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 September 2001
Edited by George Lanning  KB6LE 

Table of Contents

  •  Amateur radio responds in force in wake of terrorist attacks
  •  Amateurs among the missing in World Trade Center attack
  •  From the Oval Shack
  •  Callsign change notice
  •  OARS Net check-ins
  •  Treasurer's Report
  •  OARS Directory by Call Suffix
  •  OARS Members by Name

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    Amateur radio responds in force in wake of terrorist attacks 

    Some already are calling it "Amateur Radio's Finest Hour," as volunteers answer the call to assist in ongoing relief and recovery operations in New York City, Washington, DC, and western Pennsylvania in the wake of terrorist attacks on the US September 11. The need continues for operators to assist over the long haul, however. Current estimates suggest hams may be needed for a month or longer in the New York City area, and for at least the next two weeks in Washington, DC.

    Along with most other federal agencies, the FCC closed its offices and sent its employees home following the attacks. The FCC issued no emergency declarations nor other special instructions to the Amateur Radio community. The ARRL advised amateurs to stay alert to instructions from local authorities.

    New York City-Long Island Section Emergency Coordinator Tom Carrubba, KA2D, reports that hams have been supporting emergency officials and the American Red Cross relief and recovery effort. Amateurs have been staffing several Red Cross shelters in addition to a staging/National Disaster Medical System center, various Red Cross units, and the Greater New York City American Red Cross Headquarters as well as the New York City Office of Emergency Management.

    Carrubba says the telephone system in lower Manhattan continues to be problematic because of the high call volume. "American Red Cross communications are overloaded, and traffic from the shelters is coming into the New York City net at a rapid pace," he said. "The Amateur Radio ops are doing a great job under very difficult and strange conditions, but this is what they have trained for; they are getting it done well."

    Red Cross Communications Officer Jay Ferron, N4GAA, agreed. "The Amateur Radio community has come out very big and very strong," he said, adding that local clubs and repeater groups have volunteered gear, frequencies and operators.

    New York City District Emergency Coordinator Charles Hargrove, N2NOV, has expressed his appreciation to the amateur community. "Thank you for all the support and well wishes," he said. "This is a difficult time for all of us. We appreciate all the amateurs who have volunteered their time and equipment."

    Carrubba also cited the ongoing efforts of Guy Richman, KC2AYG, who has been coordinating net controls for the ARES nets, and Manhattan ARRL EC John Kiernan, KE2UN.

    Carrubba is seeking additional volunteers from the Greater New York City region. He has asked out-of-state volunteers to "stand by until we can provide for your safety and comfort." Volunteers need a VHF (2-meter) or, preferably, a VHF/UHF (2-meter/70-cm) mobile radio, power supply and cables, and mobile/portable mag-mounted gain antenna. Carrubba says hand-helds are not sufficient to deal with the difficult operating conditions. "Operators are still needed," he said, but stressed, "This is a difficult assignment."

    Amateurs are working two 12-hour shifts per day, 8 AM to 8 PM and 8 PM to 8 AM, "plus or minus three or four hours, mostly plus," Carrubba said. Additional information is available on the ARRL Web site <http://www.arrl.org>.

    At the scene of the Pentagon attack near Washington, DC, Virginia Section Emergency Coordinator Tom Gregory, N4NW, reports an "upbeat" crew of about two dozen amateurs is staffing six Amateur Radio stations in the immediate vicinity of the Pentagon. "What shocked me the most was the devastation you can see right there, 100 feet from the building," Gregory said. "The destruction is total."

    The ARES operation is providing logistical support between the Salvation Army's relief and recovery effort on site and the agency's Arlington headquarters. The Salvation Army has deployed several mobile canteens and a feeding unit to serve military and civilian emergency personnel assigned to the recovery operation.

    "What we're finding is that communication is very difficult because of the tremendous amount of noise from the construction-type equipment and the generators providing power for the lights and support staff," Gregory said. Because of the noise level, operators are being rotated frequently in and out of the immediate vicinity of the attack. "There's the emotion of it, and there's the tremendous amount of noise, and it's very grating on you because you can hardly hear the radio to communicate," Gregory explained. 

    Gregory described the entire area as "very crowded with people" inside and outside the Pentagon. "People and equipment cleaning up, finding bodies, finding plane parts, firefighters still checking for hot spots, hoses, equipment," he said. "The damage to the building looks worse when you are right next to it than it does on TV."

