Track Condensed Profile Charts

The NMRO library has one of the largest collections of condensed profile charts of any group in the northeast.

Sample Chart--

The sample above is only 1000 pixels wide. All NMRO track charts are scanned to a minimum of 2300 pixels wide.

Lines Covered--

Click on the link above to view a large map of the lines covered (in green).

Red indicates lines wanted and blue indicates lines we have but better copies are needed.

These profiles were originally produced for the B&M (98% of the railroad), CV (99% of the railroad), Rutland (98% of the railroad), MEC (Mt. Div. only) and D&H (a few northern branches).

Later railroads operating in territories covered by the profile collection include: St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County, Claremont & Concord, Montpelier & Barre, Suncook Valley, Barre & Chesea, Sanford & Eastern, Vermont Rail System, New Hamshire Northern, Conway Scenic, New Hamshire Northcoast and more...

Please note:

NOBODY owns the rights to charts such as these. They were created by the railroads back in the early part of the century. Today they are being provided by several generous individuals. Like us at the NMRO, these generous souls believe in the free distribution of research materials for New England railroads. These scans are being provided FREE but you must pay a nominal fee of $10 for postage, handling and materials. What you will get is over 250 megabytes of material covering nearly 100% of the Boston & Maine Railroad (and subsidiaries), Central Vermont Railway and Rutland Railroad. Also included is the Maine Central Railroad - Mountain Division and a handful of Delaware & Hudson branch lines.

Bonus Materials--

Also included are numerous detailed track diagrams for various locations that will give you a great view of many specific locations. See sample below...

How to Order:

You may order your own copy of the track chart collection either of two ways...

Send a PayPal payment of $10 to:


Mail a check or money order to:

Scott J. Whitney, 129 Chestnut St., Claremont, NH 03743

We're looking for more!!

If you have track profiles in your own collection and see that they:

1. Are a different revision with many differences from any in our collection now.

2. Cover lines that we don't presently have.

3. Are better copies than charts we presently have.

We would like to hear from you and perhaps borrow them to scan them into the database. In doing so you will be helping to preserve the distribution of free research materials from around the area. Remember, the charts are free to use as you wish!!!

Note: The response to this program has been absolutely great! Some individuals have asked about the possibility of donating additional funds to further this project. While our greatest need is for additional materials, additional funding is never refused!

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