Your Rule #7's............."Don't fail me or drop my grade because of my attitude"         "Give students a dollar for every question correctly answered"              "No fighting or arguing during class"                 "May consume small clean snacks that are easy to clean"                 "Have fun in my class"                "Do all work to the best of your ability"             "Don't judge people"            "Don't touch equipment until told to"                 "Encourage others"               "I can go to get water whenever I want"             "Participate in class activities"               "Have fun and just enjoy this year"              "Pay attention and focus in class"             "Study hard"                "Raise your hand for an organized learning environment"                "Do your homework everynight, study, at least three  hours and do your best"              "Learn science"              "Have fun"                "Be punctual"                   "Let me listen to my iPod when I do worksheets"                 "Don't get carried away with grades, have fun learning"                 "Use common sense"                "Be the best u can b"                 "Use the proper hand sign to get water or use the lavatory"               "Get help when I need it"                "Begin working on assignments as soon as they are assigned"                    "Don't wait till the last minute to finish work"              

Biology I - Honors

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Welcome to my biology class!  I hope you have liked it so far.  You may use this website as a resource to look up your grades, determine what your homework is, and possibly even find a document that you have lost.  Please bookmark this site now, so that you can keep coming back to enjoy all that the site has to offer!


New!  Here you can access the notes from class linked with audio from class that day.  This will certainly help you study and catch up if you are absent!

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Study Help - Useful Study Strategies - Nice article on different learning styles - I think everyone should read this! - Tips for various successes in the classroom! - This is a nice site where you can organize your thoughts - Here's a nice site where you can organize your life in many ways - How to combat test anxiety - Here's a bunch of useful tips for many classes - What do you want to be when you grow up?  Maybe you can find out here


Units of Study

Scientific Method - Here's a short course on how to detect the evils of "Junk Science" - Here's some really cool research that was done last year. Turns out Cockroaches are less intelligent in the morning. - Wikipedia's take on the Scientific Method - Pretty cool interactive site on the Scientific Method - What better way to learn the Scientific Method than by blowing up Twinkies? - Practice with the criteria of life - How real do you think this is?  Junk science, or not? - This is just cool.  Nice microscopy website.


Biochemistry - Water's Hydrogen Bonding! - Practice building atoms! - Check out how cool water is! - Water's polarity allowing it to dissolve salt - Ever wondered how microwaves worked? - Bonding animations - learn a little more about chemical reactions - some background and practice on bonding - Some more bonding practice - Very nice pH tutorial and animations.  Check out the sliding scale! - Acids and bases - buffers!!! - Solution formation with water and salt - Very nice animation on hydrogen bonding - 4 biomolecules all in one - Modeling the 4 biomolecules.  As shown in class! - Another simple animation dealing with protein structure - Another teacher's interactive notes on the 4 Biomolecules - Quick animation showing how fats are made through condensation reactions - More animations showing condensation reactions (dehydration syntheses) and hydrolysis reactions - Really nice animation dealing with amino acid bonding - What happens when a protein is heated?  Watch and find out. - Protein denaturation animation - Carbohydrate tutorial - Lipid tutorial - Protein tutorial - More on fats


Enzymes - YouTube's take on activation energy - Learn all about enzymes in this tutorial - Simple introduction to enzymes - How to stop an enzyme - Various environmental conditions that affect how well enzymes work: You are in control here! - Conformational change flash - Transition state flash - Proximity Effect flash - Actual enzyme activity - Allosteric also means inhibition! - Denaturation - Enzyme study tutorial - Another Enzyme tutorial - Again...Enzyme tutorial - A biological use of enzymes - Fireflies - Nice reading about enzymes - Nice overview of the major cofactors - Short bit about Vitamin C's inhibition on oxidases - The biological need for positive and negative feedback systems - How feedback works in enzymes


Cells - Well duh! - Here's a nice way to put your size into perspective - Eukaryotic cell tours - This is a fun activity - This is a little advanced, but there are nice pictures - Study the difference between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes - Check out the insides of eukaryotic cells - An interactive plant cell! - Compares Animal and Plant cells - Another interactive plant cell - Finally, an interactive animal cell! - The cell membrane - Another cell membrane tutorial - Cilia and Flagella animation - Amazing virtual cell! - Wonderful organelle animations! - The Golgi!!! - Practice French and Biology together! - Great lysosome animation.


Cellular Transport - This will help you remember what happens to salts when they dissolve - Tutorial on passive transport - Tutorial on active transport - Tutorial on receptor-mediated endocytosis - Animation dealing with the structure of the cellular membrane - This is what's known as a uniport, it's a membrane protein that helps in facilitated diffusion - Look Ma!  Two at a time!  Symports are proteins that facilitate the diffusion of two particles at a time. - And of course, in the opposite direction!  Antiports move particles in opposite directions, simultaneously. - Why does the water on the right side rise when salt is added? - This one is interactive! - Build your own membrane!