    "I found that it took me a few minutes to realize the gravity of what was going on and the importance of what we hams are doing in our own small way to help out," Gregory said. "The devastation of that building is awesome, and it puts things in perspective and it certainly made me proud to be an Amateur Radio operator and serve the people of the United States by offering the support we could."

    The Pentagon ARES operation continues to seek volunteers. "Because of the immensity of the thing, we're trying to have six amateurs on duty at all times," he said. "We need 20 volunteers every day for at least two weeks." Volunteers should e-mail Tom Gregory, N4NW, at n4nw@arrl.net

    Gregory emphasized that Pentagon site security is extremely tight. All ham volunteers must have a photo ID issued by a government entity to the secured area. "The FBI is handling issuance of IDs for access to the secured area and is doing a complete NCIC check before a photo ID is issued," Gregory said.

    At the so-called "fourth" plane crash site in rural Somerset County western Pennsylvania, Kevin Custer, W3KKC, reports a busy scene as the investigation continues. Custer arranged preliminary repeater communication into and out of the crash site on Tuesday to help the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Pennsylvania State Police, the FBI and other state and federal agencies on the scene.

    Custer said the investigation could continue for several weeks. "At this time we are preparing for the possibility of family members coming to the crash site -- or close by," he said.

    Montgomery County, Maryland, Deputy RACES Officer John Creel, WB3GXW, observed that while the enormity of the attacks is bound to touch the amateur community directly or indirectly, he has seen nothing but professionalism among the responding operators in his area. Creel advised amateurs to "just be prepared," and he echoed the sentiment of many that the events of September 11 will be with us for the rest of our lives. 

    More detailed and updated information on Amateur Radio's involvement in the disaster relief and recovery efforts is available on the ARRL Web site http://www.arrl..org.

    -- from the ARRL Letter

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    Amateurs among the missing in World Trade Center attack 

    At least four Amateur Radio operators are among the many still missing in the aftermath of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. The attack also destroyed the major TV and radio transmitting site atop one of the twin towers.

    The hams reported missing so far include:

    * Steven A. "Steve" Jacobson, N2SJ, 53, of New York City, a transmitter engineer for WPIX TV, and an ARRL member.

    * William V. "Bill" Steckman, WA2ACW, of W Hempstead, New York, a transmitter engineer for WNBC TV. He was well know in the NYC area and ran a number of repeaters from the World Trade Center, most notably the 434 MHz ATV repeater.

    * Robert D. "Bob" Cirri Sr, KA2OTD, 39, an ARRL member from Nutley, New Jersey and the ARRL District Emergency Coordinator for Hudson County. A Port Authority police officer, Cirri was on the job helping to evacuate workers from the building when it collapsed.

    * Michael G. Jacobs, AA1GO, 54, an ARRL member from Danbury, Connecticut. Jacobs worked at Fiduciary Trust Company International, which had offices in the World Trade Center.

    The collapse of the World Trade Center brought down the master TV transmitting antenna that served all but one television station in New York City, as well as several radio stations and amateur repeaters. "The broadcast community is in absolute shock," said Hudson Division Vice Director Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML, who works for ABC News. "We all knew transmitter engineers, we all knew people who worked up in those towers near those big television transmitters, and they're gone."

    Mendelsohn said many viewers in the Greater New York City Area who are not on cable can only see WCBS, channel 2, which maintains its transmitter site on the Empire State Building. WCBS has offered assistance and space to help the other stations get back on the air from its site, he said. "None of the other transmitters exist anymore. They're in the rubble along with the master antenna system, hundreds and hundreds of two-way radio system antennas, and boxes and, of course, untold thousands of people who perished."

    There was cause for rejoicing in the case of another amateur who worked in the World Trade Center. Rob Nall, WV0S, reports that his friend, Herman Belderok, Jr, KB0EEB, managed to get out of the building just minutes before the structure collapsed.

    -- from the ARRL Letter

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    There are a couple of subjects that I want to touch on this month. The first is that one of our members was injured in a motorcycle accident on the day of the Horse-a-thon. Tom Dennis was injured when he dumped his bike. It is ironical that he was in the Waddle Creek area when it happened, as there were several Hams out there for the Diabetes event. Unfortunately Tom did not have a radio with him. I found out about his situation when I called the sheriff's office to speak with him. Upon hearing he was in the hospital, I visited him and presented him with a get well card and some candy. 

