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Last updated 28 October 1998

PJ Achramowicz has accumulated a large quantity of loose information in her search for her Northcutt roots. Her earliest known Northcutt ancestor was William Northcutt who was born in Virginia c.1755-1760. He married first Elizabeth Adams and 2nd Elizabeth Stewart d/o John Stewart, Sr. William died in Darlington, SC in 1839. Except for an uncited notation about his first wife, nothing is known about Elizabeth Adams "of VA". All of his known children are presumed from his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Stewart. If you have any knowledge of this line of the Northcutt Family that may help her to add a missing link to her family tree you can send her an E-Mail at the following Address.

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Stray Northcutt Notes


William Northcott (of Hampton, Essex, England) 23 September 1669: Newgate & Home Circuit prisoners reprieved to be transported to Barbados.

John Norcott (of St. Andrew Holborn, England) 10 December 1698 - Newgate prisoners reprieved to be transported to Barbados or Jamaica.

John Nothcote of Yewton, Devon, England m. Susan Pollard (d/o Sir Hugh Pollard); Susan's brother Wm. went to Barbados; John & Susan Northcote had 12 sons/6 daughters. Susan buried 1634.

Marlow Norcott m. Mrs. Eliza Sceney, spinster, 17 March 1716

Jno. Norcot (s/o Marlow & Eliza Norcot) b. 13 September 1717 St. Michael Parish, Barbados

References: "The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-99: A Comprehensive Listing compiled from English Public Records of Those Who Took Ship to the Americas for Political, Religious & Economic Reasons; of Those Who Were Deported for Vagrancy, Roguery or Non-Conformity; and of Those Who Were Sold to Labour in the New Colonies" by Peter Wilson Coldham; "Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbean & The Journal of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society" by James C. Brandow; "Barbados Records: Marriages 1643-1800 Vol. 1" by Joanne McRee Sanders; "Barbados Records: Baptisms 1637-1800" by Joanne McRee Sanders

Note: It might prove interesting to see if there are any records that show whether any of the Barbados Northcutts emigrated further to the U.S. Mainland.



George Northcott - 12 Feb-4 March 1676 bound from London for NY

George Norcott - 24 July to 29 November 1695 by the London Merchant poss to NY (1st passenger indicated bound from London to NY, not clear if all were).

Joane Poole & son Theophilus Poole - August 1685, kin of Catherine Northcote of Hoxton, Middlesex, England, widow, probate. Pooles in Boston, New England (MA).

Richard Norcott - (b.1670, age 14 in ) 7 July 1684 by his mother Ann N. & brother Henry N., his father being dead, apprenticed in Middlesex, England to Robert Hatton of East Smithfield, mariner, 10 yrs MD. (Query if precursor to MA line of Norcutts)

Robert Northcott - 10 August 1695 - bound from Bideford, England for MD by the America

William Norcutt - 24 October 1674 apprenticed in Bristol, England to Patrick Spence 4yrs in VA.

Susannah Norcutt - 24 August 1677 apprenticed in Bristol to Alexander Willcox 4yrs VA by New England Merchant

References: "The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-99: A Comprehensive Listing compiled from English Public Records of Those Who Took Ship to the Americas for Political, Religious & Economic Reasons; of Those Who Were Deported for Vagrancy, Rogery or Non-Comformity; and of Those Who Were Sold to Labour in the New Colonies" by Peter Wilson Coldham

SHIP PASSENGER & IMMIGRATION LISTS (may duplicate other entries)

Ann Norcott: New England 1637 - Ref: ___ p.221

Ann Norcott: America 1637 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-60 by Coldham, p.189

Ann Norcott: America 1637 - Ref: Passengers to America by Tepper, p.115

Ann Norcott: New England 1637 - Ref: Ship Passenger Lists National & New England by Boyer, p.147

Ann Norcott: America 1637 - Ref: AmericanColonists in English records: A Guide to Direct Reference in Authetic Records, Passenger Lists Not in Hotten, etc. by George Sherwood, p.30

Ann Northcote: age 76: Toronto, Canada 1871 - Ref: Index to 1871 Census of Ontario by B Elliott, p133

Charles Northcote, age 68: Toronto, Canada 1871 - Ref: Index to 1871 Census of Ontario by Elliott p133

Daniel Norchat (Norcut?): New England 1633 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-60 by Coldham, p.107

Dinah Norcutt: VA 1701 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V3 by Nugent, p.48

Hazell Northcote: VA 1726 - Ref: Bonded Passengers to America V5 Western Circuit 1664-1775 Cornwall, Devon, Dorset,Hampshire,n Somerset & Wiltshire w/a List of the Rebels of 1685 by Coldham, p.25

James Northcote: America 1771 - Ref: Bonded Passengers to America V5 Western Circuit 1664-1775 Cornwall, Devon, Dorset,Hampshire,n Somerset & Wiltshire w/a List of the Rebels of 1685by Coldham, p.5

James Norcot: America 1771 - Ref: British Deportees to America Pt 5 1770-71 by Clifford N. Smith, p.21

James Northcote: America 1771 - British Deportees to America Pt 5 1770-71 by CN Smith, p.21

Jno. Norcott: VA 1665 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.556

Johna Norcott: VA 1663 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.467

Jno. Norcoate: VA 1691 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol 2 1666-95 by N.M. Nugent, p.371

John Norcott: Barbados or Jamaica 1698 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants by PW Coldham, p.704

John Norcott: America 1698 - Ref: Bonded Passengers to America V2 Middlesex 1617-1775 by Coldham, p.198

John Norcott: MD &/or VA 1732 - Ref: Orig Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to American Colonies 1719-44 by Kaminkow, p.117

John Norcott: America 1733 - Ref: Bonded Passengers to America V3 London 1656-1775 by Coldham, p.108

John Norcott: America 1698 - Ref: English Convicts in America V1 by Coldham, p.198

John Norcott: MD &/or VA 1733 - English Convicts in America V2 by Coldham, p.108

Mark Nethercote: VA 1699 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V3 by Nugent, p.31

Nicho Nethercott: VA 1652 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.274

Nicholas Norcutt, age 25: Dubuque Co., Iowa 1851 - Ref: Book 1 of Naturalization Declarations 1832-56 Dubuque Co., Iowa by Des Moines, IA Gen Soc, p.18

Richard Norcot: VA 1675-76 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneer Vol 2 1666-95 by NM Nugent, p.170

Richard Norcolt (Norcott?): age 14, MD 1684 - Ref: New World Emigrants by Tepper, p.400 & Some

Early Immigrants to America by Nicholson, p.77

Richard Norcott, age 14, MD 1684 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants by Coldham, p.404

Richard Norcutt: VA 1701 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V3 by Nugent, p.48

Richard Northcott: Wisconsin 1854 - Ref: County pages (Naturalization Rec) Adams Co WI, p.137

Richard Northcote, age 65: Toronto, Canada 1871 - Ref: Index to 1871 Census of Ontario by Elliott p133

Robert Northcott - Wisconsin 1854 - Ref: County pages Adams Co., WI, p.137

Susannah Norcutt: VA 1663-79 - Ref: Bristol to America, p.164

Susanna Norcott: VA 1665 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.527

Susannah Norcutt: VA 1677 - Refg: Bristol Register of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-86 by PW Coldham, p.337

Susannah Norcutt: VA 1677 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants by Coldham, p.294

Thomas Norcott: VA 1663 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.537

Thomas Norcott: VA 1665 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.541

Thomas Norcott: VA 1666 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.554

Thomas Northcut: Michigan 1888 - Ref: Naturalization Records of Shiawasee Co., MI 1854-1907 by Shiawasere Co. Gen. Society, p.40

William Norcott: VA 1637 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers A Calendar of VA Land Grants 1623-1800 V1:114

William Norcutt: VA 1637 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1:11

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William Norcott: VA 1658 - Ref: Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.358

William Norcott: port uncertain 1659 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants by Coldham, p.446

William Norcott VA 1663 - Ref - Cavaliers & Pioneers V1 by Nugent, p.537

William Norcutt: VA 1663-79 - Ref: Bristol to America, p.152

William Norcutt: VA 1674 - Ref: Bristol Register by Coldham, p.305

William Norcutt: VA 1674 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants by Coldham, p.230

William Norcott: MD 1675 - Ref: Early Settlers of MD by Skordas, p.337

William Northcott: America 1669 - Ref: English Convicts in America V1 by Coldham, p.198

William Norcott: Barbados 1669 - Ref: Complete Book of Emigrants by Coldham, p.151

William Northcott: Barbados 1669 - Ref: Bonded Passengers to America V2 Middlesex 1617-1775 by Coldham, p.198

References: Passenger & Immigrations Lists Index by PW Filby: 1st Edition V2 H-N; 1982, 1984 , 1986-90, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999

* * * * * *

George Norcutt of NY, Boston, Columbian Centinel, 12 June 1819 issue

Ephraim Norcut (RS & Pensioner), d. @Middleborough, aged 80 yrs (b1759), Columbian Centinel, 19 June 1839 issue

Anna Norcott, w/o Winslow Norcott, Stockbridge, MA, aged 24 (b.1793), Columbian Centinel, 18 June 1817 issue

References: "Index of Obituaries in Massachussetts Centinel & Columbian Centinel 1784 to 1840" by American Antiquarian Society, Vol. 4 Mero-Sloc.

