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Monthly Newsletter of the
Olympia Amateur Radio Society
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  October 2002
Edited by George Lanning  KB6LE 


Table of Contents

  •  From the Oval Shack
  •  Operating Tips
  •  Attention All YLs
  •  Treasurer's Report
  •  OARS Net check-ins
  •  English-to-English Dictionary for Men
  •  Future continuing education course preferences
  •  OARS Directory by Call Suffix
  •  OARS Cross Reference by Name
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    October is here, and this month is the annual election of officers for OARS for 2003. We had the nominations for officers at last month's meeting and as usual we had a problem getting people to volunteer to run, but we did come up with a full slate of candidates. Unfortunately, our potential candidate for Vice President had to decline so that nomination is currently open. The current list of candidates is: 

    President -- Ken, K7TAG
    Secretary -- Helen, KB7JDL
    Treasurer -- Ed, N7WW
    Member at Large -- Jeff, W3GE
    We will accept further nominations from the floor at the October meeting on Wednesday, October 23 at the Thurston County Courthouse Complex Building 1, Room 280 (NOT OUR NORMAL ROOM!) and then have the elections. If you are interested in any of the offices, please attend the meeting. Actually, you should attend the meeting anyway to exercise your electoral privilege in deciding the officers to run the club for the next year.

    For those of you who have difficulty getting to the meetings because of transportation issues, please contact myself, Ken Dahl, K7TAG or Lee Chambers, KI7SS and we will try to arrange transportation for you. 

    Attendance at club meetings is an important part of maintaining an active enthusiastic club. If you would like to see different programs or have the format of the club changed to better suit your needs and interests, that can only happen if you let us know. This not only means informing the officers of the club, but also the other members of the club who may share your interests.

    See you on the 23rd!!

    -- Ken Dahl, K7TAG

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    Operating Tips

    The following is from a recent meeting at Camp Murray:


    No matter what the situation is, DO NOT SELF DEPLOY. Do not go to the area of the incident unless you have been DEPLOYED by command personnel. If you self deploy, you are circumventing "The RACES PLAN" and you are not covered by insurance.


    1. Check out your family and property, make sure all is well there and they can survive without you being there.

    2. Turn on your radios and LISTEN!!! DON'T TALK -- LISTEN...LISTEN...LISTEN. You will be notified when to TALK. A net will be established and check-ins will eventually be asked for. Give your situation report when asked to do so. Don't clog up the frequency with stuff that hasn't been asked for. 

    3. After you check in to your net, WAIT. Don't change frequency, go to the kitchen, or anywhere else until net control has directed or given you permission to do so. WAIT -- you will be given directions.

    -- 73 Dan KB7DFL

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    Attention All YLs

    The Evergreen Intertie YL Net is back after being off the air for about 9 months due to problems with the repeater. The net meets every Monday evening at 8:00 PM on the 145.33. 

    This is a social net for all YLs. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for YLs to communicate and make new friends and to encourage new YLs and accustom them to speaking on the radio and using radio equipment. ALL YLs are welcome! Please join us on Monday evenings whenever you can.

    -- Sara Lyon, AB7PS

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    Treasurer's Report

    As of 9/30//02

    GENERAL FUND (checking account)

    Previous balance   $1,901.02
    Income                202.48
    Expenses               38.00
    Ending balance      2,065.50

    REPEATER / PACKET FUND (savings account)

    Previous balance    $ 950.72
    Income                  6.09
    Expenses                0.00
    Ending balance        956.81

    -- Ed Fitzgerald, N7WW, Treasurer

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    OARS Net check-ins

    The following stations checked in on the OARS General Information Net on one or more of these dates: Sep 3, Sep 10, Sep 24.

    WB7FDE WB7ROZ    


    The net meets at 7:30 every Tuesday evening on the 3 linked OARS repeaters: 147.36, 224.46, and 441.40 MHz. All Hams are invited to check in.

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    English-to-English Dictionary for Men

    FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. Never use "fine" to describe how a woman looks -- this will cause you to have one of those arguments.

    FIVE MINUTES: This is at least half an hour. It is the equivalent of the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the garbage, so this one is really an even trade.

    NOTHING: This means "something" and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "five minutes" and end with "fine."

    GO AHEAD (With Raised Eyebrows): This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over "nothing" and will end with the word "fine."

