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Body Mind Spirit Expo . Portland, Oregon: Usually held in November and April of each year at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

Pathways to Transformation (Holistic Health, Psychic and Crafts Fair). Yachats, Oregon. August 2-3, 2014



Cove Crystals, Shelton, WA. Ongoing events include Reiki Share and Channeled guided meditation.

The NW Psychic Spirit & Alternative Health Fairs - Held monthly in Kent, Mill Creek/Bothell and Bellevue, Washington

Emerald Spiral - Expos Last Saturday of March and September each year in Kent, Washington


Video: Ghost Hunters Try to Evoke the Spirits in Portland's Shanghai Tunnels. 24 Oct 2013, Emily Sinovic, KATU News Portland, Oregon, and Syfy Channel ghost hunters Patrick Doyle and Kim Lunman.

Video: Food with a Side of Terror. (haunted Portland eateries). 25 Oct 2013, Valerie Hurst, KATU News Portland, Oregon.


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EMF Meters - Guidelines for Choosing and Using

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Basics, D.R. Smith

The EMF Myth ©Matthew Didier

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Digital Cameras: No Longer Ghost Hunting At its Worst? © Troy Taylor

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Glossary of Terms - from Paranormal Australia

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How Believing Can Be Seeing.....

Haunted Houses: How to Investigate Your House’s History

Ghosts Caught On Tape - includes info on how to record and photograph spirits

Past Life Experience and Lucid Dreaming

Past Life Recall for Greater Understanding of Ourselves © Sacha Tarkovsky



The Trouble with Orbs ©Troy Taylor

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Ghost Chronicles -

The Paranormal Podcast- Jim Harold

Mysterious Universe2



As of 2014, this section has been removed due to the fact that websites for Paranormal Groups are disappearing from internet so frequently that we are unable to keep the list accurate.



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