* * * * * *

Virginia Northcutt, b.1861, m.Joseph Glover, b.1846: RS ancestor Joseph Glover of SC.

References: "An Index to AL Society of the SAR, Members & Their Ancestors 1903-96" by Clifford D. Black.

* * * * * *

Isaac Northcut b.6 January 1814

Reference: Library of VA Archives & Manuscript Collection: Woodward family bible record 1761-1898 (note: no other Northcut reference in bible pages)

* * * * * *

Rev. Thomas William Northcott (d.1906 Cathage, IN) m. <-?-> (note: wife moved to Indianapolis after

John Berkshire Northcott (d.1933 Cedar Rapids, IA) m. 7 June 1909, Florence Louise Winterberg (b.5 July 1884 Edinburg, Johnson Co., IN, d/o Francis Winterberg & M. Charlotte Sander)

Reference: "The Winterbergs" by Carolyn Louise Knapp Wellso



William Northcoate/Northcutt - Yarmouth, (Barnstable Co., ) MA - served against the Narragansetts in 1645.

Reference: "Pioneers of Massachusetts" by Charles Henry Pope, p.331.

MA Officers & Soldiers in the 17th Century Conflicts by Carole Doreski

William Northcoate - date of acct/probable residence: 8/23/45, Yarmouth (Barnstable Co., MA); 2nd Company

* * * * * *

William Norcut d.18 September 1693 m. <-?->

William Norcut 2 February 1662 Marshfield, MA

John Norcut 11 August 1664 Marshfield, MA

Lidia Norcut 5 December 1666 Marshfield, MA

Ralph Norcut b.5 October 1673 d.2 December 1715 Marshfield, MA

Ralph Norcut m. Mary Remington m. 17 March 1714/5 Marshfield, MA (not clear if this is same Ralph as above & daughter posthumous child) *states record of name not clear

Sarah Norcut 16 January 1715 Marshfield, MA

William Norkett (Norcutt) m. Sarah Chapman (d/o Ralph Chapman, named in father's will 28 Nov 1671 Plymouth, MA)

William Nocott m. Experience <-?->

William Norcott 6 May 1690 Marshfield, MA

John Norcott 8 March 1691 Marshfield, MA

Abigall Norcott 24 June 1693 Marshfield,MA

William Norkut (Norcot) m1. Ruth Mayo; m2. Priscilla Paine (d/o Nicholas Paine & Hannah Higgins)

(RM b.20 Jan 1688, d.14 Jan 1720, m.5 March 1718/9 d/o Thomas Mayo & Barbara Knowles;

PP b.16 Oct 1701, m.1726) WN moved to Chatham, CT

By RM: William Norcut 28 Dec 1719 Eastham, MA

By PP: Ruth Norcut 15 June 1728

Josiah Norcut 25 Jan 1730/1

Hannah Norcut 20 June 1733

Experience Norcut 1 Sept 1735

Abner Norcut 25 March 1738

References: Genealogy of Mayflower Families, Vol II, G-Pa.

* * * * * *

William Norcut & Sarah <-?->

Ephraim Norcut b.4 Nov 1683, Marshfield, MA,d. after 29 July 1735 (will of Thomas Bonney) m. on 30 January 1712/13 Marshfield, MA to Elizabeth Bonney (d/o Thomas Bonney & Dorcas Samson), d. after father's will

Ebenezer Norcut 11 June 1714 m. Susannah <-?->

Elizabeth Norcut 20 August 1745 Plymouth, MA

Elizabeth Norcut 19 Feb 1715

Bonney Norcut 7 Oct 1718

Patience Norcut 17 December 1722 Marshfield, MA

Ephraim Norcut 24 July 1725 Marshfield, MA

John Norcut 6 April 1732 Duxbury, MA

Patience Norcut 9 February 1684 Marshfield, MA

Experience Norcut (no date given) Marshfield, MA

Ebenezer Norcut 1 March 1690/91 Marshfield, MA

References: "Mayflower Births & Deaths From the Files of George Ernest Bowman @the MA Society of Mayflower Descendants Vol 2" by SusanE. Roser; "The Mayflower Descendant: An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine of Pilgrim Genealogy, History & Biography 1905 Vol VII" by MA Society of Mayflower Descendants; "The Mayflower Descendant Vox XIX 1917;" "Vol II 1900;""Vol VIII 1906;" "Vital Records of Marshfield, MA to the year 1850" by Robert M. & Ruth Wilder Sherman

* * * * * *

MA Soldiers & Sailors In the War of the Revolution by the Secretary of the Commonwealth

Ephraim Norcut(t) of Middleborough, MA (c.1759-1839)

John Norcut of Middleborough, MA

John Norcut,Jr. of Middleborough, MA

Jonathan Norcut

John Norcutt

John Norcutt

John Norcutt

Lewis Norcut

William Norcut(t) of Middlebourough, MA

William Norcut of Plymouth Co., MA

Zenas Norcut(t) of Middleborough, MA

Also as Norcot, Norcott, Nolcott, Nolcock & Norait

Record of Service of CT Men - I. War of the Revolution; II. War of 1812; III. Mexican War by the Adjustants General

Sylvanus Norcott - Champion Co., enlist 26 May 1777 - 8 mos svc.

Rheuben Norcott - Lt. Smith's Co.,enlist 7 April, discharged 19 May (yr?)

* * * * * *

American States Papers pub. By Gales & Seaton, 1832

Norcot, John - Vol9:p.394 - Statement/Claims Bound by statute of limitations. Date of certificate: May 16, 1793; No. stmt: 4052: Name: John Nocot; Suc: Landsman, Providence; Int Coming: August 26, 1779; Amt. Cert. Issued: $3.66. Ref: 11th Congress, 3rd session, Doc #216. Reported Dec 13, 1810.

* * * * * *

Northcutt, Elizabeth - Vol. 8: p.136 Document #1340 - 24th Congress 1st session. Private land Claims in MO under the Act of 1832. (Sent to Senate 1835) 21 June 1809. Nancy Ferguson claiming 300 arpents of land in situate in Tywapity district of New Madrid. Permission to settle #1369, claimant is #298. George Harker states <NF>. Came to district in fall of 1802, had 2 children at that time: Elizabeth Northcut & John Johnson. NF died in year 1818 leaving her said children as sole heirs & legal representatives. Inhabited & Cultivated said land in 1803 & Had permission to settle from Don Henry Feyroux, Commandant of New Madrid. Claim not granted. Ref: Book

* * * * * *

Indian War Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers 1815-58 - NE-OR (LDS film #882,780)

Archibald Northcut -pvt - Capt Wells Co. 1st IL Mounted Volunteers, Duncan's Brig - Sac & Fox War

Archable Northcut - pvt - Capt Gillham's Co. , 1st Regmt, 3 Brig, IL Mtd Vol - Black Hawk War

Edward Northcut - pvt - Capt Henry's Co, 1st IL Mtd Vol, Dunan's Brig - Sac & Fox War

John Northcut - pvt - Grant's Regt Mo. Mounted Vol - Florida War

Lewis C. Northcut - pvt - Matson's Indpt Co. Mo. Mtd Rangers - War of 1832

Robert Northcut - pvt - Cmle's (?) Co. 2 (William's) GA. Vol - Creek War

James Northcutt - pvt - Malone's Co., GA Mtd Militia - Florida War

William H. Northcutt - Donaldson's Co., KS Mil. Inf. 3 Months - War of 1856

* * * * * *

William Northcott m. Mary Gowen (d/o Alfred P. Gowen & Elizabeth Lough) in 1869 Barry Co., MO (MG 1849-1910)

Stella Northcott m. Potts

Walter Northcott

Burl Northcott

Mint Northcott m. Henbest

References: "Back to Barry" by Gloria E. Crosby; no indication of direct tie to other Northcutt family (William & Annie Moore Northcutt) in county.