    GO AHEAD (Normal Eyebrows): This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care." You will likely get a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead" shortly thereafter, followed by "nothing" and "fine" and she will talk to you in about "five minutes" when she cools off.

    LOUD SIGH: This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot at that moment, and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "nothing."

    SOFT SIGH: Again, not a word, but a non-verbal statement. "Soft Sigh" means that she is content. Your best bet is to not move, breathe or say a single word, and she will stay content.

    THAT'S OKAY: This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's okay" means she wants to think long and hard before paying you back for whatever you have done. It is often used with the word "fine" and in conjunction with a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead". At some point in the near future, you are going to be in some mighty big trouble.

    PLEASE DO: This is not a statement, it is the verbal equivalent of a leg-hold trap. A woman is giving you a chance to offer whatever lame excuse or reason you can come up with for doing whatever it is that you have done. You may have a fair chance with the actual truth. Be careful, and with luck you won't get a "That's Okay."

    THANKS: A woman is thanking you. DO NOT faint. Just say "you're welcome."

    THANKS A LOT: This is much different from "Thanks." A woman will say,"Thanks A Lot" when she is really ticked off at you. It signifies that you have offended her in some callous way, and will be followed by the "Loud Sigh." Be careful to not ask what is wrong after the "Loud Sigh" as she will only tell you "Nothing."

    -- thanks to Dave LeFevre, KC7FEC

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    Future continuing education course preferences

    The ARRL is surveying its membership regarding which future on-line ARRL Certification and Continuing Education (C-CE) courses hams would be most likely to take. The list of possibilities ranges from antennas to VHF and UHF operation. The Web-based survey <http://www.arrl.org/members-only/cce/ccesurv.html> is now open for input. The survey period will end October 27.

    "Our plans are to make several additional courses available in 2003," Robins said. "The survey results will guide the C-CE program in providing courses of demonstrated interest to ARRL members."

    Members will be asked to rank the various possibilities in terms of the likelihood that they would take the course if it were offered. The list includes Antennas 101, Basic Electronics, Trouble Shooting, Test Equipment, Radio Propagation, VHF and UHF Beyond the Repeater and Contesting 101.

    To learn more, visit the ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Web page <http://www.arrl.org/cce> and the C-CE Links found there. For more information, contact Certification and Continuing Education Program Coordinator Howard Robins, W1HSR, hrobins@arrl.org.

    -- from the ARRL Letter, electronic edition

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    OARS Directory by Call Suffix

         Curt Danell                      1708 Ann St Olympia WA 98506                         360-951-3848

    AKL  H.J. Motomatsu          WB7AKL   PO Box 206 Silver Creek WA 98585                     360-866-7975
    ARY  George Carle            N7ARY    1809 Centerwood Dr SE Olympia WA 98501               360-943-3536

    BNS  Chris Chambers          KA7BNS   908 Narnia Lane NW Olympia WA 98502                  360-866-0800

    CG   Bill Waesche            KE7CG    PO Box 1198 Rainier WA 98576                         360-446-5085
    CKM  Rex Richardson          WL7CKM   1616 Gov Stevens Ave SE Olympia WA 98501             360-352-1233
    CID  Jeffrey Jackson         W9CID    3539 Yorkshire Dr SE Olympia WA 98513                360-455-5090
    CKO  Larry Watkinson         KC7CKO   1405 9th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501                     360-943-4352
    CZM  Jim Elder               KD7CZM   6007 LaVista Ct SW Olympia WA 98512                  360-705-4329
    CZN  Gerald Julian           KD7CZN   4417 Clar Mar Ln SE Olympia WA 98501-4711            360-943-7009

    D    Dora Anna Fill          NI5D     3 Fair Oaks Dr Conway AR 72032                       501-327-0337
    DFL  Daniel Crane            KB7DFL   4310 Glen Terra Dr. SE Lacey WA 98503                360-459-1564
    DHE  Sharon Campbell         N7DHE    9101-24 Steilacoom Rd. Olympia WA 98513              360-491-6460
    DOY  Rick Damitio            W7DOY    7023 Mullen Rd SE Olympia WA 98503                   360-491-2587

    ET   Ray Chenhall            AA7ET    9038 Waddell Creek Rd SW Olympia WA 98512            360-902-7378

