Olympics – 1984 Summer Games, Los Angeles

These recordings are still on tape and have not been transferred or only partially transferred to DVD.

Inventory Number Event Sports Network Comments Source

Olympic Preview – Day before Opening Ceremonies
ABC Preview Special, featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This tape includes other non-olympic events. Tape – 144 Not Transferred Three DVDs

Day 1 and Day 16. Opening and closing ceremonies Men's Marathon ABC Opening Ceremonies – This is the full ceremony. I taped it myself at the time. Interview with Rafer Johnson. Marathon and Closing Ceremonies Pt.1. Tape – 114 Not Transferred. Three DVDs

Various Days and Sports Track & Field, Rowing, Swimming, Gymnastics, Women's Marathon, Volleyball. ABC Women's – Track. Women's – Rowing. Men's – Track. Men's – Swimming. Men's – Gymnastics. Track. Men's – Gymnastics. Track. Swimming, backstroke. Gymnastics. Swimming. Track, Gymnastics. Swimming. Women's – Marathon. Women's – Gymnastics. Women's – Track. Volleyball. Tape – 110 Not Transferred. 2-3 DVDs

Day 2. Various Sports Swimming, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Volleyball ABC Swimming. Equestrian, 3 Day Event, Dressage. Women's – Gymnastics. Women's – Volleyball. Tape – 145 Not Transferred. 2-3 DVDs

Days 5, 6 and 7. Various Sports Gymnastics, Equestrian, Swimming, Wrestling, Volleyball ABC Men's – Gymnastics awards. Equestrian, Cross Country. Men's – Gymnastics. Women's – Swimming. Men's Gymnastics. Wrestling – Greco Roman (Blotnik). Song – Reach Out For the Gold. Equestrian. Women's – Gymnastics. Women's – Swimming. Women's – Gymnastics. Women's – Swimming. Women's Gymnastics. Men's – Swimming. Women's – Gymnastics, Mary Lou's vault. Women's – Volleyball. Tape – 107 Not Transferred. 2-3 DVDs.

Various Days and Sports Diving, Track & Field, Basketball, Volleyball, Equestrian, Archery. ABC Men's – Diving, springboard. Track. Basketball. Volleyball. Track. Equestrian, Individual Dressage. Diving. Equestrian, Individual Jumping. Archery. Men's – Diving, Platform. Levi's add. Equestrian, Individual Jumping, 2nd round. Men's – Volleyball. Equestrian. Tape – 118 Not Transferred. 2-3 DVDs

Days 9, 10, and 11 Volleyball, Gymnastics, Track, Basketball, Equestrian, Diving, Swimming. ABC Women's – Volleyball, US vs Peru. Women's – Gymnastics. Track. Basketball. Track. Equestrian, Team Jumping. Diving. Women's – Swimming. Basketball. Men's – Swimming. Women's – Swimming. Tape – 119 Not Transferred. 2-3 DVDs

Day 16 Track & Field. ABC Track & Field, Relays, 4 x 100m, 4 x 400m. Women's – Track. This tape includes other non-olympic events. Tape – 49 Not Transferred. 3-5 DVDs