    This however occurred three days after the accident. I was upset that the "word" had not gotten out. The "grapevine" did not work. At the recent OARS picnic that was held at KC7CKO's house, Larry told me that he and K7KIP were upset that they had not been informed of Toms situation. I explained to Larry that I put out the information on both the ARES and OARS nets the evening of the day I found out. I believe that it is the purpose of our nets is to place information in the hands of the members. 

    Thanks to Larry and his wife for the very nice cookout that they hosted at their house. The evening was very nice weather-wise. I am sure I can speak for all who attended that it was a nice event. All the food was excellent.

    As most of you know, I did get deployed to a fire camp in Chelan County to assist with communications on the Rex Creek Fire. The three member team that was sent from here in district four spent a week there. At first we were located at a camp at 25 Mile Creek, on the south side of Lake Chelan. Later we were relocated to the Rodeo Grounds in Chelan where the main base had been established. Most of the assistance we provided was not in the form of Amateur Radio. We hand carried messages from person A to person B. We helped in connecting telephones, PA speakers and numerous other tasks. We helped build rain shelters, needed to keep equipment dry from the rain that fell there. And we were there ready to perform other tasks as needed. I found it to be a good experience. Yes, I would do it again. I will be giving a presentation on this at the next ARES and OARS meetings.

    Speaking of the next OARS meeting, it is September. This is the time to nominate your OARS Officers for the year 2002. So please plan on being at the next meeting. Our October meeting will not be held in the usual place; we have been ousted for the night due to a public pipeline meeting. A site for the meeting will be arranged.

    -- 73 Dan, KB7DFL 

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    Callsign change notice

    The new callsign for the Washington state RACES station at the Emergency Management Division at Camp Murray is W7EMD.

    Please correct your records and give this widest dissemination. 

    -- Jim Sutton WA7PHD, WA State RACES Officer

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    OARS Net check-ins

    The following stations checked in on the OARS General Information Net one or more times in August 2001:

            AA7YD   AB7PS   K2SAR   K7CEZ

            K7TAG   KB7DFL  KB7JDL  KC7FEC

            KC7LA   KD7ISO  KI7SS   N7AGG

            N7GGX   N7JHJ   N7TPT   N7WW

            W3GE    W7SAY   W7UUO

    The net meets at 7:30 every Tuesday evening on the 3 linked OARS repeaters: 147.36, 224.46, and 441.40 MHz. All Hams are invited to check in.

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    Treasurer's Report

    As of 8/31/01

    GENERAL FUND (checking account)
        Previous balance  $ 2,428.03
            Income              3.04
            Expenses          123.31
        Ending balance      2,307.76

    REPEATER / PACKET FUND (savings account)
        Previous balance    $ 924.77
            Income              0.00
            Expenses            0.00
        Ending balance        924.77

    -- Ed Fitzgerald, N7WW, Treasurer

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    OARS Directory by Call Suffix

        Name                Call    Address                        City ST ZIP                    Phone

        Curt Dawell                 1708 Ann St                    Olympia WA 98506               360-357-2771

    AAJ Roy Bernd           KD7AAJ  9101-39 Steilacoom Rd SE       Olympia WA 98513               360-459-4342
    AIJ David Bushell       KC7AIJ  1908 Thurston NE               Olympia WA 98506               360-754-4588
    AKL H.J. Motomatsu      WB7AKL  5107 Matsu St NW - Trlr        Olympia WA 98502               360-866-7975
    ARY George Carle        N7ARY   1809 Centerwood Dr SE          Olympia WA 98501               360-943-3536
    AXV James Sharp         KC7AXV  3208 80th Ave. SE              Olympia WA 98501               360-491-6188

    BNS Chris Chambers      KA7BNS  908 Narnia Lane NW             Olympia WA 98502               360-866-0800

    CEX James Pace          K7CEX   PO Box 1602                    Centralia WA 98531-0748
    CEZ Mark Hannigan       K7CEZ   2409 Morse Rd SE               Olympia WA 98501               360-352-9189
    CKM Rex Richardson      WL7CKM  1616 Gov Stevens Ave SE        Olympia WA 98501               360-352-1233
    CKO Larry Watkinson     KC7CKO  1405 9th Ave SE                Olympia WA 98501               360-943-4352