    FEC  David LeFevre           KC7FEC   3737 Golden Eagle Lp SE Olympia WA 98513             360-491-2540
    FEE  Charles Scovill         KC7FEE   6625 Bellevista St NW Olympia WA 98502               360-866-1961

    GAQ  Gard Forester           KF6GAQ   PO Box 8721 Olympia WA 98509                         360-438-9860
    GE   Jeff Withers            W3GE     6010 193rd Ave SW Rochester WA 98579                 360-273-8614
    GGX  Paul Leach              N7GGX    2030 Cardinal Lane Lacey WA 98503                    360-438-5777
    GHA  Mike Johnston           KA7GHA   6335 103rd Ave SW Olympia WA 98512                   360-236-1319
    GMC  John Moore              N7GMC    2407 Tyndell Circle SW Tumwater WA 98502             360-357-6234
    GZM  James Belluomini        KD7GZM   9101-186 Steilacoom Rd SE Olympia WA 98513           360-491-3766

    HA   Bob Keppler             KE7HA    1120 Chestnut SE Olympia WA 98502                    360-943-1368
    HCT  Clark Main              N7HCT    5509 Thornbury Dr SE Lacey WA 98513                  360-923-1300
    HFS  Dorlene Keppler         N7HFS    1120 Chestnut SE Olympia WA 98502                    360-943-1368
    HKI  Gary Ernest             N7HKI    2718 24th Ave. SE Olympia WA 98501                   360-352-2503
    HRY  Kenneth Smith           W7HRY    7627 Cooper Point Rd. NW Olympia WA 98502            360-866-2507
    HTG  Jim Ryan                KD7HTG   10505 Ryan Ln SE Olympia WA 98513
    HTX  Lois Cox                KB7HTX   4818 Belwood Dr. NE Olympia WA 98506                 360-357-6256

    IC   Bill Fill               KD5IC    3 Fair Oaks Dr Conway AR 72032                       501-327-0337
    IIF  Ruth Barber             K1IIF    4316 Chambers Lake Dr. SE Lacey WA 98503             360-438-5921
    ISO  John Kennedy            KD7ISO   PO Box 5556 Lacey WA 98509
    IVM  Ben Bennett             N7IVM    1212 Tabitha Ct NW Olympia WA 98502                  360-705-8533

    JDL  Helen Hannigan          KB7JDL   2409 Morse Rd SE Olympia WA 98501                    360-352-9189
    JHJ  Robert Goodnow          N7JHJ    4017 Indian Summer Dr SE Olympia WA 98513            360-456-2427
    JSK  Keith McDonald          N7JSK    10337 Carney Dr. SE Olympia WA 98501                 360-352-2514

    KIP  Kip Stilz               K7KIP    4625 Norcross Ct SE Olympia WA 98501                 360-456-4949
    KJG  Thom Solberg            N7KJG    3067 60th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501                    360-456-3297
    KSK  Bob Brown               KA7KSK   6106 Lemon Rd NE Olympia WA 98506                    360-452-3842

    LA   Paul Taylor             KC7LA    3720 Wesley Loop NW Olympia WA 98502                 360-866-0683
    LE   George Lanning          KB6LE    4129 Green Cove N.W. Olympia WA 98502                360-866-2185
    LMQ  Pete Judd               KD7LMQ   147 Hokanson Rd Elma WA 98541
    LVV  Mark Tyler              KD7LVV   2247 Sapp Rd SW Tumwater WA 98512                    360-352-5990
    LWB  Jon Bennett             W7LWB    7132 Hawks Prairie Rd NE Lacey WA 98516              360-459-0697
    LYY  Dan Conrad              KD7LYY   2629 Ballantine Dr SE Olympia WA 98506
    LZA  Phil Norris             KD7LZA   205 Shadow Ln NE Olympia WA 98506                    360-491-1873
    LZE  Don Sander              KD7LZE   8113 Mazama Ct SW Olympia WA 98512

