DAoC Spreadsheet, created by Keltor, modified..by me. download 3.06 In ZIP format or In UNZIPED (XLS) format last updated on 1/13/05 at 5:15pm MST. email me at odlaww@comcast.net for any adjustments/changes that need to be made. These files were saved with Excel 2003 with Service Pack 1. They do seem to load in my Excel 2002 (officexp).
  • Added sc gems for new catacombs classes
  • Fixed skill for hibernian fortified/exceptional recurve bows.
  • Saved files in excel 2003.
  • Added new spellcrafting gems of +all focus, +all melee, and +all magic.
  • Fixed skill for albion exceptional and fortified great hammers.
  • Seems awhile back I had changed some of the searching functions to look for exact names rather than what Keltor had done and used closest match. Now, while using exact searches (in vlookup's) made data accurate, it slowed the process of updating the sheet much slower (like when you increased tailor markup on armor) So, I reverted the searches back to nearest match and the updated calculations are much faster. I did some copy and pasting of old values next to the values in this current spreadsheet, for comparison, and they seem to be the same, so I don't think I messed up anything horribly. If you do notice something wrong, let me know.
  • Fixed bug with tailoring markup not showing up on armorcrafted items.
  • Added weapon lusters.
  • Added diminutive siege, though since all skills have them, I put them under the siegecraft menus.
  • Fixed a pricing bug with tier1 materials.
  • Fixed some skill levels for some weapons.
  • Overhauled component chart, added 2 more components, added alch and sc components, changed the way it added costs together.
  • Added unique dyes.
  • Fixed a bug in master list.
  • Uhm....fixed a few things from emails, but I don't remember what.
  • Added Alchemy.
  • Added Spellcrafting. (prolly a few errors here, such as difficulty, and names)
  • old 2.22 can still be found here.
  • Fixed fletching printmaster.
  • Fixed fletching skill levels.
  • Updated speed of exceptional fang greave.
  • Fixed bug of wrong material type was listed at tier 4.
  • Updated magus staff recipe.
  • Added some arrows to fletching.
  • Updated some other things I can't think of off hand.
  • Fixed major bug in armorcrafting when using tailor markups (dunno how long ago I broke this one).
  • Updated fletching arrows.
  • Updated speeds on exceptional and fortified moon claws.
  • Updated speeds on some new weapons.
  • Fixed problem with cloth2 set + robe showing wrong price.
  • Fixed problem with difficulty colors.
  • Added a remake cost column on master sheet.
  • Rearranged the columns on master sheet.
  • Updated recipes for angled dagger, club, and spiked club (unsure if sellback price is changed or not).
  • Fixed the weapon lists ..there seemed to have been an item in the wrong place.
  • Fixed calculation of level on fletching printmaster.
  • Fixed weapon/fletching printmasters to show new weapons.
  • Fixed the normal shields on weapon printmaster so they show a price now on lower tiers.
  • Fixed recipes in woodworking, leatherworking, clothworking, metalworking.
  • Updated albion plate3 recipes.
  • Updated a few sellback prices.
  • Fixed Claw greave in midgard.
  • Added speed listing to fletching.
  • Added new fortified and exceptional weapons.
  • Assumed sellback price of new weapons same as some counterparts please correct me if im mistaken..
  • Updated a few sellback prices to albion fletching and weapons.
  • Updated a few sellback pricse to midgard weapons.
  • Fixed a few incorrect recipes, and pointers to wrong items.
  • Updated Metalworking, Leatherworking, Clothworking, and Woodworking items.
  • Flatened armor, and weaponcrafting recipes (alb plate might be off).
  • Changed a few other things...man I really need to write those changes down when I do them.
  • Updated Heavy Longbow in albion sellback and salvage numbers.
  • Updated albion af51 robe sellback price.
  • Updated Heavy shod staff skill level.
  • Updated Heavy short bow sell back prices for albion and hibernia.
  • Fixed fletching printmaster.
