Figure Skating - 1995-96


Inventory Number Event Date of Broadcast Network Comments Source
213-FS96-09 America's Choice – The Great Skate Debate. Michelle Kwan – Worlds. 1 of 1. April, 1996 CBS, ABC Josef Sabovcik, Mark Mitchell, Brian Orser, Paul Wylie, Yuka Sato, Scott Hamilton. Also includes Michelle Kwan's Free Program from 1996 Worlds. Tape 237. 1 hr.
212-DIVFS96 Junior Olympics, Northbrook Illinois. 1 of 1. Spring, 1996 Prime Sports. Intermediate Competition. Men - Griffies, Pennington, Wesenburg. Ladies - Nam, Nesuda, McDonough, Leski. Pairs - Glovack/McCarthy, Ganaba/Ganaba, Floyd Tankersley. Dance - Interview with Newman/Abrahams. Tape 237. 1 hr.
218-FS96 World Junior Championships. Brisbane Austrailia Spring, 1996 ESPN Men's Free, Yagudin, Honda.
Pairs Free, Hartsells.
Ladies Free.
Free Dance, Delobel & Schoenfelder.
Tape 245. 1 hr.