    MBP  Lawrence McKnight       KD7MBP   4931 Delores Dr NE Olympia WA 98516                  360-412-5973
    MHC  Marc Cote               KD7MHC   2105 Wedgewood Dr SE Olympia WA 98501                360-753-2276
    MND  Jesse Tyler             KD7MND   2247 Sapp Rd SW Tumwater WA 98512                    360-352-5990
    MNM  Marie Chambers          KC7MNM   908 Narnia Lane NW Olympia WA 98502                  360-866-0800
    MNM  David Nightingale       KD7MNM   2423 Woodfield Lp SE Olympia WA 98501                360-491-1280
    MNN  Reed Nightingale        KD7MNN   2423 Woodfield Lp SE Olympia WA 98501                360-491-1280
    MNO  Kim Skoropinski         KD7MNO   1902 80th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501-6852
    MRK  Mark Matthies           W7MRK    PO Box 14114 Tumwater WA 98511-4114                  360-943-1624
    MX   Ken Elfbrandt           AA7MX    918 Corral Lane SE Tumwater WA 98501                 360-357-4447

    NE   Rollo Shaw              AB7NE    1809 Sawyer St SE Olympia WA 98501                   360-754-9682
    NMU  Chris Kennedy           KB7NMU   3842 74th Ave. SE Olympia WA 98501                   360-491-2819
    NN   Ron Hill                W7NN     10624 Zephyr Ln SW Olympia WA 98512                  360-352-7779
    NV   Don Shields             KJ7NV    1872 Circle LN SE Lacey WA 98503                     360-438-5066

    OH   James Elliott           AA7OH    3455 Martin Way #18 Olympia WA 98506                 360-456-5571
    OQJ  Brett Taylor            KC7OQJ   3720 Wesley Loop NW Olympia WA 98502                 360-866-0683
    OQM  Kathy Watkinson         KC7OQM   1405 9th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501                     360-943-4352

    PJS  Jan Skoropinski         KD7PJS   1902 80th Ave SE Olympia WA 98501-6852
    PNX  Lisa Withers            KB7PNX   6010 193rd Ave SW Rochester WA 98579                 360-273-8614
    PRT  Jack Barber             W1PRT    4316 Chambers Lake Dr. SE Lacey WA 98503             360-438-5921
    PS   Sara Lyon               AB7PS    7734 Nottingham Ct SE Olympia WA 98503               360-459-9263
    PT   Bill Phillips           AB7PT    1111 Archwood Dr SW #279 Olympia WA 98502            360-754-0271
    PT   David Palmer            AC7PT    2413 Woodfield Lp SE Olympia WA 98501
    PUC  Al Williams             K7PUC    706 Frederick St NE Olympia WA 98506                 360-753-1328

    QHK  Ruth Bolstad            KC7QHK   929 Trosper Rd SW Tumwater WA 98512-6961             360-754-7433

    RAT  Richard Bullard         KD7RAT   2020 Mare Ct SE Olympia WA 98501                     360-357-3249
    RHK  Kathleen Moore          KC7RHK   2407 Tyndell Circle SW Tumwater WA 98502             360-357-6234
    ROZ  Duane Bradford          WB7ROZ   204 Shadow Ln NE Olympia WA 98506

    SAR  Keith McIntosh          K2SAR    PO Box 788 East Olympia WA 98540 360-459-2566
    SAY  Allan Jones             W7SAY    2752 Stratford Ln SW #3532 Tumwater WA 98512-6029    360-352-7516
    SIX  Fred Baker              W7SIX    224 Satsop Ave Shelton WA 98584                      360-357-2662
    SNS  Cheryl Jackson          KD7SNS   3539 Yorkshire Dr SE Olympia WA 98513                360-455-5090
    SQV  Phillip Jackson         KD7SQV   3539 Yorkshire Dr SE Olympia WA 98513                360-455-5090
    SS   Lee Chambers            KI7SS    908 Narnia Lane NW Olympia WA 98502                  360-866-0800
    SSD  Sharon Kinder           N7SSD    502 S. Edison St. Olympia WA 98501                   360-943-6187

    TAG  Ken Dahl                K7TAG    1120 Palomino Ct SE Tumwater WA 98501-8633           360-534-9357
    TPT  Ghery Pettit            N6TPT    1025 Neil St NE Apt 9 Olympia WA 98516               360-412-1340

    UUO  Wallace Music           W7UUO    5305 Stikes Ct. SE Lacey WA 98503                    360-491-0354
    UXU  Finch Johnston          KA7UXU   6335 103rd Ave SW Olympia WA 98512                   360-236-1319

    VNY  Morgan Chambers         KC7VNY   908 Narnia Lane NW Olympia WA 98502                  360-866-0800