* * * * * *



William Norcott 1637 by Capt. Thomas Flint, Warwick River Co., VA

William Norcott 1658 by Capt. John Blake (unclear which co., mentions rivers Mathewes Cr, of S. branch Nansamond River)

William Norcot 1658 by Lt. Col. Robrt Abrall & John Pigg - New Kent Co., VA

William & Thomas Norcott 1663 by Stephen Warman, Westmoreland Co., VA

Thomas Norcott 1665 by Walter Cussens (Cozens) Lower Norfolk Co., VA (now Princess Anne & Norfolk Cos as of 1691)

Johnathon Norcott 1665 by Mathew Hill - New Kent Co., VA

Susanna Norcott 1665 by Henry Jarman, Jno. Powell, Wm. Coppin & Cornelius Neal - (mentions Rappahannock River, could be Westmoreland or Richmond Co., VA. Richmond was part of Old Rappahannock, abolished in 1692)

William Norcott 1665 by Miles Reily, prob. Richmond Co., VA (mentions Rappahannock River)

Jno. Norcott 1665 by Maj. Thomas Walker, Gloster Co., VA (i.e.Gloucester Co.)

Thomas Norcott 1666 by Elizabeth, Sara & Margrett Dye, Accomack Co., VA (2 other men transported, possible suitors?)

References: "Cavaliers & Pioneers: Abstracts of VA Land Patents & Grants 1623-66 Vol 1" by Robert Armistead Stewart, PhD. (Note: from Patent Bks 1, 4, , 5)

Thomas Norcutt m. Ann Tyler (b.1715, d/o Thomas & Anne) in 1737

References: William & Mary Quarterly Hist Mag Vol 19 #4 (April 1911), pp279-86 :"Tyler Family of Essex, Spotsylvania & Caroline Cos."



Norfolk Co., VA Tithes 1730-1736 & 1750; 1751-1759

Daniel Northcott/Norcott: 1750 (Northcott) & sometime btwn 1751-6

Henry Norcot/Norcott/Norcote/Northcott: 1730 (Norcot); 1732/3/4 (Norcote); 1736 & sometime btwn 1751-6 (Norcott); 1750/7/9 (Northcott); 1751 (Northcutt)

James Norcott/Norcote: 1732/3/4 (Norcote); 1750 (Norcott);

James Northcutt/Northcott: 175/41 (Northcutt); 1754 (Northcott)

Joshua Northcott: 1750 (Northcott)

Thomas Northcott (cripple): 1750 (Northcott); 1773/4 (Northcott)

Thomas Northcott, Jr. (1750)

William Norcote/Norcoat/Northcott: 1732/4 (Norcote); 1733 (Norcoat); 1757/9 (Northcott)

Genealogical Abstracts from 18th Century VA Newspapers

Thomas Northcott - apprentice 19-20 yrs of age ran away from James Walker -Norfolk Co. posted 28 July 1774 (puts bd @1754)

Early VA Marriages

Mrs. Sarah Northcott m. Thomas Holstead 6 January 1768 Norfolk Co., VA

Thomas Norcot m. Lydia Hodges 1 October 1783 Norfolk Co., VA

Judith Northcut (Norcut) m. Daniel Rose 17 March 1785 Norfolk Co., VA (Note: A will for Daniel Rose 1792 but no mention of Judith, children Samuel & Fanny w/witness Sarah Rose, uncertain if same/other person)


Proposed Family Groups

Generation 1:

Thomas Northcutt (Norcutt) and Ann Etheridge (d/o Thomas & Christina) m. Norfolk Co., VA

[c.1650 Norfolk Co., VA - 26 February 1709/10 Norfolk Co., VA] [AE 1711]

Generation 2:

1. Giles Norcutt (c. 1665, seems to have died as a child but still living as of 1671, cited in gf will)

2. James Northcutt (c.1667)

3. Mary Norcutt (c.1673) m. <-?-> Deans

4. Katherine Norcutt (l671)

5. Susannah Norcutt (on LDS IGI, have not ordered film; not in will, d. before TN will?)

6. Elizabeth Norcutt (c.1679) m. <-?-> Deans

7. Anne Norcutt (c.1677) m. <-?-> Browne

8. William M. Northcutt (Norcutt) (c.1675, d.1741-6 Norfolk Co., VA) m. <-?->

9. John Northcutt (Norcutt) (c.1675) m. Sara (Brent Lease)

Alice Norcott (d/o ?, parent not mentioned but likely James above; g/d of Jeane Green, cited in will 27 March 1694)

Generation 3:

8. William M. Northcutt (Norcutt) (c.1675, d.1741-6 Norfolk Co., VA) m. <-?->

a Henry Norcot

b. Thomas Norcot (? Same as counted in 1790 Norfolk Co., VA census?)

Generation 4:

8a. Henry Norcot/ Norcutt/Northcutt & <-?-> (d.c.1762, bond posted for Orphan Amos 1763)

8a1. Amos Northcutt (d.c.1779 probate, names siblings)

8a2. Thomas Norcutt/Northcott (d.1791, names underage children, no wife, niece Nancy Avis in will) m. Lydia Hodges1 October 1783 Norfolk Co., VA (Wright Carney bond)

8a3. Catey Norcutt m. <-?-> Aves

8a.4 Elcey Norcutt

8a5. Judy Norcutt

Generation 5:

8a2. Thomas Norcutt/Northcott m. Lydia Hodges1 October 1783 Norfolk Co., VA

8a2a. James Northcott

8a2b. Nancy Ann Northcott (bond named for James & Ann, orphans of Thomas 1792) m. Stephen W. Carney 5 January 1811 Norfolk Co., VA (Wright Carney was her guardian)

Generation 5:

8a3. Catey Norcutt m. <-?-> Aves

8a3a. Nancy Avis (named as niece of Thomas Northcott will 1791)

Generation 4:

9 John Northcutt (Norcutt) (c.1669) m. Sara (this would be of the Brent Lease)*

a. William Northcutt (c.1720) m. Margery Page (mentioned in Brent Lease)

b. Elizabeth Northcutt m. Anthony Phillips

c. Mary Northcut m. Haswell (Hazel) Hardwick

d. Sarah Northcutt m. John Foxworthy

e. John Northcutt (c.1724/39 VA) m.

f. Jeremiah Northcutt (c.1737/41) m. Mary (Polly) Duncan

g. Richard Northcutt m1. Sally Florence; m2. Frances <-?->

Note: Family group sheets of Ruth D.B. Alexander put bd at c.1709 & c.1713. Elizabeth, Mary & Sarah in DN book but not grouped w/this family (i.e., "orphan listings" but seems probable).

Generation 4:

9a. William Northcutt m. Margery Page (d/o William) Pr. Wm. DB (MP father d.1715) Reconstructed census 1740: Stafford Co., VA (MP father in Will bk M 1729-48) entered as Northcoat

9a1. Martha - b.10 August 1744 Overwharton, Stafford Co., VA

Generation 4:

9b. Elizabeth Northcutt m.Anthony Phillips 26 December 1743 Overwharton, Stafford Co., VA

9b1. Dorcas Phillips, b.10 march 1745 Safford Co., VA

9b2. Dianah Phillips, b.22 Feb. 1751 Stafford Co., VA

Generation 4:

9c. Mary Northcut m. Haswell (Hazel) Hardwick 25 December 1750 Stafford Co., VA (MN bc 1730, dc1800) HH bc1727 Westmoreland Co., VA; s/o Joseph Hardwick & Ann <-?->

9c1. George Hardwick

9c2. Garland Hardwick

9c3. William Hardwick (b.5 Sept 1753 King George Co., VA)

9c4. Elizabeth Hardwick (b.8 Sept 1755 King George Co., VA)

9c4. Hazel Hardwick, Jr. b.1767 Chester Co., SC, d.12 Feb. 1827 Chester Co., SC m. Margaret (Peggy) <-?->

9c5. Ann Hardwick (b.4 Jan 1752 King George Co., VA m. Samuel Walker, Sr. (c.1750)

Generation 5:

9c5. Ann Hardwick (b.4 Jan 1752 King George Co., VA) m. Samuel Walker, Sr. (c.1750)


9c5a. Thomas Walker c.1752 King George Co., VA

9c5b. Nancy Walker c.1754 King George Co., VA

9c5c. Elizabeth Walker c.1756 King George Co., VA

9c5d. Sarah Walker c.1758 King George Co., VA

9c5e. Charles Walker (b.28 Sept 1760 King George Co., VA) m1. Ann (Nancy) Johns (bc.1765 Campbell, VA); m2. Frances C. Jackson (bc1777 King George Co., VA)

Generation 6:

9c5e. Charles Walker (b.28 Sept 1760 King George Co., VA) m1. Ann (Nancy) Johns (bc.1765 Campbell, VA); m2. Frances C. Jackson (bc1777 King George Co., VA)


