(Verbally Challenged in 1942; not much of a problem since)

Niggle's Parrish

A Web Page by Paul Nolan Hyde For the Verbally Challenged

Over the years I have written vast amounts of material that only a very few have had the opportunity to peruse, either from a scarcity of newsprint or from a dearth of cooperative editors. The result has been that I have felt somewhat circumscribed in my efforts to disseminate what I know about various topics. Hence, I have taken to cyberspace in hopes that what I have to offer may be discredited by far more critics than heretofore. From time to time I will add to the material that will initially appear. I will also run serialized material, which on the whole would tend to compromise the servers of the World Wide Web. Therefore constant vigilance will be required to keep apace. There will be poems, short stories, novellas, essays, and other discourses to enlighten and hopefully entertain my readers. Any suggestions regarding this web site and/or the material contained therein will be taken under advisement, which means I would not hold my breath if I were you. The content of the web page is naturally copyrighted by Parrish Press and any attempt to pilfer the wisdom presented will undoubtedly bring about the scorn of Western Civilization; not for the criminal act, but that you thought that any of it was worth stealing.

 Academic Works

J.R.R. Tolkien: (1) Essays (2) Morphological Indexes (3) Translations from the Elvish

Creative Linguistics: Essays and Papers

Fantasy and Science Fiction: Essays and Papers

Old and Middle English Language and Literature: Essays and Papers

Creative Works

Poems: (1) A Month of Sundays (2) There is No Such Thing as a Free Verse

Lyrics: (1) The Delphic Oracle (2) Rolling Home (3) J.P. LeGrande (4) PNH Sings JT & NG

Short Stories: (1) Return to Sender (2) The Glass (3) The Temporal Navigators

Novels: (1) Emergence (2) The Stones of Mordus

Theological Works

Essays and Papers: (1) Old Testament (2) New Testament (3) Book of Mormon (4) Doctrine and Covenants (5) Pearl of Great Price (6) Church History

Paraphrastic Studies: (1) The Gospels (2) The Epistles of Paul (3) The Psalms of David

Commentaries: The Gospel of Matthew

Scripture Indexes: A Scripture Index, Conference Reports, Neal A. Maxwell, Presidents of the Church