Below are some of the families I am researching for my family and my friend. We have photos, documents, sources, and much more. BUT..... we also have a lot of blanks, questions, and loose threads. Please contact us and we'd be glad to share specific dates, sources, and other information with you. 


ALLARDICE.....1541, Scotland: Helen > Sir George > Sir John > > etc.

BARNEY......1753 Warwickshire & Middlesex, England & Australia: Jane Portia Barney > Col. George Barney, Royal Engineer > Joseph Barney

BRUCE...(Brus, deBruce) 1243, Scotland

CHANDLER...Jane m. Joseph Barney c1790, England

CLARKE....1831, London, England: Florence Marguerite, Elizabeth, mother, d c1890COOK....1811, London, England: Maria > Thomas

CRAMER (KRAMER, KRAEMER, KREAMER)....1845, Germany > London, England

FINSEM...(Sarah) m. George Cronk about 1835, EnglandGRANT....1780: Mary Ann > John

HAWKINS...1827, Charles, England: Alice Anne Hawkins

HOOD....1786, England; Henry > William > Louisa m. John Cronk

LIND...1532, (James), Scotland > ENG > AUSTRALIA > INDIA; specifically, Douglas Alexander Lind (1867-??) m. Joanna Plessis in South Africa; had two dtrs Mabel & Eulalie.

MACAN....(McCann) 1774, Ireland : Anna Maria Macan > Robert McCann

MEALY....John, father of Anne Elizabeth who d 1803 England

PEALE....Isaac, father of Portia Henrietta, b c1800, England (?)

PITT...1781, Portsmouth, & Portsea & Southsea, etc. England: Fred William > Charles Ambrose > Charles Henry > Ambrose

POLSON....1786, England WELFARE...1884, England (Gertrude)

The Pitt, Lind, and Cramer families are the ancestors of my friend. We have traced them to England, Bengal India, South Africa, and Prussia. It has been a wonderous quest. 


BLANKENSHIP.....early 1800's, NC, TN - connected with Harrison family

BREEDLOVE.....1811 1897 VA> KY >CrawfordCo MO> USA: Laura Frances > John Wyatt > William Martin > David Watts > William > Thomas > Charles

DAWSON.....mid 1800s, Simpson Co, KY; Hannah Scott > William > George

FLYNN.....1800 Rebecca m. Archibald Pledge Poindexter, NC; Laughlin Flynn or Flinn, VA

GILLISPIE.....1876 1954 MO>Washington State; Mary Jane > Thomas > John G.

HARRISON.....c1735 1807 VA>Madison Co. KY: Mary Polly > Eli > James

HEDGPETH.....Martha, 1800?, m. Charles Moore, NC

HELMICK.....1682 ---- James City Co, VA

HELMICK.....1796 1877 Pendleton Co, VA> St Clair Co, MO > Washington State

HENKEL.....1688 1728 Germany > PA

HINKLE.....1813 Hardy Co, VA (also Henkle, Hinckle, Henckle, etc.)JOHNS.....Lucy, 1786 m. William Pentecost, VA?

KITELY.....Hanna Jane, 1743, m. Samuel Smith> IRL> NC

MCHENRY.....1800?, m. Joel T. Helmick, KY?MOORE.....Charles - 1800?, m. Martha Hedgpeth, d. NC

PAMPLIN.....Elizabeth m. John Pentecost 1802 VA > Henry Blagrave Pamplin m Esther Rice > John Pamplin Jr m Rebecca Pettus > John Pamplin Sr m Elizabeth Blagrave > Robert Pamplin > Richard Pamplin m Joan Woodley > Edward Pamplin m Sarah > Richard Pamplin m Margaret > William John Pamplin m Agnes > John Pamplin m Catherine > Richard Pamplin

PENTECOST.....1737 Charlotte Co. VA?>Sangamon Co. IL>Overton Co.TN>Howell Co. MO

PETTUS.....Rebecca m. John Pamplin c1760, Lunenburg VA > Thomas Pettus

PLEDGE.....Betty (Elizabeth) m. Capt. Thomas Poindexter, VA & NC > William Pledge m Ann Radford > John Pledge m Dorothy