9c5e1. France L. Walker c.1785 Campbell Co., Loudon, VA ?? m. James Cobbs (bc1785)

9c5e2. Sarah (Sally) Walker c.1787 Campbell, VA

9c5e3. Susanna Walker c.1789 Campbell, VA

5c5e4. Mary Jane Walker c.1789 Campbell Co., VA

9c5e5. Cynthia Walker c.1791/3 Campbell Co., VA m. Jonathan Monroe (b.c1791) (Note: Anderson chart has 2 entries for CW)

9c5e6. Samuel Walker c.1792 Campbell Co., VA m. Margaret Crews (c.1795)

9c5e7. Nancy Walker c.1795 Campbell Co., Loudon, VA m. <-?-> Moon

9c5e8. Elizabeth Walker c.1795 Campbell Co., VA m. <-?-> Caldwell

9c5e9. Charles Walker c.1799 Campbell Co., Loudon, VA m. Louisa Mason

9c5e10. Susan Walker c.1801 Campbell Co., Loudon, VA m. <-?-> Jones

By: FCJ:

9c5e11. Charles Amstead Walker c.1811 King George Co., VA

9c5e12. Mary Jane Walker c.1813 King George Co., VA

9c5e13. Nancy Walker c.1815 King George Co., VA m. Frances Roper (c1764)

Generation 7:

9c5e6. Samuel Walker c.1792 Campbell Co., VA m. Margaret Crews (c.1795)

9c5e6a. Elizabeth A. Walker c.1820 Campbell Co., VA

9c5e6b. Mary Marguerite Walker c.182 Campbell Co., VA

9c5e6c. Josiah Crews Walker b.6 April 1824 Campbell Co., VA

9c5e6d. Harriet N. Walker c.1825 Campbell Co., VA m. Charles Chesley Anderson (bc.1832 Halifax Co., VA)

9c5e6e. John Saunders Walker c.1827 Campbell Co., VA

9c5e6f. Charles William Walker b.5 Jan 1829 Campbell Co., VA

9c5e6g. Samuel Hubbard Walker c.1829 Campbell Co., VA


Generation 4:

9d. Sarah Northcutt m. John Foxworthy 29 September 1751 Stafford Co., VA (SN bc1733 if 18 @marriage, JF c.1727 )

9d1. James Foxworthy m. Lucinda Tippett

9d2. William Foxworthy - b.1 August 1753 Stafford Co., VA, d.17 June 1837 Fleming Co., KY, m.Clarissa Calvert 19 May 1778 Pr Wm Co., VA

Generation 5:

9d1. James Foxworthy m. Lucinda Tippett

9d1a. James Foxowrthy/Worthey m. Charlotte Odor

Generation 6:

9d1a1. John Thomas Worthey m. Sarah Marshall

Generation 7:

9d1a1a. Herman Worthey m. Lydia Blanche Everette

Generation 8:

9d1a1a1. Winifred Worthey m. Robert Nelson Cox

Generation 9:

9d1a1a1a .Anita Pearl Cox m. Glenn Roland Looney

Generation 5:

9d2. William Foxworthy m.Clarissa Calvert 19 May 1778 Pr Wm Co., VA

Generation 6:

9d2a. William Foxworthy (c.1779 Pr Wm Co., VA)

9d2b. John Foxworthy (c.1785 Pr Wm Co., VA)

9d2c. Sallie Foxworthy (c.1792 Pr Wm Co., VA)

9d2d. Delilah Foxworthy (c.1794 Pr Wm Co., VA)

9d2e. Charlotte Foxworthy (c.1796 Pr Wm Co., VA)

9d2f. Alexander Foxworthy (c.1798 Pr Wm Co., VA)

9d2g. Samuel Foxworthy (c.1785 Pr Wm Co., VA) m. Mary Ann Calvert

9d2h. Thomas Foxworthy (c.1790 Pr Wm Co., VA) m. Nancy Evans

Generation 7:

9d2g. Samuel Foxworthy (c.1785 Pr Wm Co., VA) m. Mary Ann Calvert

9d2g1. Landon William Foxworthy m. Armilda Barrett

Generation 8:

9d2g1a. Samuel Thomas Foxworthy m. Hannah Clarissa Bradley

Generation 9:

9d2g1a1. Harry Richard Foxworthy m. Eva Belle Smith

Generation 10:

932g1a1a. Claude Theodore Foxworthy m. Edith Helena Amos


Generation 7:

9d2h. Thomas Foxworthy (c.1790 Pr Wm Co., VA) m. Nancy Evans

Generation 8:

9d2h1. Squire Evans Foxworthy m. Sarah Catherine Kelly

Generation 9:

9d2h1a. Boyd Clifton Foxworthy m. Mary Norwood Turner

Generation 10:

9d2h1a1. Robert Evans Foxworthy m. Betty Buie

Generation 11:

9d2h1a1a. Robert Evans Foxworth (II) m. Martha Kemp

9d2h1a1b. Mary Elizabeth Foxworthy

Generation 12:

9d2h1a1a. Robert Evans Foxworth (II) m. Martha Kemp

9d2h1a1a1. Sherry Foxworthy

9d2h1a1a2. George Bruce Foxworthy

9d2h1a1a3. Harley Gene Foxworthy

Generation 4:

9f. Jeremah Northcutt (c.1726, d.9 Nov 1807 Bourbon Co., KY) m. Mary (Polly) Duncan (d/o Andrew) (for further descendancy see Jody Fisher's Tom Northcutt doc)

9f1. Hosea Northcutt c.1779 Faquier CO., VA, d.1 March 1866 Knox Co., MO

9f2. Anna Northcutt

9f3. George Northcutt, d.Ralls Co., MO m. Elizabeth Whaley

9f4. Nancy Northcutt

9f5. Mary Northcutt c.1782 Faquier Co., VA, d.27 Feb 1895 m. James Graham

9f5. William Wilshire Northcutt b.9 June 1786, d.1886 Montgomery Co., KY m. Mary Duncan Colliver

9f6. Benjamin Northcutt c.1789 Frederick Co., VA, d.21 Dec 1874 Columbia, MO m. Elizabeth Colliver

9f7. John Northcutt c.1790 VA, d.1850 m. Nancy Charlotta

Generation 4:

9g. Richard Northcutt (c.1737-1781) m1. Sally Florence, m2. Frances <-?-> in VA

(RN of Fauquier Co., VA & GA) (signed Religious Petition 1776 to Assembly; pvt in Capt John Ball's militia, died in svc 8/19/1781) Note: Frances applied in GA for land lottery as RW widow. Both SF & F<-?-> noted in DAR centennial edition as wives of RN, accepts 10/1781 as dd.

By SF:

9g1. Madiah Northcutt (c.1778) m. William Harris 1796 Oglethorpe Co., GA

9g2. Richard Northcutt m. Nancy Hutchinson

9g3. Benjamin Northcutt m1.Winnie Brooks; m2.Rachel Leathers

9g4. Jeremiah Northcutt m. Jane Wiggenton

9g5. John Northcutt m. Nancy Henry

9g6. George Northcutt (c.1775) m. Nancy Hutchinson

9g7. William Northcutt (1773) m. Annie Moore

By F<-?->:

9g8. Alexander Northcutt (c.1780 VA) m. Lucy Robinson

9g9. Elizabeth Northcutt (c.1782 VA) m. James Hicks

9g10. Elijah Northcutt (c.1784 VA) m. Nancy <-?->

Note: Madiah Northcutt is speculation based on DN book.

Generation 5:

9g2. Richard Northcutt m. Nancy Hutchinson

9g2a. George Northcutt (1802 Bourbon Co., KY) m. Elizalbeth Whaley

9g2b. Elizabeth Northcutt

9g2c. Polly Northcutt

9g2d. Joel Northcutt

9g2e. William Northcut

9g2f. James Northcut m. Elizabeth P. <-?->

9g2g. Benjamin F. Northcut m. Angdina McGuffin

9g2h. Joseph Northcut

9g2i. John E. Northcut

9g2j. Lemuel Northcut

9g2k. Mahala Northcut

Generation 5:

9g3. Benjamin Northcutt m. Winnie Brooks (d/o Thomas & Elizabeth) 19 December 1788; m2. Rachel Leathers

By WB:

9g3a. William Brooks Northcutt (b.19 Jan 1790 Fauquier Co., VA) m. Joanna Hill (JH b.1 Aug 1794 Bourbon Co., KY) M. Joanna Hill

9g3b. Thomas B. Northcutt m. Anna Hill

9g3c. George F. Northcutt m1. Rebecca Morgan; m2. Anne Stpehens

9g3d. Jeremiah Northcutt m1. Agnes Timberlake; m2. Sally Hume

9g3e. Susan Northcutt m. John Campbell

By RL:

Generation 5:

9g4. Jeremiah Northcutt, b.24 May 1777 VA, d.26 Feb 1870 Kenton Co., KY m. Jane Wiggenton (d/o Henry Sr., b.1 Oct 1782, d.25 Nov 1873 Kenton Co., KY) on 18 Oct 1802 Bourbon Co., KY (Note: WFT has wife as Mary <-?->, poss name is Mary Jane?)

