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Dispatches from (deep beneath)
Downtown California

September 3, 2015  
Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
Separated At Birth?
Ok, so this topic has obviously been done before - but not here.
I can still recall the fuss from my earliest childhood.

Please do click on the image.

August 30, 2015  
One More....
"Colidiu be; it dos tale a fez houvesse for it to find the time zone it was in! "

August 27, 2015  
This was in response to The Deborah's post below:

"I just tried to send a message to my wife..
Auto-correct was going to send it as: "The moon from the sleeve of the Urals is in the barn."
Sounds like a password in a spy novel.
I caught it in time and re-wrote: "The money from the sale of the Opel is in the bank."

August 23, 2015

"Darn Autocorrect!"


The Deborah writes:

""The swallow that trots to Dubrovnik is on the steamboat."

My phone's been doing autocorrect like that when I try to type in English but have the Portuguese keyboard on."

Anybody else out there have any similar experiences....?

click here for a taste of the music

Peace, Love and.......


..... What?
One of the music-centric cable channels ran the Director's Cut of the film Woodstock t'other day, presumably because it was the anniversary of the legendary festival. Check out the poster: the real name of the wingding was the "Woodstock Music and Art Fair," but few remember the Art part. Hecksakes, the film barely showed any art, but, given the Olympian stature of the musical acts, it's not surprising.

One of the noteworthy aspects of the film was how half a million "hippie freaks" look less bizarre from today's distance.

Question: which one is the cowboy, and which is the freak?
(click on the thumbnails for the full image)

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