This is a page from a Carlson Doll catalog, which was sent to me by David Carlson. I have matched up the numbers with the dolls on the list on the homepage, and guessed at some of the based on the matching chief/princess pairs.If you have information which differs from this, please let me know.


12-1: Oglala Chief
12-2: Oglala Princess
12-3: Mescalero Chief
12-4: Mescalero Princess
12-5: Blackfoot Chief
12-6: Blackfoot Princess
12-7: Nez Perce Chief
12-8: Nez Perce Princess
12-9: Shoshoni Princess
12-10: Powhatan Princess
12-11: Mandan Chief
12-12: Mandan Princess
12-13: Iroquois Chief
12-14: Iroquois Princess
12-15: Wahpeton Chief
12-16: Wahpeton Princess
12-17: Mountain Chief
12-18: Mountain Princess
12-19: Arapaho Chief
12-20: Arapaho Princess
12-21: Comanche Chief
12-22: Comanche Princess
12-23: Cherokee Chief
12-24: Cherokee Princess
B-1000-1: Sioux Medicine Man
B-1000-2: Blackfoot Princess
B-1000-3: Blackfoot Chief
B-1000-4: Missouri Princess
B-1000-6: Cree Princess

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