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1)    Services: Heather H. Doherty agrees to provide the undersigned with genealogical research services, which include research, analysis, report writing and correspondence. At the completion of said services, Heather H. Doherty will provide you with a written, documented analysis of the findings, describing both successful and unsuccessful research and recommendations for further research. Prior to beginning research, Heather H. Doherty requests that the undersigned provide her with any information/documentation on the family being researched that has already been acquired by the undersigned (e.g. birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, bible records, deeds, newspaper articles, published or unpublished genealogies, personal knowledge of the family, etc.) [Note: Please send only copies of these records, not the originals].

2)    Compensation: Upon signing this agreement, you authorize Heather H. Doherty, to provide services to you at the rate of $45.00 per hour and agree to reimburse her for expenses incurred that are directly connected with her ability to provide said services to you, the client. Expenses will include costs such as photocopies, postal expenses and commuting expenses (e.g. tolls, parking, travel, etc). There will be a required 10 hour retainer fee of $450.00, which will, upon receipt, preserve your position on the waiting list. If no waiting list is present, this retainer fee will enable Heather H. Doherty to begin research immediately, provided she has also received any pertinant information concerning the research project. If your research goals are met in less than 10 hours, the remainder will be returned to the undersigned. Currently, Heather H. Doherty accepts checks payable to Heather H. Doherty (mailed to the address above) and payments made via PayPal.

3)   Methods of Billing: Following the $450 retainer fee, the undersigned will agree to a method of billing with Heather H. Doherty. Methods include, but are not limited to billing per a specified number of hours completed, per a specified amount of compensation due, per month, or payment in advance. Upon receipt of an invoice (via email or postal service), the undersigned agrees to pay the stated balance due within 30 days of the date on the invoice.

4)   Confidentiality: All personal information concerning the undersigned will be held in confidence by Heather H. Doherty, and will not be shared unless authorized to do so by the undersigned. This includes name, email address, home/work address, phone numbers and any other identifying information about the undersigned. This confidentiality will not apply to any information that has been disclosed in publicly available sources. Any research or analysis, as a product of the research, may be published or distributed by Heather H. Doherty, without prior authorization by the client, provided that confidential information or identifying details are altered or removed. At no point will Heather H. Doherty disclose the identity of her client(s) unless authorized by said client(s).

5)   Proprietary Rights: Heather H. Doherty shall own the rights to her analysis of the genealogical research to be provided to the undersigned, such as those provided in progress reports. Said progress reports will almost always include facts obtained from research, but it is the original expression of those facts, and not the facts themselves, which falls under "intellectual property" of copyright law.  For more information on copyright law and how it pertains to genealogical research and analysis see  "Copyright & Genealogy" by Kimberly Powell & "Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogy" by Mike Goad.

6)   Guarantee: Heather H. Doherty guarantees her services will be performed in a professional manner. Heather H. Doherty cannot guarantee discovery of results predicted by the client. The services being provided, the time spent on research and analysis, and the expenses connected to the services of Heather H. Doherty are what the client will be billed for.





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