Generation 5:

9g5. John Northcutt m. Nancy Henry (d/o John) 1 December 1789

9g5a. Sally Northcutt m. Odor William

9g5b. Richard Northcutt m. Lucy Musselman; m2. Polly D. Brown

9g5c. Sylpha Northcutt m. John Skinner

9g5d. Cynthia Northcutt m. Arthur Morris

9g5e. Lilly Northcutt m. John Kinman

9g5f. John Northcutt, Jr. m. Agnes Knox

Generation 5:

9g6. George Northcutt (c.1775 VA, d.1841 Boone Co., MO) m. Nancy Hutchinson

Generation 5:

9g7. William Northcutt m. Annie Moore (note: went to MO in 1836) (both b.VA, WN d.13 July 1852 Boone Co, MO.; AM d.7 April 1853 Boone Co., MO)

9g7a. Mary (Polly) Northcutt m. William Jones

9g7b. Lucy Northcutt

9g7c. Sarah Northcutt m. Mr. Boswell

9g7d. Eli Northcutt (b.26 Dec 1799 KY) m. Elinor Ellis 23 Jan 1823 Paris, Bourbon Co., KY (moved from MO to TX)

Generation 6:

9g7d. Eli Northcutt (b.26 Dec 1799 KY) m. Elinor Ellis

9g7d1. Joseph K. Ellis Northcutt (b.5 Nov 1823 KY, d.18 Jan 1893 Prudy, Barry Co., MO) m. Jemima Turner Parks 10 April 1845 Boone Co., MO (JTP b.1823 KY)

Generation 7:

9g7d1a. Mary Ann Northcutt

9g7d1b. William Thomas Northcutt

9g7d1c. Frances Ellen Northcutt

9g7d1d. Cannie P. Northcutt

9g7d1e. Elizabeth Paralee Northcutt

9g7d1f. Joseph Buchanan Northcutt

9g7d1g. Mintie Ellis Northcutt

9g7d1h. Chloe Louise Northcutt

9g7d1i. Benjamin Franklin Northcutt (b.26 Sept 1849 MO, d.26 Dec 1929 Exeter, MO) m. Mary Miranda Rodgers 25 Dec 1873

Generation 8:

9g7d1i. Benjamin Franklin Northcutt m. Mary Miranda Rodgers 25 Dec 1873

9g7d1i1. Lenora Northcutt

9g7d1i2. Ethel Northcutt

9g7d1i3. Boyd Northcutt

9g7d1i4. Clyde Northcutt

9g7d1i5. Viola Northcutt

9g7d1i6. Alta Northcutt (twin)

9g7d1i7. Alma Northcutt (twin)

9g7d1i8. Joseph Buchanan Northcutt

9g7d1i9. Eppy Lotsy Northcutt (b.13 June 1885 MO, d.22 July 1950 Albuquerque, NM) m.Myrl D. Howsman (d.1980 Albuquerque, NM)

Generation 9:

9g7d1i9. Eppy Lotsy Northcutt m. Myrl D.Howsman

9g7d1i9a. Gerald D. Northcutt m.Virginia Budlong

9g7d1i9b. Ruth Northcutt m. Charles Gant

9g7d1i9c. Kenneth (Crick) Northcutt m. Ida Randall

9g7d19d. Alvin Clark (Doby) Northcutt m1. Florice Link; m.2.Maxine Moore

9g7d19e. Blanche Northcutt m. William Laswell

Generation 10:

9g7d1i9a1. Joetta Northcutt m. Miller

Generation 10:

9g7d19b. Ruth Northcutt m. Charles Gant

9g7d19b1. Charlene Gant m. <-?-> Speer

Generation 10:

9g7d19c Kenneth (Crick) Northcutt m. Ida Randall

9g7d19c1. Kenneth Northcutt, jr.

9g7d19c2. Benjamin F. Northcutt

9g7d19c3. Myrl Northcutt

Generation 10:

9g7d19d. Alvin Clark (Doby) Northcutt m1. Florice Link; m.2.Maxine Moore

By FL:

9g7d19d1. Reeta Sue Northcutt m. Gilbert Andresen

By MM:

9g7d19d2. Eppy L. Northcutt

9g7d19d3. Bill Northcutt

9g7d19d4. Jacky Northcutt

Generation 11:

9g7d19d1. Reeta Sue Northcutt m. Gilbert Andresen

9g7d19d1a. Susan Rae Andreson m. Damien E. Aragon

9g7d19d1b. James Andreson

9g7d19d1c. Mark Andreson

Generation 12:

9g7d19d1a. Susan Rae Andreson m. Damien E. Aragon

9g7d19d1a1. Adam H. Aragon

Generation 10:

9g7d19e. Blanche Northcutt m. William Laswell

9g7d19e1. William B. Laswell


References: Fairfax Co., VA Implied Marriages; (also Prince William Co., VA - Deed Book 1734); Overwharton Parish Register 1720-60 Stafford Co., VA by Wm. F. Boogher; SAR Patriot CD Rom; "Marriage Records of the City of Fredericksburg & of Orange, Spotsylvania & Stafford Cos., VA 1722-1850 2nd Edn." By Therese A. Fisher; Anita (Cox) Looney; Neil Logan LDS descendancy chart; World Family Tree submissions - Hazel Hardwick by Wm. C. Shook; William & Mary Quarterly , Vol 22 #3, (Jan 1914), pp 182-191: "Notes on Hardwick (Hardridge), Kincheloe, McCarty, McConathy, Crook,Dawson, Lawson & Related Families" by Arthur Leslie Keith; Dolly Northcut's "Northcutt & Allied Families."

Reasoning/sources/counties: Norfolk Co., VA wills; "Etheredge & Related Families of NW AL" by J.B. Etheredge; "Ten Generations of the Etheredge-Etheridge-Ethridge Family in America" by F.A. Etheredge & E.L. Etheredge Tipton.; "Brief Abstract of Lower Norolk Co. & Norfolk Co. Wills 1637-1710" by C.F. McIntosh. ; Ancestral File Descendancy Charts of Dudley Ray Peterson & Judith Carol Gray Ellsworth; "Brief Abstracts of Norfolk Co. Wills 1710-53" by Charles Fleming McIntosh, B.L.; "Norfolk Co., VA Will Book 11 1772-88" by Pamela W. McVey; "Norfolk Co., VA Will Book 111 1788-1802" by Ethel W. Brewster; "Guardian Bonds of Norfolk Co., VA 1750-1800" by Elizabeth B. Wingo; "Marrriages of Norfolk Co., VA (Now city of Chesapeake) 17688, 1793-1817 Vol. II" by Elizabeth B. Wingo; "Marriages of Norfolk Co., VA 1706-92 Vol. 1" by Elizabeth B. Wingo.; "Back to Barry (MO)" by Gloria E. Crosby; "Barry Co. (MO) Section of Goodspeed's Newton, Lawrence, Barry & McDonald Cos. History" by the Goodspeed Pub. Co.; World Family Tree submissions - Hazel Hardwick by Wm. C. Shook; Richard & Sally Northcutt by Lessa M. Alkire; Thomas Norcutt & Anne Etheridge by John W. Thompson, Jr.

Proposed Family Groups:

Generation 1:

<-?-> Norcutt & <-?->

1. Daniel Norcutt (Northcutt)

2. James Norcutt - 1818 Amherst Co., VA named as admr of Daniel Norcutt's estate

Generation 2:

1. Daniel Norcutt (Northcutt) and Rachel Higgenbotham (d/o Frances & Moses) m.13 September 1791 Amherst Co., VA

[bc.1770-d.May 1818 Amherst Co., VA] [RH d.a.September 1833 Amherst Co., VA]

1a. Joseph Northcutt m. Sarah M. (Sally) Hairston, 26 June 1816 Pittsylvania Co., VA (surety: David Moore; father Daniel stated Joseph living in Pittsylvania Co.. VA; note: Hairstons also in Henry Co., VA next door.)

