Figure Skating – 2004-05

Nationals – Portland

Inventory Number Event Date of Broadcast Network Comments Source

Nationals 01/15/05, Saturday. ABC Ladies Short Recap – Liang, Kwan, Cohen, Kirk, Meisner, Fluff on Delores Nikadinov. This DVD also includes Gershwin on Ice (see below). DVR

International Competitions

Inventory Number Event Date of Broadcast Network Comments Source
179-FS05 Four Continents – 2005. Today Show - Timothy Goebel. Today Show - Kimmie Meisner. 1 of 1. 02/28/05, Monday. 02/04/05, Friday. 02/10/05, Thursday. NBC

World Championships - Moscow

World Championships 03/17/05, Thursday. ESPN Men's Short. Pairs Short. DVR

World Championships 03/18/05, Friday. ESPN Ladies Qualifying. Pairs Free DVR

World Championships 03/17/05, Thursday. 03/18/05, Friday. ESPN Men's Free. Dance OD DVR

World Championships 03/19/05, Saturday. ESPN Ladies Short. Dance Free DVR

World Championships 03/19/05, Saturday. 03/20/05, Sunday. ESPN Ladies Free. Recap Show DVR

World Championships 03/20/05, Sunday. ESPN Exhibitions DVR

Shows, Specials, and Made-for-TV Competitions

Gershwin on Ice (1 hr. version). 01/09/05, Sunday. KSL-NBC. Syndicated Skaters include – Hartschorn/Schweiding, Tiffany Chin, Alexandr Fedeev, Neal Shmull/Tamara Kuchiki. Skater list may not be complete. This version does not include Dorothy Hamill. This DVD also includes Ladies Short recap from Nationals (see above).

Marshall's U. S. Challenge. Good Morning America, Today Show. 01/17/05, Monday. 04/16/05, Saturday. ABC, NBC Post Nationals Interviews. Michelle Kwan – Good Morning America. Michelle Kwan – Today Show. Marshall's U. S. Challenge – Savoy, Lysacek, Goebel, Weir, Hughes, Liang, Kirk, Meissner, Cohen, Kwan. (competitor list may not be complete.)