Kindergarten Book List: Levels A through C

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Title Author Guided Reading Grade Level
Anno's Counting Book Anno, Mitsumasa A 0.25
Count and See Hoban, Tana A 0.25
Dig, Dig Wood, Leslie A 0.25
Do You Want To Be My Friend? Carle, Eric A 0.25
Flowers Hoenecke, Karen A 0.25
Growing Colors McMillan, Bruce A 0.25
In My Garden McLean, Moria A 0.25
Look What I Can Do Aruego, Jose A 0.25
What Do Insects Do? Canizares, S.& Chanko,P A 0.25
What Has Wheels? Hoenecke, Karen A 0.25
Cat on the Mat Wildsmith, Brain B 0.50
Getting There Young B 0.50
Hats Around the World Charlesworth, Liza B 0.50
Have you Seen My Cat? Carle, Eric B 0.50
Have you seen my Duckling? Tafuri, Nancy/Greenwillow B 0.50
Here's Skipper Salem, Llynn & Stewart,J B 0.50
How Many Fish? Cohen, Caron Lee B 0.50
I Can Write, Can You? Stewart, J & Salem,L B 0.50
Look, Look, Look Hoban, Tana B 0.50
Mommy, Where are You? Ziefert & Boon B 0.50
Runaway Monkey Stewart, J & Salem,L B 0.50
So Can I Facklam, Margery B 0.50
Sunburn Prokopchak, Ann B 0.50
Two Points Kennedy,J. & Eaton,A B 0.50
Who Lives in a Tree? Canizares, Susan et al B 0.50
Who Lives in the Arctic? Canizares, Susan et al B 0.50
All Fall Down Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Apple Bird Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Apples Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Bears Kalman, Bobbie C 1.00
Big Long Animal Song Artwell, Mike C 1.00
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Martin, Bill C 1.00
Bunny, Bunny Hall, Kirsten C 1.00
Cats Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Fox on the Box, the Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
Gregory's Dog Stobbs, William C 1.00
Hi, Word Bird Moncure, Jane C 1.00
I Have a Watch Williams, Deborah C 1.00
I See Monkeys Williams, Deborah C 1.00
I Want a Pet Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
I Want To Be a Clown Johnson, Sharon C 1.00
I Went Walking Williams, Sue C 1.00
Joshua James Likes Trucks Petrie, Cztherine C 1.00
Jump Frog Salem, Lynn C 1.00
Leaves Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
Looking for Halloween Evans,Karen C 1.00
Monsters Namm, Diane C 1.00
My Dream Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
My Kite Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Now We Can Go Jonas, Ann C 1.00
Octopus Goes to School Bordelon, Carolyn C 1.00
One Hunter Hutchins, Pat C 1.00
Pancakes for Breakfast dePaloa, Tomie C 1.00
Pancakes, Crackers & Pizza Eberts, Marjorie C 1.00
Playhouse For Monster, A Mueller, Virginia C 1.00
Rain Kalan, R C 1.00
Raindrops Brimmer, Larry C 1.00
Roll Over Peek, Merle C 1.00
Sammy at the Farm Evans,Karen C 1.00
Spots, Feathers, and Curly Tails Tafuri, Nancy/Greenwillow C 1.00
Swing, Swing, Swing Tuchman,G C 1.00
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep Dunbar, Joyce C 1.00
Toot, Toot Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Up Went the Goat Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
We Need Trees Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
Weather Chanko, P & Morton,D C 1.00
What a Tale Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
What Am I? Williams, Deborah C 1.00
What's for Lunch? Garrett, Ann C 1.00
What's Inside? Hoenecke, Karen C 1.00
Where Does the Teacher Sleep? Gibson, Kathleen C 1.00
Where's the Haloween Treat? Ziefert, Harriet C 1.00
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