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Weekly Updates

London is coming

The Summer Olympic Games start July 27th.  I hope to be able to record most, if not all of the broadcasts.  Like many viewers, I was upset that Universal disappeared at the beginning of the year.  Thanks to DISH Network, I now have acess to Universal Sports and I am working on getting hard drives for my DVR.  When I get that set up I should be able to have almost unlimited storage for tons of hours. 

My library is growing and growing.  I have so many more recordings than I have listed.  An email friend has requested coverage from the 2000 Sydney Games.  I am working on them as I type this.  

I'm working on it.

I admit to working almost exclusively on figure skating Grand Prix coverage lately.  This season is a big one My commitment to figure skating and the Vancouver Olympics has the highest priority.  I am also working on the 2004 HD coverage of the Athens game and will add it sport by sport when its organized. 

It's so great to have good Grand Prix coverage.  Thanks to Universal and NBC - never thought I would be saying that. 

We are now three weeks into the Olympic Figure Skating season.  So far Plushenko and Kim Yu Na look unbeatable.  Shen and Zhao look impressive.  The only real competition seems to be in Dance.  Dance ?!  Boy is that a topic for a blog entry, but some other time. 

Today I want to talk about counting chickens.  There have been so many years and so many skaters that were locks for medals, even gold medals.  Going further, there have been so many skaters that were supposed to be the future of figure skating. 

Things happen.  Injury, tragedy, a bad night's sleep, sickness, lousy food, hurt feelings, too much media, too little media, lack of confidence, taking things for granted, issues with skates, issues with costumes, travel problems, nerves, hitting a rut in the ice, a collision with another skater.  And the biggy - just not skating well. 

It may well be that we see Plushenko, Kim, and Shen and Zhao win gold medals in Vancouver.  It is just as likely that someone else will win gold.  It's why they have the competition. 

What is it that John Nicks does with pairs teams.  Was it 1993 where we first saw Meno and Sand?  I remember them skating out in the first practice warm up that we saw.  They went straight into one long gliding move, a simple position where they just looked at each other.  My friend remembers that we were about to leave to go to another practice and when we saw that one move we stopped and sat down to watch. 

This season we have seen in again.  Once with McLaughlin/Brubaker and once with Inoue/Baldwin.  Now Inoue/Baldwin are being coached by Jenni and Todd Sand (does Jenni go by Meno or Sand) and not John Nicks, but I see the definite influence of John Nicks through Todd and Jenni.  Both of these teams suddenly have a new connection - with each other and with the audience.  It's always something very simple; an arm movement done in perfect unison, a held position at the end of an element.  Whatever it is, this connection suddenly compells us to watch and feel the emotion of two skating as one in ways we haven't felt for these couples before. 

I still can't quite put my finger on all of it.  I watch Moskvina's skaters through the years.  They have elegence and speed.  They have seemless movement and difficulty.  Sometimes they are thrilling to watch.  Yet, when I see the influence of John Nicks there is a difference that immediately makes me sigh and think  "That's just right." 


It's my official beginning of the Olympic Figure Skating season.  This week is Trophee Eric Bompard; the first of the Grand Prix competitions.  After thinking we weren't going to get more than 2 hours of TV coverage for the whole Grand Prix season, we suddenly have news that NBC and Universal are going to broadcast 12 hours of each competion.  Wonder of wonders.  At the same time, the schedule is still sort of confused.   One press release indicates more broadcasts than Universal has on it's schedule.  I'm guessing the descriptions are wrong.  That happened last spring for the World Championships.  I am waiting to see what is actually broadcast, then I will list accurate descriptions of each recording. 

This week is also the Gymnastics World Championships in London.  Again there is lots of coverage on NBC and Universal.  I will record it all and list the recordings along with those for figure skating.

Finally.  Drum roll please.  I have finished listing all the Barcelona 1992 Olympic recordings.  I will probably slow down adding new Olympic material during the season. 

This week I added the original best Jane Fonda workout.  Used VHS tapes of this workout still sell on Amazon for nearly $20.00 with sales rankings often in the top 100 of all video tapes.  This workout was never released on DVD.  I converted a tape for a friend who still uses the workout regularly and wanted a DVD since she was afraid the tape would wear out.  For anyone who loves this workout, having it on DVD is a great idea.