ATP - A nice online textbook


Photosynthesis - Leaf anatomy!  Yeah! - Many different experiments that you can do with plants - Have you thanked a plant today? - How a plant uses light energy to produce ATP - Where did that CO2 go? - This will help you to understand why electrons can be at higher energy levels - Animated overview of photosynthesis - IT TALKS! - Short, but sweet animation of Photosystems II and I - Eh, this one is ok...Maybe some of you would like it - Ha, this one sounds like an Atari game - Nice overview of the goings on of the thylakoid membrane - This one is slightly interactive - Two really nice animations from another text book - Step-by-step look at the Calvin Cycle - Another Calvin Cycle overview - Step-by-step Calvin Cycle - There are some *interesting* animations here - Nice overview of photosynthesis, not for the weak hearted - This site is fun and encourages more and more learning, easy to get lost and forget what you were looking for - This is fun "game" where you get to interact with photosynthesis


Cellular Respiration - This is a "high level" animation on the electron transport chain in mitochondria. - How better to remember cellular respiration than with some cheesy YouTube music video? - This a great animation on the function of ATP Synthase. - The simple version of the electron transport system - How chemiosmosis really works - Here's a step-by-step walk through Glycolysis. - Here's some good reading on Glycolysis. - This is high level also, but it's really good.  Great for Glycolysis! - Here's Glycolysis moving into fermentation.  It really shows why lactic acid needs to be made in our cells when there is a lack of Oxygen. - Ever wonder which enzymes cause the process of glycolysis to work?  Well here's a nice introduction, with great explanation. - The Kreb's Cycle....very in depth, but well done! - A teacher's perspective on teaching the Kreb's Cycle, with animations to help the explanations. - WOW!  This is a great movie on how ATP is formed from ATP Synthase!  AWESOME! - Here's some nice information on Electron Transport. - Oh, this is a nice animation and interactive of the overall process of Respiration in the mitochondria. - This one talks to you...It's like having me at home!


Cell Division: - Mitosis tutorial - Here's some nice animations on the Cell Cycle. - Here's some meiosis animations. - Say Hello to Mendel's Little Friends....And play some games with Peas! - Nice game from Nobel Prize to help you understand the cell cycle. - Very simple and easy to understand animation about mitosis. - Cute Cell's Alive animation about the cell cycle happenings. - Interactive mitosis and meiosis. - Difference between mitosis and meiosis. - Great animation teaching about cancerous growth. - Very nice cell cycle animation! - More nice mitosis animations!  The more the merrier! - Check out the "Control of Cell Cycle" and "Tumor Suppressor Genes" animations.  They are wonderful!


Genetics - Tutorial on meiosis, the other cell division - Independent Assortment tutorial - Not all alleles assort independently - Nice tutorials of the principles of genetics. - Here's some practice for you lovers of genetics. - Independent Assortment.  We haven't talked about it yet, but it may help you to understand a few things. - This is the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, look up any genetic disorder you can think of - This should blow your socks off....pick any chromosome, marvel in its complexity! - This is a nice article concerning alcoholism and genetics, and flies! - Nice tutorials of the principles of genetics. - Here's some practice for you lovers of genetics. - Independent Assortment.  We haven't talked about it yet, but it may help you to understand a few things. - Practice Questions!!!! - Pedigree tutorial - Nice connection between Mendel and Pedigree Analysis - very valuable practice for pedigrees - Genetics tutorial, very thorough


DNA - How does DNA replicate?  Meselson and Stahl discovered the answer in this experiment - Learn more about the structure of DNA here - Learn more about replication here - Learn the difference between Leading and Lagging strands here - Transcription tutorial - Just how did they crack the DNA code? - Translation tutorial - lac operon tutorial - trp operon tutorial - What happens to RNA after trancription?  Watch and find out! - How does RNA Polymerase know where to begin? - How Maury really determines who the father is.  Electrophoresis tutorial - DNA microarray chips - amazing technology - How to sequence an entire genome - How useful are stem cells?  Watch this and find out.


Natural Selection - Tutorial on natural selection - Nice explanation of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium - Speciation tutorial - The founder effect


Ecology - Play around with exponential graphs - Play around with logistic graphs - Predatory/prey simulation - What's the effect of breaking up a habitat?  Watch this and learn. - Primary succession tutorial - Why do certain organisms live in only certain areas of the world? - The water cycle - The carbon cycle - The nitrogen cycle


Stress Relief - The Most Important Part! - Ha! - Ah, Satire - ha, ha!  March is coming (sort of)...that means Peeps! - Some pretty funny scientific cartoons.... - Here is the Implicit Attitude Test.  Check it out to see if you hold any social stereotypes.