    WIC  Isabel Ernest           KA7WIC   2718 24th Ave. SE Olympia WA 98501                   360-352-2503
    WW   Ed Fitzgerald           N7WW     5006 Lacey Blvd. SE Lacey WA 98503                   360-491-2289

    YD   Robert Lyon             AA7YD    7734 Nottingham Ct SE Olympia WA 98503               360-459-9263

    ZPS  Dorothy Ferris          W7ZPS    2318 Boulevard Ct. SE Olympia WA 98501               360-357-2219
    ZTU  Mick Bush               N7ZTU    1003 Surrey Trace Dr. SE Olympia WA 98501            360-956-3312
    ZWN  Kristopher Chambers     KC7ZW    908 Narnia Lane NW Olympia WA 98502                  360-866-0800

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    OARS Cross Reference by Name

    Fred Baker W7SIX
    Jack Barber W1PRT
    Ruth Barber K1IIF
    James Belluomini KD7GZM
    Ben Bennett N7IVM
    Jon Bennett W7LWB
    Ruth Bolstad KC7QHK
    Duane Bradford WB7ROZ
    Bob Brown KA7KSK
    Richard Bullard KD7RAT
    Mick Bush N7ZTU
    Sharon Campbell N7DHE
    George Carle N7ARY
    Chris Chambers KA7BNS
    Kristopher Chambers KC7ZWN
    Lee Chambers KI7SS
    Marie Chambers KC7MNM
    Morgan Chambers KC7VNY
    Ray Chenhall AA7ET
    Dan Conrad KD7LYY
    Marc Cote KD7MHC
    Lois Cox KB7HTX
    Daniel Crane KB7DFL
    Ken Dahl K7TAG
    Rick Damitio W7DOY
    Curt Danell  
    Jim Elder KD7CZM
    Ken Elfbrandt AA7MX
    James Elliott AA7OH
    Gary Ernest N7HKI
    Isabel Ernest KA7WIC
    Dorothy Ferris W7ZPS
    Bill Fill KD5IC
    Dora Anna Fill NI5D
    Ed Fitzgerald N7WW
    Gard Forester KF6GAQ
    Robert Goodnow N7JHJ
    Helen Hannigan KB7JDL
    Ron Hill W7NN
    Eugene Iwanski KB7UEN
    Cheryl Jackson KD7SNS
    Jeffrey Jackson W9CID
    Phillip Jackson KD7SQV
    Finch Johnston KA7UXU
    Mike Johnston KA7GHA
    Allan Jones W7SAY
    Pete Judd KD7LMQ
    Gerald Julian KD7CZN
    Chris Kennedy KB7NMU
    John Kennedy KD7ISO
    Bob Keppler KE7HA
    Dorlene Keppler N7HFS
    Sharon Kinder N7SSD
    George Lanning KB6LE
    David LeFevre KC7FEC
    Paul Leach N7GGX
    Robert Lyon AA7YD
    Sara Lyon AB7PS
    Clark Main N7HCT
    Mark Matthies W7MRK
    Keith McDonald N7JSK
    Keith McIntosh K2SAR
    Lawrence McKnight KD7MBP
    John Moore N7GMC
    Kathleen Moore KC7RHK
    H.J. Motomatsu WB7AKL
    Wallace Music W7UUO
    David Nightingale KD7MNM
    Reed Nightingale KD7MNN
    Phil Norris KD7LZA
    David Palmer AC7PT
    Ghery Pettit N6TPT
    Bill Phillips AB7PT
    Rex Richardson WL7CKM
    Jim Ryan KD7HTG
    Don Sander KD7LZE
    Charles Scovill KC7FEE
    Rollo Shaw AB7NE
    Don Shields KJ7NV
    Jan Skoropinski KD7PJS
    Kim Skoropinski KD7MNO
    Kenneth Smith W7HRY
    Thom Solberg N7KJG
    Kip Stilz K7KIP
    Brett Taylor KC7OQJ
    Paul Taylor KC7LA
    Jesse Tyler KD7MND
    Mark Tyler KD7LVV
    Bill Waesche KE7CG
    Kathy Watkinson KC7OQM
    Larry Watkinson KC7CKO
    Al Williams K7PUC
    Jeff Withers W3GE
    Lisa Withers KB7PNX

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