose Mouse Are You? Kraus, Robert H 1.70
Wind Bacon H 1.70
Yes, Ma'am Melser, June H 1.70
You Can't Smell a Flower Cole, Joanna H 1.70
You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch Hutchins, Pat H 1.70
Airport Barton, Byron I 1.94
All Tutus Should Be Pink Brownrigg, Sheri I 1.94
Alligators all Around Sendak, Maurice I 1.94
Angus and the Cat Flack, Marjorie I 1.94
Apple Pie Tree, the Hall, Zoe I 1.94
Apples and Pumpkins Rockwell, Anne I 1.94
Are You My Mother? Eastman, Philip D. I 1.94
Barney's Horse Hoff, Syd I 1.94
Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo Stone, Rosetta I 1.94
Big Block of Chocolate, The Redhead, Janet I 1.94
Big Dog, Little Dog Eastman, Philip D. I 1.94
Big Fat Enormous Lie Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman I 1.94
Big Hungry Bear Wood, Audrey I 1.94
Bike Lesson Berenstain, Stan & Jan I 1.94
Bunny Hop, The Slater, Teddy I 1.94
Busy Buzzing Bumblebees Schwartz, Alvin I 1.94
Come and Have Fun Hurd, Edith Thacher I 1.94
Dinosaur Dinners Davis, Lee I 1.94
Eat Your Peas, Louise Snow, Pegeen I 1.94
Fix It McPhail, David I 1.94
Fortunately Charlip, Remy I 1.94
Frog went A-Courtin' Langstaff, John I 1.94
Froggy Goes to School Londan Jonathan / Scholastic I 1.94
Geraldine's Big Snow Keller, Holly I 1.94
Gingerbread Man, The Rose, Rita I 1.94
Girl Named Helen Keller Schmidt, Karen I 1.94
Grizzwold Hoff, Syd I 1.94
Gruff Brothers, The Hooks, William I 1.94
Happy Birthday, Sam Hutchins, Pat I 1.94
Hattie and the Fox Fox, Mem I 1.94
Hello Cat you Need a Hat Gellman, Rita I 1.94
Hello First Grade Ryder, Joanne I 1.94
Henny Penny Galdone, Paul I 1.94
Hey! Get Off Our Train Burningham, John I 1.94
Hiccups For Elephant Prellar, James I 1.94
If I had a Robot Yaccarino, Dan I 1.94
It Could Still be a Rock Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science I 1.94
It's Pumpkin Time Hall, Zoe I 1.94
Jonathan and His Mommy Smalls-Hector, Irene I 1.94
Just Like Everyone Else Kuskin, Karla I 1.94
Kissing Hand, the Penn, Audrey I 1.90
Leo the Late Bloomer Kraus, Robert I 1.94
Let's Go Froggy Londan Jonathan / Scholastic I 1.94
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Cohen, Meriam I 1.94
Little Cloud Carle, Eric I 1.94
Little Engine That Could, The Piper, Watty I 1.94
Little Mouse, the Ripe Straberry.... Wood, Audrey I 1.94
Little Red Hen, the Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94
Little Toot Gramatky, Hardie I 1.94
Little Tuppen Galdone, Paul I 1.94
Lost in the Museum Cohen, Miriam I 1.94
Mary had A Little LAmb Hale, Sarah Joseph I 1.94
Messy Bessey McKissack, Patricia I 1.94
Messy Bessey's Garden McKissack, Patricia I 1.94
Mice at Bat Oechsli, Kelly I 1.94
Michael Bird-Boy dePaloa, Tomie I 1.94
Monk Camps Out McCully, Emily Arnold I 1.94
More or Less a Mess Keenan, Sheila I 1.94
Morris's Disappearing Bag Wells, Rosemary I 1.94
Mouse in Love Kraus, Robert I 1.94
Mr. Brice's Mice Hoff, Syd I 1.94
My First Kwanzaa Book Chocolate, Deborah I 1.94
My Visit to the Dinosaurs Aliki I 1.94
Napping House, the Wood, Audrey I 1.94
Never Spit on Your Shoes Cazet, Denys I 1.94
New Shoes, Red Shoes Rollings, Susan I 1.94
Night in the Country Rylant, Cynthia I 1.94
No Good in Art Cohen, Miriam I 1.94
Noisy Nora Wells, Rosemary I 1.94
Quick as a Cricket Wood, Audrey I 1.94
Rabbit's Wish For Snow Tchin I 1.94
Rainbow of my Own Freeman, Don I 1.94
Rebus Bears, The Reit, Seymour I 1.94
Robert the Rose Horse Heilbroner, Joan I 1.94
Sarah's Unicorn Coville, Bruce I 1.94
Seven Blind Mice Young, Ed I 1.94
Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls Jewell, Nancy I 1.94
So Hungry! Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94
Spooky Riddles Brown, Marc I 1.94
Spot's Birthday Party Hill, Eric I 1.94
Stanley Hoff, Syd I 1.94
Stay, Fang Hazen, Barbara Shook I 1.94
Story of Chicken Licken Ormerod, J. I 1.94
There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer, Mercer I 1.94
This is the Bear & the Bad Little Girl Hayes, Sarah I 1.94
This is the Place For Me Cole, Joanna I 1.94
Three Billy Goat's Gruff Brown, Marcia I 1.94
Tidy Titch Hutchins, Pat I 1.94
Too Many Puppies Brewster, Patience I 1.94
Trucks Rockwell, Anne I 1.94
Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric I 1.94
We Just Moved Krensky, Stephen I 1.94
We're Going on a Bear Hunt Rosen, Michael I 1.94
We're in Big Trouble Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha I 1.94
What Comes in 2's, 3's, and 4's? Aker, Suzanne & Karlin Bernie I 1.94
Wheels on the Bus Kovalski, Mary Ann I 1.94
When Will I Read? Cohen, Miriam I 1.94
Where's Lulu? Hooks, William I 1.94
White Rabbit's Color Book Baker, Alan I 1.94
Who Took the Farmer's Hat Nodset, Joan I 1.94
Who's Afraid of the Dark? Bonsall, Crosby I 1.94
Willie's Wonderful Pet Cebulash, Mel I 1.94
Yoo Hoo Moon Blocksma,Mary I 1.94
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