    D   Dora Anna Fill      NI5D    3 Fair Oaks Dr                 Conway AR 72032                501-327-0337
    DFL Daniel Crane        KB7DFL  4310 Glen Terra Dr. SE         Lacey WA 98503                 360-459-1564
    DHE Sharon Campbell     N7DHE   9101-24 Steilacoom Rd.         Olympia WA 98513               360-491-6460
    DOY Rick Damitio        W7DOY   7023 Mullen Rd SE              Olympia WA 98503               360-491-2587

    EIM Mark Matthies       N7EIM   900 Grant St SW                Tumwater WA 98512              360-943-1624

    FEC David LeFevre       KC7FEC  3737 Golden Eagle Lp SE        Olympia WA 98513               360-456-7825
    FED Amy Wong            KC7FED  1416 Dogwood St SE             Lacey WA 98503                 360-438-7411
    FEE Charles Scovill     KC7FEE  6625 Bellevista St NW          Olympia WA 98502               360-866-1961

    GAQ Gard Forester       KF6GAQ  PO Box 8721                    Olympia WA 98509               360-438-9860
    GE  Jeff Withers        W3GE    6010 193rd Ave SW              Rochester WA 98579             360-273-8614
    GEG Deloise Tilton      KB7GEG  506 South King St.             Centralia WA 98531
    GGX Paul Leach          N7GGX   2030 Cardinal Lane             Lacey WA 98503                 360-438-5777
    GMC John Moore          N7GMC   2407 Tyndell Circle SW         Tumwater WA 98502              360-357-6234
    GZM James Belluomini    KD7GZM  9101-186 Steilacoom Rd SE      Olympia WA 98513               360-491-3766

    HA  Bob Keppler         KE7HA   1120 Chestnut SE               Olympia WA 98502               360-943-1368
    HCT Clark Main          N7HCT   5509 Thornbury Dr SE           Lacey WA 98513                 360-923-1300
    HFS Dorlene Keppler     N7HFS   1120 Chestnut SE               Olympia WA 98502               360-943-1368
    HKI Gary Ernest         N7HKI   2718 24th Ave. SE              Olympia WA 98501               360-352-2503
    HOD Tom Wolfe           N7HOD   4848 Marian NE                 Olympia WA 98506               360-459-9447
    HOE Dona Wolfe          N7HOE   4848 Marian NE                 Olympia WA 98506               360-459-9447
    HRY Kenneth Smith       W7HRY   7627 Cooper Point Rd. NW       Olympia WA 98502               360-866-2507
    HTG Jim Ryan            KD7HTG  10505 Ryan Ln SE               Olympia WA 98513
    HTX Lois Cox            KB7HTX  4818 Belwood Dr. NE            Olympia WA 98506               360-357-6256

    I   Steve Ward          WC7I    5034 Meridian Rd. NE           Olympia WA 98506               360-456-4249
    IC  Bill Fill           KD5IC   3 Fair Oaks Dr                 Conway AR 72032                501-327-0337
    IIF Ruth Barber         K1IIF   4316 Chambers Lake Dr. SE      Lacey WA 98503                 360-438-5921
    ISO John Kennedy        KD7ISO  PO Box 5556                    Lacey WA 98509
    IVM Ben Bennett         N7IVM   1212 Tabitha Ct NW             Olympia WA 98502               360-705-8533

    JDL Helen Hannigan      KB7JDL  2409 Morse Rd SE               Olympia WA 98501               360-352-9189
    JHJ Robert Goodnow      N7JHJ   4017 Indian Summer Dr SE       Olympia WA 98513               360-456-2427
    JJY Paul Patton         K7JJY   4031 21st Ave SE Apt 219       Lacey WA 98503                 360-943-3701
    JSK Keith McDonald      N7JSK   10337 Carney Dr. SE            Olympia WA 98501               360-352-2514

    KIP Kip Stilz           K7KIP   4625 Norcross Ct SE            Olympia WA 98501               360-456-4949
    KQD Dave Blohn          KD7KQD  PO Box 998                     Rochester WA 98579
    KTG Thom Solberg        N7KTG   3067 60th Ave SE               Olympia WA 98501               360-456-3297