POINDEXTER.....mid 1700's, - 1862 NC?> KY  Miriam Flynn Poindexter > Archibald Pledge Poindexter > Capt. Thomas Poindexter III > Thomas Poindexter II > Thomas Poindexter m Sarah Crawford > George Poindexter m Mary Overton > George Poindexter m Susannah Nicolle > Thomas Poingdestre m Elizabeth Effard >>>

REDDIN.....Winnie, c1740 1847 WLS>Overton Co, TN

RICE..... VA 1700?s: Ester Rice m Henry Blagrave Pamplin > Thomas Rice m Katheren Hughes

SCHOTTS.....Sarah, early 1700's, m. Jacob A. Helmick, VA?

SMITH.....c1734 1840 MD> IRL> Davie Co, NC    Elizabeth Jane Smith m Eli Blankenship Pentecost > Charles Wesley Smith m Miriam Flynn Poindexter > John Smith m Elizabeth Speer > Samuel Chester Smith m Hannah Jane Kiteley

SPEER.....1774 1870 NC>Overton Co, TN (also Spear/s, Speers)   Elizabeth Speer m John Smith > Benjamin Speer Sr m. Ruth Steelman

STEELMAN.....Ruth, mid 1700's, m. Benjamin Speer > Matthias Steelman m Ruth

TETER .....1606 1773 DEU, PA, VA, OH      Sarah Elizabeth Teter m Jacob Helmick > Philip Teter m Susanna Henkel > Hans George Teter m Maria M. Luttman > Hans Michael Teter m Maria Catherine Frey > Wolfgang Teter m Anna Catherine Zimmerman > Michael Teter m Magdelna Schmidt > Michael Teter m Catharina Nortten

WINDSOR.....1801 1873 OH >Vermilion Co, IL>St Clair Co, MO    Nancy Jane Windsor m Jacob Helmick > John Windsor

WRIGHT.....1809 1882 KY    Eliza Jane Wright m John W. Breedlove > Asa Samuel Wright m Sarah Medford Dawson > Joseph Wright m Francis


BRITTEN.....1773 ---- Dyrham, GBR    Mary Britten m. Stephen Toghill > John Britten m Anne Ashley

FLYNN.....Margaret, early 1800's, Co. Sligo IRL

GREY.....Rebecca, 1820s 1871 GLS, ENG     Rebecca Grey m Thomas Toghill > William Grey m Mary Sadd > William Grey m Martha

MCNULTY.....IRL early 1800's, m. James Snee, Co. Sligo (?)

RICE.....c1864 ---- WIL, GLS, ENG   Herbert M. Rice m Annie Snee > Thomas Rice m Ellen Toghill > Ellen Rice>

SADD.....1791 Laycock, WIL, ENG   Mary Sadd m. William Grey > James Sadd m Catherine Barton

SNEE.....c1846 1914 Co. Sligo, IRLTOGHILL.....1710 WIL, ENG   Annie Snee m Herbert M. Rice > Daniel Snee m Anne Toolan > James Snee  > John Snee

TOOLAN.....c1856 1933 Co. Sligo, IRL     Anne Toolan > Patrick Toolan m Margaret Flynn


BENSON / BENGSTON.....Sweden>WA   Hazel Maria Benson > Sven Adolf Benson / Bengtsson

GLYNN.....Co. Galway, IRL>IL     Teresa Glynn m. Patrick O'Neill

HANSSON / HANSON.....Sweden>FL>WA       Olga Elvira Hanson m. Sven Adolf Benson

LINN.....IRL>WA     Cora Linn > William Linn

OLMSTEAD/OLMSTED.....NY>WA        Ella Elnore Olmsted > Benjamin G. Olmsted

O'NEILL.....Derry, IRL>IL>WA           Francis G. O'Neill > Frank G. O'Neill > Patrick O'Neill