Next week I should be adding the very last of my 1992 Barcelona recordings.  This week I put up the Closing Ceremonies and the ending credits.   I always make a point to watch closing credits.  It's usually some of the best music of the entire two weeks and I love seeing all the names of those who make my enjoyment possible. 

Next is the World Gymnastic's Championships in London. 

There were lots of Olympic contenders at Nebelhorn last week.  Lots of new programs to see.  http://www.youtube.com/results?uploaded=w&search_query=nebelhorn&search_type=videos  I got to see Stephane Lambiel's version of the William Tell Overture.  I must say he adds a european flavor back into the Lone Ranger theme.  Considering it was originally european, that's a good thing.  I have yet to decide if I can get past my childhood images of the music and accept the Lambiel version.

I also got to see both the OD and Free Program from Davis and White.  I have seen a lot of discussion about the Phantom of the Operal Free Program.  I think it will be great.  There is a lift toward the end of the program that isn't quite there yet, but once it's on the right beat of the music that lift will be dynamite.  This program shows Charlies talents to the fullest. 

I added some Spelling Bee recordings this week.  The Bee is always so fun.  I also added the Men's Marathon from the 1992  Barcelona Olympics.  That just leaves the Closing Ceremonies for next week and then some wrap up tapes. 

There is a nice cliffs notes thread on Golden Skate with the music choices for figure skaters for the coming year.  As usual the Dancers have the most interesting choices.  Some of the music for the OD makes me very curious.  As for the rest, there is the usually lot of lovely music and ugly music.  Only one choice really made me raise my eyebrows.  Stephane Lambiel has chosen the William Tell Overture for his short program!  For those who don't know, that's the Lone Ranger theme.  My word!  This should be very interesting. 

This weeks Olympics recordings include the Dream Team Gold Medal Game along with the complete medal ceremony.  There is also the Women's Volleyball Bronze Medal Game with the USA defeating Brazil to take the medal.  Next week it's the Track and Field relays and the men's marathon. 

I wrote a whole post and lost this so this will be short.  This weeks recordings include the last competitive swim by Matt Biondi - not in the finals, but in the morning heats for the medley relay.  The first part of the Men's Gymnastics All-around is also included - dominated by the Unified team, headed by Vitaly Scherbo.  According to Wikipedia, Biondi is now a matt teacher in Hawaii and Scherbo owns his own gym in Las Vegas. 

Seoul - 1988

I started adding a couple of recordings from the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.  These were mixed in among the 1992 recordings.  I had forgotten how late in the year the Seoul Games were.  They started on the 17th of September and ended the first week in October.  I think the NFL football schedule got all fouled up for three weeks.  One of the recordings is very poor quality and I wouldn't have kept it at all except it has Janet Evans winning the 800m freestyle.  I think Janet was the only gold medalist on the women's swimming team that year.   Janet was in her prime with her windmill stroke.  At one point the commentators talked about how she was eating anything in sight when she came for interviews as she had a hard time keeping weight on.  I get so jealous when I hear those kinds of stories. 

I added the Barcelona opening ceremonies this week.  As I watch the 1992 Olympics I am reminded of the times.  It was just as the Soviet Union was breaking up.  The individual countries had not set up their own Olympic organizations so the countries that used to make up the Soviet Union competed as the Unified Team.  When they won team medals, the Olympic Anthem was played instead of the Soviet Union Anthem.  When individual gold medals were won, the anthem of the individual countries were played.  It must have seemed sort of anti-climactic to those athletes.  

I also realize this was the first year without the juggernaut of the East German women - especially in swimming.  I remember thinking last summer in Beijing, that the USA women's swimming team wasn't doing too well.  I forget that in 1988, Janet Evans won the only gold for the USA women in swimming.  East Germany was still doping their women and they were still the dominant team.  By 1992 all the doping was out in the open and the age of the East German swimmers was over.  

I find it one of the most interesting things about the Olympic Games to put them in their historical positions over the years.  1992 was certainly a transitional year. 

