The first drive

Alice and DeeDee out for a photo shoot

A look at the hood and gauge cluster

Shining the lights on the sides of the engine

And finally the decals are on!

Not completely done yet but ready for a parade

Video on the dyno at the Orange Spectacular
The Dyno operators hand signs a respectable 50 HP

On the dynamometer the temperature was showing hot.
They had an infrared temp sensor that said the temp was fine.
Home again I put the two guages in a pan of water together.

The water was about 185 degrees

There didn't seem to be any way to re-calibrate the guage.
I was able to clean the glass of the hard rusty film it had.
I masked the glass and bead blasted the bezel.
Then shiny silver paint made it look like this.

I think it will do just fine

The tractors first trip to the farm where it gets to stretch

DeeDee wasn't afraid to get dirty either! See a clip.

Here on Christmas Eve out in the new snow

There were several other pictures from the photo shoot in the snow
See the runners up

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