Inventory Number Event Date of Broadcast Network Comments Source
008-GSO0506 Nova – The Wave That Shook the World, December 26, 2004, Tsunami. Badminton – World Championships – 2005. 03/29/05, Tuesday. 09/19/05, Monday. KUED, ESPN-2 The Nova show was one of several I recorded about the 2004 Tsunami. Badminton – men's singles; USA won! DVR
194-Jane WORKOUT, Starring Jane Fonda. 1 of 1. 10/03/09, Monday.
This is a DVD transfer from the original tape. The tape is out of print and no DVD was ever released. Video quality is very good. A Complete Two Part Course: Beginner and Advanced. Original Sound Track / 90 Minutes. copies of tape inserts included. from tape
195-Stuff Small Fortunes: Microcredit. Sissel, Into Paradise. Live From Dalhalla. 03/19/07, Monday. 02/24/07, Saturday. BYUTV, KBYU