I'm feeling like the 1992 Olympics project may be done soon.  I found my copies of the Opening Ceremonies this week and am making headway towards the closing ceremonies.  Now I can start planning the next project.  2004 HD coverage?  Maybe.

Did anyone else watch the Track and Field World Championships this week.  I have all of that recorded as well - just waiting for someone who is obsessed with Usain Bolt. 

I also added all of the 2009 Figure Skating World Championships this week.  I loved spending the whole week watching again.  I am always partial to the US skaters - always will be, I guess.  I was very happy to see Evan Lysecek win.  I remember watching Evan as a novice in 1999 in Salt Lake City.  I sort of feel like I discovered him.  I love to watch skaters progress.  I always miss them when their paths go away from skating.   It makes it even more exciting to see some of them succeed - like Evan. 

Gymnastics was fun to watch last weekend.  It was so obvious that the members of the 2008 Olympic Team had become a tight knit group.  They all seem so much more mature - willing to include all competitors and cheer each other on.  I was happy for Bridget Sloan.  Not just because she won, but just as much because she seems to have grown in leaps and bounds in confidence and maturity.  She was relaxed.  She supported everyone.  She cheered for everyone.  She seems to have embraced a leadership role along side Nastia.  I thought Bridget was impressive.

There's more 1992 Olympics this week, but some of the coverage makes me ask a long time question about the 1984 Olympics.  We have been told over the years that Terry Schroeder, of Water Polo fame, was the model for the male statue in front of the coloseum in Los Angeles.  Who was the woman?  Was it ever made public?  If I ever knew, I've forgotten.  If you know, please comment.  Thanks  Till next week all.  

I'm back to the 1992 Olympics this week.  About 7 more tapes to transfer and I can get to my next batch.  I'm thinking I better get my 2004 HC coverage listed.  That coverage was much more extensive than the standard NBC coverage.  Mind, I didn't record it in HD;  just got the expanded coverage.

This weekend is a big one for individual sports.  The National Gymnastics competition starts on Thursday and the World Championships for Track and Field starts on Saturday.  I will be recording all I can.  Once again I don't know if I will keep it so if you are interested, let me know. 

I want.....

One of these first few weeks I need to start a page of recordings I want.  For now I will make a quick list here.  I finished adding my 2008 Olympic Trials this week and found there are some things I'm missing. 

- Gymnastics:  Women's Day 1 and all the Men's.

- Swimming - Days 6 and 8.  I'm not sure there were broadcasts of these days but I would still like to have them.

 - Diving - Men's 3 metre. 

Anyone want to trade?  That's my starter list.  Next week I should have several 1992 Olympic recordings. 

This week I started adding recordings of Olympic Trials.  I always get really excited when the trials come along.  Some of the most emotional moments of the Olympic year are at Trials.  It's never about the athletes that will be the stars.  It's always about the ones that never thought they could make it and do - or the ones that tried so hard and don't quite make it to the Olympic team.  I still have swimming, gymnastics and the rest of diving to come. 

Tour de France is over so I will be back to the 1992 Olympics for a while.  I still have the recordings of the Tour de France, all 25 of them; at least till Thursday, the 30th.  If you are interested, let me know quickly. 

I added eight new recordings to the 2008-09 figure skating season today.  Except for Skate America, all of them are entertainment shows and fundraising events.

My life just got a little bit more exciting.  I now have access to Universal Sports as well as some new regional channels, including "The Mountain".   I will be recording lots of events on my DVR.  I may or may not save them on disc.  Figure Skating and Olympics will always be saved.  They are my first priority.  I almost always save gymnastics as well. 

Whether or not I save other events will depend upon interest.  My main interests are individual sports - swimming, diving, Track and field.  I also like college football.  I will post anything I'm recording to DVR in News on the main page.  I'll save things for a month or two.  If there is anything you want - YELL!!! 



I added 16 recordings this week - all from 2006.  WE network tried a celebrity competition called "Skating's Next Star".  It's a good look at journeyman skating.  I found myself enjoying it;  looking for the good stroking, artistry, and presence that marks excellent skating.  I also added the 9 hours of Paralympics programming that were broadcast that year.  These programs appeared all on one day on ESPNU.