1b. William Norcutt m. Polly Royalty 28 March 1819 Amherst Co., VA (bond: Joseph Norcutt & Isham Royalty) [WN 1833 mentioned in mother's will

1c. Pamelia (Permelia) Norcutt m.Thadeus Miles 10 November 1807 Amherst Co., VA (bond: Daniel Norcutt); m.2.William P. Muse 1 March 1820 Amherst Co., VA (surety: Daniel Norcutt) ( 1833? Mother names children of daughter Permelia Muse, but does not actually list childen)

1d. Nancy H. Norcutt m. James Dunn 19 July 1819 Amherst Co., VA (bond: Rachel Norcutt) (m2? <?> Duncan) (Dunn was named as NHN guardian after father's death.) Mother's probate indicates NHN was about to move to the "western country."

1e. Sophia Norcutt m. Oliver Tinsley 30 January 1809 (bond: Daniel & Rachel Norcutt; JohnTinsley) ( 1833? Mother mentions children of Sophia Tinsley in will but does not actually list children)

1f. Martha E. Norcutt m. Sanders King 28 January 1833 (bond: Wm. D. DeMiles)

1g. Daniel Norcutt

1h. Polly S. Norcutt m. Frederick Carter

Generation 3:

1b. William Norcutt m. Polly Royalty

1b1. Martha Norcutt [mentioned in gm's will 1833, guardian named for her 1835]


Reasoning/sources/counties: Amherst, Pittsylvania marriages, land deeds; Rachel Higgenbotham sibs: Joseph, Charles, Frances, James, Robert, Moses, William. Rachel d. by 1834; 1820/30/40 Pittsyvlania Co., VA census; 1820/30 Amherst Co., VA census.

Generation 1:

<-?-> Northcutt & <-?->

1. John Northcutt (b.1753 Amelia Co.,VA, d.January 1815 Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812; also (RW vet) m. Lynchia England (Note: said to have come from Lee Co., VA; DN favors 1858 bd)

2. Francis Northcutt (c.1760 Amelia Co., VA) m. Lucy Haley 26 May 1794 Henry Co., VA (b.1760 Amelia Co., VA, d.after 1834 Warren Co., TN) Note: Lived in Amelia, Pr. Wm, Charlotte & Henry Co., VA, Warren Co., TN)

3. Rhoda Northcutt (b.1761 Amelia Co., VA, d.16 August 1854 KY) m. c.1788m. Barnabus Haley (b.1755 VA, d.27 October 1851 KY)

4. Sarah Northcutt m. Samuel Cochran

5. Doshe Northcutt m. Mical Watson

6. Elizabeth Northcutt m. Cuthurth Cheely

Generation 2:

1. John Northcutt (c.1758 Amelia Co., VA) m. Lynchia England

1a. Richard Northcutt - b.1790, d.1815 New Orleans, LA (Battle of )

2a. Adrian Northcutt - b.13 October 1799 m. Sarah Cope

3a. James Northcutt m. Susan Hammond

4a. John Northcutt

5a. William Northcutt

6a. Nancy Northcutt

7a. Mina Northcutt

8a. Jennie Northcutt

9a. Archibald Northcutt

10a. Isaac Northcutt

Generation 2:

2. Francis Northcutt m. Lucy Haley (Hailey)

2a. John Northcutt

2b. Anderson Northcutt

Generation 2:

3. Rhoda Northcutt m. Barnabus Haley (Hailey)

3a. John J. Haley (b.29 July 1795, 1 August 1855 KY)m. Matilda Langford (d/o Walker & Mary (Warren) Langford)

Granville Dee Haley m. Eliza Jane Cornelius

Randolph Peyton Haley

John Alex Haley

Baby Girl Haley

Mary Jane Haley

Granville Joplin Haley

Nancy Matilda Haley

Josephine Haley

Eliza Francis Haley

Rebecca Langford Haley

Johnathon D. Haley

John J. Haley

Nancy Haley m. W.L. Cook

Rhoda Haley m. Uriah Allright

Samantha Haley m. Albert Fish

Matilda Haley m. R.D. Cook

Mary E. Haley m. D.A./N. Williams

Angeline Haley m. A.F. Butner (5 sons/4 daughters)

Walker W. Haley

William B. Haley

Sarah M. Haley

John P. Holden Haley

Elizabeth M. Haley

John J. Haley m. m. Julie Anderson Fish (d/o Jesse)

Martha E. Haley m. J.M. Aldrich (7 kids)

Jesse J. Haley m. Elizabeth Clark

Sidney Clark Haley

Jessie Hampton Haley m. John K. Kerdais

Ann Jessie Haley

Frances Elmore Haley

Helen Haley

Sarah Northcutt (b.Amelia Co., VA?) m. Samuel Cochran 10 August 1784 Henry Co., VA

Doshe Northcutt (b.Amelia Co., VA?) m. Mical Watson 29 October 1800 Henry Co., VA

Elizabeth Northcutt (b.Amelia/Henry Co., VA?) m. Cuthurth Cheely 11 December 1811 Henry Co., VA

Reasoning/sources/coiunties: Henry Co., VA Marriage records 1778-1849; land deeds Oct 1792-Dec 1805; "Northcutt & Allied Families" by DN/AC; "Complete Index & Abstract of the Henry Co. Order Books #1 & #2 (177-1782)" by Charles P. Blunt IV.; "Henry Co., VA Will Abstracts V. I & II 1777-1820" by Lela C. Adams; "Haleys Plus: Genealogy & History of Descendants of Barnabus Haley" by Clella Haley Combs.

Henry Co., VA materials; "Northcutt & Allied Families" by DN/AC; TN materials.

* * * * * *

John Northcut & Hannah ______

[a.16 August 1781 will recorded, dated 10 October 1778, Powhatan Co., VA] Wills to wife Hannah & nephew Richard Northcut, Jr. ; executors named Edward Bass & Robert Haskins of Chesterfield Co., VA (where he seems to have lived previously); witnesses: Mark Taylor, Christopher Bass, Aaron Haskins.

Note: John's siblings are Richard Northcut & probably William Northcut of Chesterfield Co., VA

Richard Northcut - 1790 Powhattan Co., VA census

Brunswick Co., VA

John Northcoate/cote/cut - 1732-7 debt actions v. Wm. Chamberlain; 1733 - witness land deal

References: Brunswick Co.., VA Court Orders 1732-37

Buckingham Co., VA Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds

Alda Northcutt 1797/8

Ann Northcutt 1772-96 Widow in1782 (prob widow of Wm.)

Francis Northcutt 1784

John Northcutt 1790-94

R. Northcutt 1782-1804 from Chesterfield Co., VA in 1782.

William Northcutt 1788-94; sold 1793 50 ac to William Jr.

William Northcutt, Jr. 1793-94. Bought from William Sr.

Buckingham Co., VA Tythables in 1773 and 1774.

Richard Northcutt 1/1773; 1/1774

William Northcut (Terry Northcutt) -/1773; 2/1774

(note: Terry killed in RW? VA records show svc)

Buckingham Co., VA Surveyor's Plat Book 1762-1858

Nathan Northcutt - 1764 land deed

Widow Norcutt 1786 - land deed , cited as a neighbor

John Northcutt - 1790/1791 - land deed, cited as a neighbor

Buckingham Co., VA Early Legal Papers 1765-1806

Dan Norcut - May Court 1806 case #380-18 (Thomas Wiatt ass of DN vs. Ballow & Burton)

Buckingham Co., VA Early extant Poll Lists 1788,1840,1841, 1848

Richard Northcutt

Charlotte Co., VA - 1790 [1784] census

Nathaniel Northcut

William Northant (Northcut?)

Chesterfield Co., VA Wills 1749-1774

<?> Northcutt m. Martha Moore (d/o Thomas & Elizabeth) by 1779

Chesterfield co., VA Court Orders 1749-52

John Northcut - witness in Jenskins v. Ashhurst, allowed 50 lbs tobacco, 2 days attendance

Richard Northcut - juror Fuquia v. Dunnifant; Wayles v. Jackson; Eppes v. Worsham.

Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-56

Richard Northcut - cited as part of land boundary re Dale & Robertson 20 April, recorded 2 May 1755 [p294].

Chesterfield Co., VADeeds 1756-64

Richard Northcutt - cited as land boundary re Nunnally & Dale/Robertson 25 April, drecorded 4 July 1760 [p26]

William Northcut - land sale to WN from Wm Akin 12 April, recorded August 1762 [p560].

Chesterfield Co., VA Deed Bk #5 1764-68

Richard Northcut - land sale RN to Wm Sims, 6 March, recorded 7 March 1760, [p161]; cited land boundary re Cheatham & Cheatham, recorded 6 June 1766 [p.355]; land sale of RN (Dale Parish) to Henry Cheatham. Recorded as Norcut. Wife relinquished dower right, not named. 17 October, recorded Nov. 1766.

