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Track Charts Volume 9

Erie Railroad - West

1536 images of Land Valuation Maps.

Another "must have" for the serious railroad historian!


Track Charts Volume 8

Railroads New York & Westward

New York, Ontario & Western

New York, Susquehanna & Western

Erie Railroad - East of Binghamton, NY

1300 images of Land Valuation Maps & track profiles.

Track Charts Volume 7


Land Valuation Maps -

Hudson and Mohawk Rivers areas.

Track Charts Volume 1 - Revision #9


The CD collection that started it all!

A huge selection of charts and data from all over the Northeast.

Tracks Charts - Volume 2 - Revision 2

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad -

West of Central Vermont Rwy.

Tracks Charts - Volume 3

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad -

East of Central Vermont Rwy.

Track Charts - Volume 4

Delaware & Hudson - Land Valuation Maps

Nearly the entire D&H including lines aquired after 1980.


Track Charts Volume 6 -Revision 2



Northeast Railroads Valuation Maps and Data Charts


Assorted Railroads B&W Photo Collection

The Black & White negatives of S. J. Whitney

Over 900 B&W images shot in the late 70's through the early 90's of Northeastern subjects.

Assorted Railroads Photo Collection - Volume 1

Many images from around the northeast from the camera and collection of S. J. Whitney.

_ _

Assorted Railroads Photo Collection - Volume 2

Many more images from around the northeast from the camera of S. J. Whitney.

_ _

Assorted Railroads Photo Collection - Volume 3

Additional unearthed color slide images from from the camera of S. J. Whitney.


Operation Deep Freeze - I_Photo Collection*

*(limited rail content - Naval operation to Antarctica)

The voyage of the icebreaker USS Edisto from Massachusetts to Antarctica and return. From the camera of the late Douglas E. Whitney.

_ _

Boston & Maine Railroad Photo Collection

The fall of the B&M empire as seen through the camera of S. J. Whitney.

_ _

Green Mountain Railroad Photo Collection

35 Years of Green Mountain State Railroading as seen through the eyes of an employee.

Delaware & Hudson Railway Color Photo Collection

421 images on disk from the collection of S. J. Whitney

Northeast Historic B&W Photo Collections


An astounding assortment of over 2800 Black & White images from around the Northeast.

NMRO Audio Recordings

Stereo recordings from the era before video recordings made them obsolete.



>>>>FREE OFFER<<<<

Springfield Terminal Railway Enginehouse Plans

NMRO is pleased to be able to make this special free offer to everyone!

At the same time that the State of Vermont embarked upon a project of rebuilding of US Rt 11 from the Connecticut River into downtown Springfield, the Springfield Terminal Railway had a new enginehouse built along with public delivery tracks and a bulk unloading trestle. After the railroad was abandoned but before the enginehouse was torn down, a complete set of plans for the facility was salvaged from the building. Through the generosity of two of our NMRO friends, these 16 pages of plans were converted to digital format and are now available for public use. Available in two versions, large and small file/images sizes (finer detail on the larger), they may be downloaded below. While either one may be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper (horizontal format), we recommend taking the files to a copy shop for larger prints.

Springfield Terminal Engine Facility - Large Plans

Springfield Terminal Engine Facility - Small Plans

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