Please take the time to look our catalogs over carefully and hopefully you will find some items you wish to purchase. You may call in your order, fax, e-mail us, or send your order by U.S. Mail with payment enclosed.

  • Mail Order Telephone Number is: (810) 227-1997
  • Fax Number is: (810) 227-1997
  • Store number is (517) 548-7772
  • Office Hours are 8am - 6pm (ET), Mon through Fri
  • Store Hours are 10 am 5 pm (ET) Wed through Sat


  1. List your name, mailing address & zip code,
  2. List by Page #, Artist, Record #, Title & Price
  3. POSTAGE for DOMESTIC ORDERS: Add $2.00 for the first item and $.25 for each additional item. For CANADIAN & OVERSEAS POSTAGE: Add $5.00 for the first item and $1.50 for each additional item. We can send your order by UPS or U.S. Mail, as your preference. If we send by UPS we will need a street address and add an additional $2.00. UPS will deliver to your door and your order is automatically insured for $100 (domestic orders only). For CANADIAN & OVERSEAS Orders: Please pay by cash or postal money order in U.S. Funds. Overseas orders generally go parcel post unless you pay extra for Air Mail. Orders are usually sent by Air Mail to Canada because it is less expensive than parcel post. IMPORTANT: Remember to always list artist name on your order as that is how we file and we can't find it otherwise.

 WE ACCEPT        

Please include your card number and expiration date.

OR MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO JOHN MORRIS OR OLD HOMESTEAD RECORDS. If you include a check or money order with your order, we will send a credit or a check refund for any item we no longer have in stock, whichever you prefer. Please list one alternate for every three items ordered, this will speed the order process. We try to process orders within a few working days.

When ordering used albums please note the condition listed at the end of each listing before the price. If it is listed SS, the item is Still Sealed and new. If the item is listed as N or N-, this means it is about as close to new as possible but used. The Cl grade is reserved for records that are particularly Clean although they are not new. If there is no condition listed, the item is in good playing condition. I feel that you will be satisfied with any item that has no listing. If it is V or V-, it means the record is sufficiently worn or scuffed so that the sound is seriously affected. All purchases are guaranteed, so you are never forced to keep anything that is not satisfactory. However please only order items you want.

If you are interested in 50 LPS (my choice), I will select a package for only $50. You may select a country package (including such artists as Cash, Arnold, Reeves, Atkins, and Cramer), non-country, or contemporary Christian. Postage rules still apply. Please take time to notice the special sales in this catalog. We have a Close-out Sale on our Old Homestead Collector's Series, LP's as well as the Rutabaga Records, the Broadway Intermission Series and the Anthology of Country Music LP's (please list alternates). We have added new CD's to the Old Homestead selection, and we have more on the way! We hope you will be able to take advantage of all of these great sales ! The 78's Catalog and 45's Catalogs are available upon request. As always if you have any records for sale or trade, please let me know what you have. They must be in good playing condition.

If you want a custom cassette or cd made of old recordings, call for details. I will do a song search for you if you send me your requests. I charge extra for something that takes me time to find because it can be very time consuming. I am still looking for used records to sell or for my personal collection. If you have extra clean items for sale or trade, please let me know. Especially early bluegrass or early country artists such as Louvin Bros, Stanley Bros, Reno & Smiley, Ernest Tubb, Monroes, Flatt & Scruggs, Carters, Blue Sky Boys, etc.