Pittsylvania Co., VA

Gideon Northcut - 1820 VA census (this line went to northern AL)

Prince William Co., VA

John Northcutt - May 1749 - Indenture Combs & Couram; 1741 Election of Burgesses (Wm Fairfax/Thos. Harrison candidates); May 1761 Election of Burgesses; Brent Lease indenture - 22 June 1741; Indenture - Brent & Wordsall 1741; Juror 1753; 1753 petition Northcut/Simpson v.Head; Aaron Hardwick estate ; appraisal (entered as Northent) 1770; petititon for discharge of co. levy 1770 (entered as Northent); 1740 Reconstructed census (tithables)

Sara Northcutt (w/o John) - Brent Lease Indenture - 22 June 1741

William Northcutt (s/o John & Sara) - Brent Lease Indenture

Letty Petty (d/o Joseph & Mary, named in father's will 1785) m. <-?-> Northcutt

Fauquier Co., VA Land Tax Books 1783-98

Jeremiah Northcut/cott (Jerry) - 1783-84, 1786-91

Fauquier Co., VA Minute Book 1768-73; Minute Book 1775-79; Minute Book 1781-84

Benjamin Northcutt - 1773 law suit v. James Bridges; 1783 - witness, law suit Dinwidde v.Cooper/Gray

Jeremiah Northcutt 1778 - witness to indenture Catlee & Dowdall

Fauquier co., VA Court Records 1776-1782; 1759-78

Jeremiah Northcut - land deed witness (nd); 1778 - land deed witness

References: "VA Co. Court Records: Fauquier Co. VA Land Tax Books 1783-87" by Ruth & Sam Sparacio; "Fauquier Co., VA Lnad Tax Books 1787-91" by R&S Sparacio; Minute Book 1775-79, IBID; Minute Book 1781-84, IBID. ; Fauquier Co.< VA Deeds 1759-78 by John K. Gott; "Fauquier Families 1759-99 by John P. Alcock;

Lancaster Co., VA

Edward Northecoate - 1680-81 - runaway servant to Thomas Gueste, December 1680; invalid indenture w/Wm. Emberee 1681

Reference: "Order book Abstracts of Lancaster Co., VA 1678-81" by R&S Sparacio

Will Abstracts of Loudon Co., VA 1788-1793 (Will Book D 8 Sept 1788 -1 4 Oct 1793) by R&S Sparacio

John Northcutt - 1778 pd from estate of Robert Hamilton

Pittsylvania Co., VA marriages 1806-1830; 1831-61 (missed p.160); 1862-75

Gideon Northcutt m. Martha (Patsey) Pearson (d/o Richard) - moved to AL; Gideon d.1830.

William D.H. Norcutt (age 50) m. Lieurany W. Wagone (29) 19 February 1869. P/B: Cristo & Sallie Wagoner.

Pittsylvania Co., VA Tombstone Inscriptions Vol III, pp54 (Green Bay Church); 82 (Church?),

Garry Lee Norcutt - 19 May 1897 - 11 October 1960 (Pvt US Army WWI)

John R. Norcutt - 27 Spetember 1919 - 10 January 1948 (VA 423 Armd FA Bn WWII)

Minnie Creasy Norcutt 1903-1980

Eloise Norcutt - 25 August 1938 - 3 January 1955

Belle Norcutt - 19 April 1869 - May ?? (missed page)

Wilson D. Norcutt - 2 November 905 -24 October 1931

David C. Norcutt - 12 August 1864 - 7 Spetember 1941

Richmond Co., VA Deed Abstracts 1719-21

Richard Nethercut d.c.August 1721

Anne Nethercut (named Admx. Of Richard Nethercut probate)

Mary Northcutt - 1704 (b.c.1675 [if at least 18 at RW birth] - October 1707)

Richard White (s/o Mary, b.17 February 1693 - bound out by mother until 21 to John Canterbury - 1 November 1704 court session - bastard? Or Northcutt her m. name? )

John Stevens (s/o Mary, b.1694, judged 13 in 1707, bound on mother's death to Wm. Yates as carpenter)

William Hues (s/o Mary, b.1696, judged 11 in 1707, bound on mother's death to Wm. Yates as carpenter)

William Norkett/Norcut/Northcutt - 1706 court action v. Vaughn; 1706 v.Broughan; 1707/8 - court action v.Doran; 1708/9 court action v.Doran;

Robert Northcutt - 1706 proved will of Margarett Cunstable w/Austin Brockenbrough for probate

Robert Northercutt - (prob same as above) - 1711 - court action debt v.Peters

Robert Nethercutt (same as above) - 1715 - court action debt v.Shaw; 1715 court action debt v.Preston; 1716 court action debt v.Cookman; d. by 21 August 1721

Anne Nethercut (w/o Robert Nethercut, dcd) - bond as admx 21 August 1721 for her husband's estate

John Northcutt - witness land deed 21 October 1738

Westmoreland Co., VA Order Book 1698-1705 (Part One 1698-99)

William Norcott - 30 November 1699 court judgment

Miscellaneous VA Colonial Records

Jno. Northcott, master of ship Little Peggy registerd @Hampton. -PRO: New Jersey America - Shipping Returns 1743-64

John Northcott, master of ship Prosperous Hestor taken 1744 by a French privateer & retaken by Dartmougth privateer; claimed by rightful owner, theophilus Pugh of Nansemond, VA; PRO: Prize papers 1739-48; 1741/2-3 Registered as master of Prosperous Esther p.4 , bound for VA - PRO: Admiralty, Misc, Register of Protections from being pressed 1742-3, IBID 1743-4/5, p.24

<-?-> Norcott - involved in lawsuit Peasley v. Hughes - PRO: Court of Chancery, Bill & Answers Before 1714 Collins Division. - 1646.



Greenbriar Co.

John Norcut - 1782 Titheables, 1782 buyer Arbuckle sale; 1784 law suit v. Cook, 1790 federal census [1784]

References: Greenbriar Co., (W)VA Records Vol 1: Early Survey Records 1780-99, Court Minutes 1780-1801, 1811, 1817-19, Record Books 1828-35, District Court Records, Botetourt, Greenbrier, Kanawha & Montgomery Cos 1792-97, District Court Deeds, Sweet Springs VA Coiurt House 1789-1808" by Larry G. Shuck; Greenbriar Co. (W)VA Records Vol 2: perrsonal property tax lists, 172/3, 186/8, 1792, 1796, 1799, 1805 & 1815 by Larry G. Shuck; "Greenbriar Co. (W) VA Records, Vol V: Greenbriar Co., Deed & Will Records, Early deed records 1750-52, 1754, 1769, 1783/4, Deed books 1-5,1780-1814, Will Bk 1, 1777-188 plus appendix: Sim's Index to Land Grants in West VA - Grenbriar Co. by Larry G. Shuck; 1790 VA cenus [1784]

Harrison Co.

Robert Saunders Northcott - 1882 GAR Custer Post #8, commander; 1870, president of town trustees; 1870, 1878 mayor of Clarksburg; postmaster of Clarksburg, 1866; president of Harrison Co. Gold & Silver Mining Co. 1869; 1861-2, co-owner The National Telegraph; Clarksburg Telegram newspaper founder; officer Union forces [12th W.VA Inf. , Civil war, notes spent spint in Libby Prison during war; notes was a Unionist fromTN who had pub. The Rutherford Telegraph in Murfreesboro 1855-60 & edited until joined Union army.

References: History of Harrison co., WVA by DorothyDavis. Pp. 265, 287, 312, 731, 826, 832.



John Northcutt & ___

[1759 granted land to John Cowper, Bertie Co., NC, Deed Book I, p.200]

Andrew Northcott & ____

[c.__ - October 1872 Bertie Co., NC]

Sarah A. Northcott

Charleton Northcott

Mollie Northcott

Joseph A. Northcott

Nancy C. Northcott m. <?> Tadlock

Reasoning/sources/counties: Bertie Co., Index to Bertie Co., NC Wills, Book 1 1722-75

William Norcott, Sr. & _____ (Pitt & Anson Cos., NC) (WN 1798 when mentioned in daughters' m.bonds)

William Norcott, Jr.