  • Changed albion chain4 back to normal....Some people say it is still near 25% loss..others 35%...
  • Changed it so you can do print masters with remake prices...this one took awhile to do, and might not be correct..check with main to be sure.
  • Changed Fossilized to Petrified.
  • Changed reinforced boots3 to show base skill of 110.
  • Changed Improved mail sell back.
  • Changed weapon level numbers, including fletching.
  • Fixed material recipe on albion hand hax.
  • Updated hib cloth2 recipes.
  • Changed mid fletching skill requirement of heavy shod staff to 95.
  • Okay, So I am lazy when it comes to updating version numbers... changed it to 2.10..I will try to remember to update it whenever I change it.
  • Updated Albion chain4 sellback values to show the 35% loss that was documented on the boards.
  • Updated Albion weapon description names. Thanks Mike Bloxham.
  • Modified albion tailor suit prices to include a price for robe as well (thanks philippi).
  • Updated a few salvage values and chain4/plate4 for albion prices.
  • Changed a few things in armor and tailor and fletching for each realm that can't be made to show N/A skill.
  • Updated albion weapon data (dps, spd, salvage, and appraisal) thanks Gwerral/Rachel.
  • Updated albion improved mail sellback values.
  • Albion improved mail was showing that it needed cloth for recipe instead of leather3 (cost was fine though).
  • Updated Needle mace for albion.
  • Added Needle Mace to albion.
  • Updated some appraisal values in albion.
  • Updated Fletching printmaster.
  • Added flexible weapons for albion.
  • Updated appraisal values on hib weapons.
  • Updated weapon printmaster sheet for albion.
  • Updated salvage values on scythes in hibernia.
  • Updated skill level required for reinforced shields.
  • Adjusted base level equation.
  • Scythes are now displayed as such.
  • Updated weapon printmaster sheet.
  • Changed it so you can select the number of remakes.
  • Updated the appraisal value on the cleaver for midgard.
  • Added Scythes to hibernian weapons..still missing appraisal and salvage values on them.
  • Added the new SI weapons for midgard. (not sure the dps on the weapons are completly accurate)
  • Updated the appraisal values for the reinforced shields. (I don't have high weapon skill, so appraisal values on the new SI weapons or the shields might not be horribly accurate..if someone has some updates..email)
  • Checked weapon recipes for all realms.
  • Fixed archmace showing the angled dagger recipe and price.
  • Fixed wood and metal showing for weapons/shields/fletchin items.
  • Added Fancy/Dressy/Fine/Regal cloaks for midgard. (email me if alb/hib has these also).
  • Updated the chain to use siluric leather..sigh.
  • Updated hibernain cloth2 armor recipes.
  • Fixed display bug with fletching print master.
  • Updated a couple fletching items, including heavy composite bow.
  • Fixed display bug with full armor suits.
  • Updated fletching print master sheet.
  • Fixed plate1 names.
  • Updated a few hib weapon salvage values.
  • Changed the way selling by quality works.
  • Added ability to charge markup on remakes (part of quality selling).
  • Fixed midgard thrown weapons to use metal name instead of wood.
  • Added Heavy Composite Bow to midgard fletching.
  • Re-arranged Fletching for all 3 realms so they display in a more senseful manner.
  • I think I have changed enough since my original modification to make it 2.02.
  • Re-arranged armor and tailor print master sheets so that the chain4 of albion is in order..was mixed up with plate1
  • 2.01 - Updated Armor and Tailor print master sheets.
  • Updated salvage values on midgard armors.
  • Added fletching items for all 3 realms. (would appreciate any updated info..send to odlawtkb@attbi.com)
  • Updated salvage rates on all hibernian armor.
  • Updated salvage rates on all midgard studded armors.
  • Fixed a few material requirements on some armors.
  • Updated some sell back values for cloth, and some hibernian armors
  • Seems that with 1.53 the cloth2 items now have different cost values..need some for alb/hib now