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Handmade glass eyes, made just for the polymer clay artist! Wow!

As seen in Christi Friesen's terrific series of polymer clay books, these eyes are also great for any number of polymer projects,
jewelry and other wacky stuff!

And be sure to see what some other wonderful folks are doing with our eyes:

  please note: the glass colors pictured on these pages will display differently from one monitor to the next
  The Particulars:
  Each eyeball is individually hand made of several layers of glass (base color, transparent color (or accent color and clear ) and black pupil) permanently fused onto a stainless steel wire for strength and permanence. You can bend or cut the wire to length as appropriate to your project. Eyes are kiln-annealed to remove stress and increase durability. side view showing wire
  As you can see, we measure the eyeball size by the overall diameter
  Note that the pupil size is relative to the overall size of the eyeball
Just say "oh"
Large Pupil
Just say "wow"
Small Pupil

  Sizing, Grading and Matching Process
  Frequently Asked Questions
  Grades of Eyeballs  
  These are our Top of the Line eyeballs, triple-inspected under high magnification to ensure flawlessness.
Complete Eye
Sample chart
Includes all the latest colors and designs    
  Ordering Information See what you like? Great! Order directly from the page and pay using PayPal, or send us an email and tell us how many of what you would like, and we will will confirm your order posthaste. Just as soon as payment is received we will put our crack staff of fulfillment experts (which would be the same guy that made the eyeballs, The Ralph) to work on shipping them to you right away. Well, at least as soon as we can get him to put down his pimento and cream cheese sandwich, anyway. But don't worry, he chews a lot faster when there is an order to be filled!
    Glass aficionados might recognize the colors of the glass rods as being made by the Moretti (Effetre) company, who have been producing glass in Venice for about four hundred years. If you know of a color that they make that isn't shown on these pages, and you would like eyes in that color, please email us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.
  Shipping Information Shipping is via USPS First Class mail, within the United States of America. We expect to be able to ship to Canada soon, as soon as we can find an American student that can find Canada on a map. A shipping, packaging, handling, double-checking, triple-checking and envelope-licking charge of $3.50 will apply to all orders. International orders have a flat shipping rate of $4.25. Really heavy, dense, enormous, massive, humongous orders will require additional postage, charged at a ridiculously low added cost. We will let you know before shipping if this applies, but it sure doesn't happen often.
Payment Information
All prices are quoted in US dollars, and include all applicable taxes. (Now, how often do ya hear that?)
Good News, Everyone!
We are now able to accept PayPal.. Solution Graphics and ship your eyes (almost) immediately!




We accept personal or business checks (if they're good) and money orders if absolutely necessary. Although we gladly accept cash, we cannot accept responsibility for cash becoming lost, misplaced or otherwise vanishing into thin air. So far, however, we have had no problem whatsoever with carefully concealed cash being mailed to us, and hope that such good luck continues. Just don't try to hide it in anything still alive, please.
We ship just as soon as payment is received.

Sorry, we cannot accept non-US currency, IOUs, gold dust, stamps, livestock, or promissory notes.

  Guarantee of Satisfaction If the eyeballs that you receive are not to your liking, please return them for a full refund or exchange. It's that simple. We would appreciate an email about it before you send them, however.
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