Olympics – 1988 Winter Games, Calgary Olympics – 1988 Winter Games Calgary

Rough Rough

Inventory Number Event Sports Network Comments Source

Opening Ceremonies. Prime Time, Day 1. Saturday, 2/13/88.

Prime Time, Day 2. Sunday, 2/14/88. Figure Skating ABC Pairs Short Program. Diane

Prime Time, Day 4. Tuesday, 2/16/88. Figure Skating ABC Pairs Free Program Diane

Prime Time, Day 5. Wednesday, 2/17/88. Prime Time, Day 6. Thursday, 2/18/88. Figure Skating ABC Men's Compulsories – Wednesday. Men's Short Program. Also includes other stories, Dan Janson interview – skiing. Diane

Prime Time, Late Night, Day 8. Saturday, 2/20/88. Daytime, Day 9. Sunday, 2/21/88. PrimeTime, Day 16. Sunday, 2/28/88. Also includes a bit of Europeans – 1988. Figure Skating, Aerals, Closing Ceremonies ABC, CBS Day 8 - Men's Free Skate – Not all performances. Ladies Preview. Men's Overview. Boitano with no commentary. Day 9 – Women's Aerials. Day 16 – Men's Overview. Closing Ceremonies. This recording also includes 3 performances from Europeans, 1988. See 1987-1988 Figure Skating page for more information. Diane

Daytime, Day 9. Sunday, 2/21/88. Prime Time, Day 10. Monday, 2/22/88. Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Cross Country Skiing ABC Day 9 – Compulsory Dance (not all performances). Day 10 – Speed Skating: Women's 500m, Bonnie Blair. Cross Coundtry Skiing – Men's 4 x 10km relay freestyle. Diane

Prime Time, Day 10. Monday, 2/22/88. Prime Time, Late Night. Day 11. Tuesday, 2/23/88. Figure Skating ABC Day 10 – Ice Dance, Original Set Pattern (not all performances). Day 11 – Free Dance; Late Night Interviews. Diane

Prime Time, Day 13. Thursday, 2/25/88. Prime Time, Day 15. Saturday, 2/27/88. Prime Time, Day 16. 2/28/88. Figure Skating ABC Day 13 – Ladies Compulsory Story and Short Program. Day 15 – Ladies Free Program. Day 16 – Exhibitions, Katarina Witt. Not all programs – no Midori Ito. Lots of fluff pieces. Diane

Closing Ceremonies. Day 16. Sunday, 2/28/88. Late Night, Day 16. Sunday, 2/28/88. Also includes a preview of 1992 Albertville Games and a special program on the history of Figure Skating. Closing Ceremonies ABC Closing Ceremonies. Late Night – Overview of sports, Dan Janson. The Historical Overview program includes, Grafstrom, Brunet, Henie, Albright, and Heiss (recorded sometime around 1992). Diane