Tacoma Washington

1910 Northern Pacific Dining Car (North Coast Limited 1910-1949)




Can you assist us with this Historic Preservation Project?



If we're successful in our efforts to preserve this unique old artifact, our goal is to have the car on display to the public in or around the downtown business district or possibly along the waterfront "Where the Rails meet the sails".
There are many possibilities for utilizing a unique piece of railroad history such as this. Naturally, the most logical site for a historic preservation project such as this would be near the rails. We have hoped that the community would support the idea of having the car on permanent display at the University of Washington Tacoma campus. Running through the middle of this campus lay the old Northern Pacific railroad tracks that extend from the waterfront southward towards South Tacoma. Long abandoned, the UWT leaders and the City of Tacoma are currently planning and designing the future for this historic stretch of land. Most likely, we will see a beautiful pedestrian and bicycle pathway. What better place to promote Tacoma's rich railroad history than there?? A visitors center? meeting facility? Coffee/Tea/Sweets shop?? With the surrounding brick structures and the historic background of the area...This unique example of early transportation history would be a PERFECT FIT!!

At present, it is extremely important that we find covered space for the car in order to begin restoration efforts and prevent further deterioration. The approximate timeline for completing a full restoration is 2 years. Please feel free to contact Project Coordinator, Dave Burns, via email at NPdiningcar@comcast.net or by phone at 253-468-8180 if you have any suggestions or if you can help us locate a temporary facility for restoration. The car measures 10' wide x 80' long and will require overhead clearance of at least 15 vertical feet.


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