    LE  George Lanning      KB6LE   4129 Green Cove N.W.           Olympia WA 98502               360-866-2185
    LIN Sandy Blohn         KD7LIN  PO Box 998                     Rochester WA 98579
    LJS Richard Solem       KD7LJS  290 E Sunnywoods Dr            Shelton WA 98584               360-427-0672
    LWB Jon Bennett         W7LWB   7132 Hawks Prairie Rd NE       Lacey WA 98516                 360-459-0697
    LZA Phil Norris         KD7LZA  205 Shadow Ln NE               Olympia WA 98506               360-491-1873

    MHC Marc Cote           KD7MHC  2105 Wedgewood Dr SE           Olympia WA 98501               360-753-2276
    MNM Marie Chambers      KC7MNM  908 Narnia Lane NW             Olympia WA 98502               360-866-0800
    MX  Ken Elfbrandt       AA7MX   918 Corral Lane SE             Tumwater WA 98501              360-357-4447

    NE  Rollo Shaw          AB7NE   1809 Sawyer St SE              Olympia WA 98501               360-754-9682
    NN  Ron Hill            W7NN    10624 Zephyr Ln SW             Olympia WA 98512               360-352-7779
    NV  Don Shields         KJ7NV   1872 Circle LN SE              Lacey WA 98503                 360-438-5066

    OF  Matt McKibbin       AB7OF   4020 14th Crt NE               Olympia WA 98506               360-438-3396
    OH  James Elliott       AA7OH   3455 Martin Way #18            Olympia WA 98506               360-456-5571
    OKC Bill Tilton         K7OKC   506 South King St.             Centralia WA 98531
    OQM Kathy Watkinson     KC7OQM  1405 9th Ave SE                Olympia WA 98501               360-943-4352
    OSX Barbara McRoberts   KB7OSX  9101-68 Steilacoom Rd SE       Olympia WA 98513               360-438-2965

    PNX Lisa Withers        KB7PNX  6010 193rd Ave SW              Rochester WA 98579             360-273-8614
    PRT Jack Barber         W1PRT   4316 Chambers Lake Dr. SE      Lacey WA 98503                 360-438-5921
    PS  Sara Lyon           AB7PS   7734 Nottingham Ct SE          Olympia WA 98503               360-459-9263
    PT  Bill Phillips       AB7PT   1111 Archwood Dr SW #279       Olympia WA 98502               360-754-0271
    PUC Al Williams         K7PUC   706 Frederick St NE            Olympia WA 98506               360-753-1328

    QHK Ruth Bolstad        KC7QHK  700 Black Lk Blvd SW #135      Olympia WA 98502               360-754-7433
    QIS James Cox           W7QIS   2727 Canterbury St             Springfield OR 97477

    RDJ Bob Campbell        WA7RDJ  9101-24 Steilacoom Rd.         Olympia WA 98513               360-491-6460
    RHK Kathleen Moore      KC7RHK  2407 Tyndell Circle SW         Tumwater WA 98502              360-357-6234
    ROZ Duane Bradford      WB7ROZ  204 Shadow Ln NE               Olympia WA 98506

    SAR Keith McIntosh      K2SAR   PO Box 788                     E Olympia WA 98540

    SAY Allan Jones         W7SAY   2752 Stratford Ln SW #3532     Tumwater WA 98512-6029         360-352-7516
    SPZ Chuck West          KC7SPZ  9315 Deerbrush Ct SE           Olympia WA 98513               360-459-8790
    SS  Lee Chambers        KI7SS   908 Narnia Lane NW             Olympia WA 98502               360-866-0800
    SSD Sharon Kinder       N7SSD   502 S. Edison St.              Olympia WA 98501               360-943-6187

    TAG Ken Dahl            K7TAG   1120 Palomino Ct SE            Tumwater WA 98501              360-534-9357
    TPT Ghery Pettit        N6TPT   3131 Leeward Ct NW             Olympia WA 98502

    UUO Wallace Music       W7UUO   5305 Stikes Ct. SE             Lacey WA 98503                 360-491-0354

    VNY Morgan Chambers     KC7VNY  908 Narnia Lane NW             Olympia WA 98502               360-866-0800

    VVA Tom Dennis          KA4VVA  1919 Evergreen Pk Dr #18       Olympia WA 98502               360-754-6651

    WIC Isabel Ernest       KA7WIC  2718 24th Ave. SE              Olympia WA 98501               360-352-2503
    WJP William Palmer      K7WJP   19100 Huntington St SW         Rochester WA 98579             360-273-4528
    WW  Ed Fitzgerald       N7WW    5006 Lacey Blvd. SE            Lacey WA 98503                 360-491-2289