Nicholas Norcot

Nancy Norcott m. James Henry 27 Ocotber 1798 Pitt Co., NC

Margaret James m. Nathaniel Bivens, Anson Co., NC

Nancy Bivens

James Bivens

Henry Bivens

Rebecca Bivens

William D. Bivens

Eliza Bivens

Drucilla Bivens

Robert Nathaniel Bivens

Joseph A. Bivens

Thomas Jefferson Bivens

Edna Bivens

Sarah Bivens

John Bivens

Hose Bivens, a child

Chloe Norcott m. Reading Moore July 1797 Pitt Co., NC

Mary Norcott m. Andrew Coburn 1 December 1798 Pitt Co., NC

Joseph John Norcott - mentioned marrying couple in 4 Dec 1847 in Pitt Co., NC

Notes: William Norket enters 100 acres; border: his own land on water of Lane Creek. 19 July 1796. (Anson Co., NC)

Nicholas Norkett enters 100 acres on Upper Lick Br.; his border: his own land on S. side. 18 January 1797 (Anson Co., NC)

Reasoning/sources/counties: 1800 NC Census; Anson Co., NC Marriages, Anson Co Heritage Book. 1995, family no.74: Robert Nathaniel Bivens submitted by Mrs. Desdie C. Parker, 406 W. Franklin St., Monroe, NC 26112, (704) 293-1913; "Itt Co., NC Marriages Vol. I" by E. Nora & R. Kamerees; "Abstracts of Land Entries: Iredell Co NC 17899-1804; Cabbarrus Co NC 1793-95; Anson Co NC 1795-97" by Dr. A.B. Pruitt.


Loftin Nethercut & Nancy _____ (Nithercut)

[LN d.c.1844, Bertie Co., NC; N d.c.1849]

George F. Nethercut

Betsey Nethercut

Elizabeth (Eliza) Nethercut

John H. Nethercut m. <-?-> Rogers (d/o Mary; John N. named as executor of her will)

William Briant Nethercut (mentioned as gs in Mary Rogers will)

Marshal Money Nethercut

Charity Nethercut m. (Merrit) Barfield

Temmy Nethercut

Kitty Nethercut

Reasoning/sources/counties: Duplin Co., NC Wills 1730-1860. Nancy's will does not mention Betsey, Charity, Temmy or Kitty. Note: A Loftin Northcut in 1840 Dale Co., AL.

William Nethercut, Sr. & _____

William Nethercut, Jr.

Reasoning/sources/counties: State census of NC 1784-87 (Duplin Co.,NC)

In Dolly Northcutt's book in the "The Northcott Family" chapter, and also in the group sheets of David Rey Pratt to the Mormon archives it gives:

Hosea Northcott, no date, b.Abbeville Co., 96th Dist., SC m.?


1. William Northcott, b.1745, m.c.1768/9 Sarah Williams in NC. He d. after 1793 NC. William served in the RW out of Edenton District, NC.

Issue of William & Sarah (Williams) Northcott:

a. Benjamin Northcott m1.Jane Armstrong & then Martha Odell. Dolly gives his bd as January 16, 1770. Note the slight difference in bd between Dolly & Dolainte.

b.. Hosea Northcott c.1766 SC m. Sally Sanders. Dolly Northcutt gives his bp as Wilmington, NC or nearby & states that wife Sasnders is a cousin of Andrew Jackson. Among his children was Robert Saunders Northcott (see "Prominent men of W. Va.; by Geo. W. Atkinson & Alvaro F. Gibbens, pp325-327.)

c. William Northcott c.1768 SC m. Catherine <-?->. Dolly states he moved to Columbus, Ohio but also gives some census reports of him in Rutherford Co., TN. She does not report on any issue. (I seem to recall in LDS records a William Northcutt who married a Catherine Soap, but I don't have the record at hand and am not sure they're the same person or not without looking.)

d. John Northcott, c.1770 Hartford, NC m. Ruamah (Amy) Tucker. The Pratt sheets show a child: Joel Northcott, c.1772 (must be a mistake) in Hartford Co.,, NC (Actually I think this is Hertford Co., & from my SLC trip I remember lots of Northcutts still in 19th century Hertford Co., NC records though I didn't xerox them; maybe I should have.)

The LDS records show a family group sheet submitted for John & Ruamah Northcott by Mariam B. Adair Covington & gives their children as William Tucker, Love Tucker, Mary Tucker, Mahala Tucker, Sarah (Sally), Emeline, Adeline Tucker, William Carrol, Lovina Tucker or bitha Lovina & Johanna Tucker Nothcott. The temple ordinances go back to 1877 and then leap to 1966 & 1968. There a couple of other group sheets from this branch submitted.

John Northcott (c.1770 Hertford Co., NC, d.1814-20 Rutherford Co., TN) & Ruhama (Amy) Tucker

William Tucker Northcott c.1796 Murfreesboro, TN

Love Tucker Tucker Nothcott c.1798 m. John Ford 10 Oct 1821

Mary Tucker Northcott c.1800 m. Samuel Wilford6 March 1834

Mahala Tucker Northcott c.1802 m. Abraham See 20 March 1823

Sarah (Sally) Northcott b.24 Nov 1804, d.1849 m. Benjamin Sweeney

Emeline L. Northcott b.7 Dec 1806, d.5 Nov 1882 m. Elizjah Randolph Billingsley 21 Feb 1828

Adaline Tucker Northcott c.1808 m. <-?-> Billingsley

William Carroll Northcott/Northcutt c.1810 m. Mahala Billingsley 13 Feb 1834

Lovina Tucker (or Bitha Lovina) Northcott c.1812 m. Daniel M. Wallace 14 June 1834

Johanna Tucker Northcott c.1814 m. <-?-> Billingsley

Reference: LDS family group sheet submitter: Mariam B. Adair Covington

<-?-> Northcutt & Elizabeth _____ (Hertford Co., NC) (Northcott)

[E. d.c.October 1833 Hertford Co., NC (will) ]

named in will as her children:

James Northcott m. Nancy Stephenson - (Probate Court 29 March 1880 JN proof by AJ Northcott); NS m2. Col George H. Mitchell (was his 3rd wife, no issue; he m4th; NS dc.1885)

Andrew J. Northcott m. Roberta S. Freeman (d/o Hiram Freeman & Louisa Knight) 22 December 1869, Hertford Co., NC marriage license (names all parties) - b.10 Dec. 1871

John Andrew Northcott (named as son of JM & NS; nephew of MANJ) m. Mamie Lassiter (d/o W.J Lassiter & Imogen Womble) 27 April 1902; m2. Jessie Waff (d/o Rev. WB Waff & Willie Trayham) 26 December 1934.

By 1st wife:

Lula Imogene Northcot (d.@17yrs)

Helen Carlton Nothcott m.William M. Jordan

John Andrew Northcott (teacher Notre Dame, South Bend, IN)

Thornton Daniel Northcott

Roberta S. Northcott (niece of Mary A. (Northcott) Mitchell , named in will)

Andrew Northcott (may be same Andrew J. listed as "Entry Taker" AFTER War of 1776)

Charles Northcott

Sally Northcott m. David Copeland

Mary Northcott m. John Alexander

Mary A. Northcott m. George H. Mitchell ( 14 April 1899 will, Hertford Co., NC, no issue of her own named; names nephew & niece John A. & Roberta S.) (same as above?; 2nd m?)

Nancy Northcott m. James Clark

witness to will: Augustus Northcott

John Northcott - appointed J.P. 28 December 1778 Hertford Co., NC

John Northcutt

Anthony Nothcutt/Northcatt

Margrett Northcutt (may be wife of one)

Jonathan S. Northcatt (1831)

Augustus Northcatt (1831)

<-?-> Northcott m. Mary Jane Teaster (d/o Thomas, cited in will 13 June 1878)

Reasoning/sources/counties: Hertford Co., NC Accounts & Inventories 1835-37; 1800 NC Census. ; "Record of Accounts Inventories & Sales of Estates Hertford Co., NC 1830-1831, Vol I" by Ramond Parker Fouts, Pp88-91; "Hertford Co., NC Wills 1830-56" by Sandra Lee Almasy; ."Hertford Co., NC Wills 1868-1896 Vol III" byu S. L. Almasy; "Marriage Register of Hertofrd CO., NC August 1868 Through December 1872" Vol. 1 by Anne Hatcher Taylor, p.12; "The Colonial & State History of Hertford Co., NC" by Benjamin B. Winborne;

Anson Co., NC - 1840 Census

Rachel Norket - 1f 40-50; 1 f 60-70, no slaves, p.21

William Norcott - 1m 0-5yrs; 1m 30-40; 1 f 15-20

Hertford Co., NC - William Murfree Tax Receipt Book 1768-70

John Northcott 1768, 1769,1770 (4 taxes/1 tax/1 tax)

Hertford Co., NC - Record of Accounts, Inventories & Sales of Estates 1835-37 Vol 3

Anthony North-Catt/Northcott - May Court 1836, sale of Eli Copeland, dcd, bought 3 razors, 1 funnell,

Margrett Northcott - May Court 1837, accounts of John A. Anderson, Cty Trustee, pd $1.58



William Northcutt (c.1760 VA, d.1839 Darlington Co., SC) m1. Elizabeth Adams; m2. Elizabeth Stewart (c.1765 prob Dobbs Co., NC, dc1850-60 Darlington Co., SC, d/o John Stewart, Sr.)

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