"In a deeply tribal way, we love our monsters"
    - Biologist Edward O. Wilson
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Spotted Fountainhead Bird
Venetian glass with thread and various feathers
Mounted on glass cabochon; well-suited for bead embroidery (think: seed bead bezel!). also has 3/32" hole on underside for stand mount and stainless steel wire loop nestled in its topknot for hanging

110 mm tall (overall) x 50 mm wide (at beak) x
50 mm d (at beak)




Copper-horned Flycatcher
(sometimes called Copper-Horned Gossip)
Green Venetian glass with copper electroformed horns
tongue is separate piece and is wired in for mobility (it wags)
3/32" hole runs vertically

30mm w x 40mm t x 60mm (incl. tongue)
MONGT 0709


Alert (but friendly) Monster
Green Venetian glass with pink tongue
3/32" hole runs vertically

32mm w x 35mm t x 30mm d

Plant Monsters  

My wife seems convinced that these guys actually repel aphids from the plants that they are used in. Well, maybe it does work, as there are no aphids to be found. On the other hand, maybe they repel rhinoceri, too, 'cuz we don't find any of them, either......

Nevertheless, here is a friendly, outgoing monster kind of guy, made from Venetian glass in our subterranean studios deep beneath Downtown California in the dead of night by an artisan with slightly whimsical, if paranoid, tendencies.
A plant stick, sure enough, and good for helping to support orchid flower spikes or just to generally enliven a potted plant. We've also seen them used in flower arrangements, too. Built on a 1/16" stainless steel rod, these guys are good indoors and out. Not enough monsters out in your garden? This guy can fix that. (Can't you just picture him peeking out from between a couple of fronds?)

Each one is unique and full of its own personality (sort of like that cousin that you only see at Christmas and Easter, but you like anyway.)

Dimensions are approximately 40 mm wide x 35 mm tall and fused directly onto an 8" long stainless steel rod. And, of course, painstakingly annealed overnight to eliminate any stress in the glass for maximum durability.

Shipped in a heavy-duty tube and painstakingly packed with so much bubble wrap that you'll think that your neurotic aunt sent it.



A litter mate of the guy described above.
Same materials, inspiration and general dimensions.




Another litter mate of the guys described above.
Same materials, inspiration and general dimensions.




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