    YD  Robert Lyon         AA7YD   7734 Nottingham Ct SE          Olympia WA 98503               360-459-9263

    ZBS Frank Bergess       KD6ZBS  427 Sawmill Ct SE              Olympia WA 98513-1590
    ZIP Dick McRoberts      WB9ZIP  9101-68 Steilacoom Rd SE       Olympia WA 98513               360-438-2965
    ZOW Ray Ferris          W7ZOW   2318 Boulevard Ct. SE          Olympia WA 98501               360-357-2219
    ZPS Dorothy Ferris      W7ZPS   2318 Boulevard Ct. SE          Olympia WA 98501               360-357-2219
    ZWN Kristopher Chambers KC7ZWN  908 Narnia Lane NW             Olympia WA 98502               360-866-0800

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    OARS Members by Name

    Jack Barber           W1PRT
    Ruth Barber           K1II
    James Belluomini      KD7GZM
    Ben Bennett           N7IVM
    Jon Bennett           W7LWB
    Frank Bergess         KD6ZBS
    Roy Bernd             KD7AAJ
    Dave Blohn            KD7KQD
    Sandy Blohn           KD7LIN
    Ruth Bolstad          KC7QHK
    Duane Bradford        WB7ROZ
    David Bushell         KC7AIJ

    Bob Campbell          WA7RDJ
    Sharon Campbell       N7DHE
    George Carle          N7ARY
    Chris Chambers        KA7BNS
    Kristopher Chambers   KC7ZWN
    Lee Chambers          KI7SS
    Marie Chambers        KC7MNM
    Morgan Chambers       KC7VNY
    Marc Cote             KD7MHC
    James Cox             W7QIS
    Lois Cox              KB7HTX
    Daniel Crane          KB7DFL

    Ken Dahl              K7TAG
    Rick Damitio          W7DOY
    Curt Dawell
    Tom Dennis            KA4VVA

    Ken Elfbrandt         AA7MX
    James Elliott         AA7OH
    Gary Ernest           N7HKI
    Isabel Ernest         KA7WIC

    Dorothy Ferris        W7ZPS
    Ray Ferris            W7ZOW
    Bill Fill             KD5IC
    Dora Anna Fill        NI5D
    Ed Fitzgerald         N7WW
    Gard Forester         KF6GAQ

    Robert Goodnow        N7JHJ

    Helen Hannigan        KB7JDL
    Mark Hannigan         K7CEZ
    Ron Hill              W7NN

    Allan Jones           W7SAY

    John Kennedy          KD7ISO
    Bob Keppler           KE7HA
    Dorlene Keppler       N7HFS
    Sharon Kinder         N7SSD

    George Lanning        KB6LE
    David LeFevre         KC7FEC
    Paul Leach            N7GGX
    Robert Lyon           AA7YD
    Sara Lyon             AB7PS

    Clark Main            N7HCT
    Mark Matthies         N7EIM
    Keith McDonald        N7JSK
    Keith McIntosh        K2SAR
    Matt McKibbin         AB7OF
    Barbara McRoberts     KB7OSX
    Dick McRoberts        WB9ZIP
    John Moore            N7GMC
    Kathleen Moore        KC7RHK
    H.J. Motomatsu        WB7AKL
    Wallace Music         W7UUO

    Phil Norris           KD7LZA

    James Pace            K7CEX
    William Palmer        K7WJP
    Paul Patton           K7JJY
    Ghery Pettit          N6TPT
    Bill Phillips         AB7PT

    Rex Richardson        WL7CKM
    Jim Ryan              KD7HTG

    Charles Scovill       KC7FEE
    James Sharp           KC7AXV
    Rollo Shaw            AB7NE
    Don Shields           KJ7NV
    Kenneth Smith         W7HRY
    Thom Solberg          N7KTG
    Richard Solem         KD7LJS
    Kip Stilz             K7KIP

    Bill Tilton           K7OKC
    Deloise Tilton        KB7GEG

    Steve Ward            WC7I
    Kathy Watkinson       KC7OQM
    Larry Watkinson       KC7CKO
    Chuck West            KC7SPZ
    Al Williams           K7PUC
    Jeff Withers          W3GE
    Lisa Withers          KB7PNX
    Dona Wolfe            N7HOE
    Tom Wolfe             N7HOD
    Amy Wong              KC7FED

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