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Welcome to the Northwest ARDS Support Network.  We provide outreach and support to patients in ARDS crisis, as well as to survivors, families, friends and others who have been affected by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

There is a wealth of information on the Web related to ARDS.  On the Links page, you will find numerous links to other websites that contain information about ARDS.  

If you are researching the Web for a patient or family who does not have immediate Internet access, please refer to the Contact page for a phone number where we may be reached.

Since we are based in the Seattle area, in-person support will currently be available only in the Puget Sound area.  However, e-mail and phone support are available to anyone who needs it throughout the state of Washington and beyond.  We host regular survivors' get-togethers during which we share experiences, fun, laughter and understanding in a friendly, congenial atmosphere.  During these get-togethers we also have some of the foremost ARDS experts in the country sharing their knowledge with us in an intimate, casual environment.  Check out our News page for upcoming events.

We've created informational packets that contain important information for caregivers of ARDS patients.  Our informational packets are available at many pulmonologists' offices and Intensive Care Units in the Puget Sound area.  If you would like an informational packet, please phone or e-mail your address to us and we will make sure you receive one in the mail.

It is our hope that the Northwest ARDS Support Network will provide you vital information while your loved one is in ARDS crisis.  If you are an ARDS survivor, or have lost a loved one to ARDS, you may find others who have shared similar experiences, which will in turn help you in the recovery process.



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