The 2006 Olympics broadcasts included "Olympic Ice" on USA network.  It was the best idea NBC had that year.  Mary Carillo was inspired as the host of the daily hour show.  She was irreverent and funny while still respecting the seriousness of the Olympic Skating competition.  I found her laughing with the skaters, not at them.  Dick Button had a ball answering questions on "Push Dick's Buttons", chuckling all the way through the segment.  Finally Moskvina had her tongue firmly in cheek during her "minutes" and Jaime and David joined in the fun.  Add the band and the cheerleader and it's fun to watch.   Now if NBC will just decide to show us ALL the skating.  Please show us ALL the skating. 

I'm starting an event page this week.  I don't know how well I will keep it up, but I wanted to make an attempt to keep track of the things I will definitely be recording.  Up first is the Tour de France.  I have a friend who requested the recordings so I'm doing it all.  If anyone else needs/wants it I'd be happy to send it along.  I'm one of those who didn't think Lance would be able to win this year, but after today's team time trial, I may have to become a believer. 

This weeks update included more collegiate gymnastics from this last season and the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships.  I will be occupied with the Tour for the next few weeks so the weekly updates will mostly be older recordings in an effort to catch up. 

OK, I just had this nice long post, but my internet connection is so awful this week that it got lost. Grrr. Anyway this week includes lots of the 1992 Summer Olympics along with Gymnastics, Skating shows, and some swimming and diving. Maybe I will add more to this later but for now - enjoy

If there is a program you can't record for some reason, give me a shout (send me an email).  I notice that the Tour de France is starting this weekend.  Anyone need it recorded? 

I am changing my day for updating this page.  Tuesdays will now be my regular day for the time being. 

Another week of adding in recordings I made and labeled years ago.  This week includes this year's Ameican Cup gymnastics as well as the Pacific Alliance from 2006.  There are recordings of Badminton in 2005, and Swimming from 2006.  These will eventually go on a general sports page. 

I always record the National Spelling Bee and this week I added the 2006 version when Kerry Close won.  I liked Kerry and was glad she won even though I rooted for Samir Patel for several years.   I remembered watching her for several years.  Some of the competitors are appealing and some just aren't.  Kerry was appealing.  I'm pretty sure this was the first year the final appear on ABC during primitime.   

I also added 2 programs that I find valuable and want to keep.  One is "Small Fortunes", a documentary about the micro-credit movement and the other is the Nova broadcast of "The Wave That Shook the World"; about the Tsunami on December 26, 2004. 

Dogs in Blogs

My firefox version of the site finally updated itself.  I guess it just takes longer.  It's very wierd. 

I have started going though all my old boxes, finally brought in from the shed.  I have tons of DVD's that were labeled years ago, but put aside.  Now I have a chance to start adding them to the inventory list so they will be organized.   The figure skating recordings from 2005-06 added this week are the first of those. 

This week also includes the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for 2009.  I record the Dog Show every year.  Have done for that last five or six years.  This year's show is available to watch for free on Hulu.  I always like to have my own recordings.  I still watch more on TV than on the computer. 

Yeah, I know the title is strange.  Here's something even stranger.  I spent 2 hours updating the Olympic page this evening.  I finally gave up on firefox and updated on explorer.  Everything worked great.  (Note to self:  always use explorer to update the website).  Then I went back to firefox to do some other work and decided to check out my updates there.  Guess what.  The Olympic page didn't update on firefox - it's still the old page.  I don't know if it will work itself out or not.  Just please make sure you are using explorer when you are looking for anything.

This week's new recordings of the Barcelona games include a bunch of track and field.  I am always startled to hear O. J. Simpson doing the commentary.  It takes me a minute to remember that he was the ranking color commentator on track and field for many years.  I remember seeing O. J. set a world record in the 4 by 100m relay at the NCAA championships in June of 1967 at BYU.  He was on the USC team with Earl McCullough, another football player. 

I loved watching that meet at BYU.  Dick Fosbury was there with his Fosbury flop.  It was really new and different at the time.  By the way, there is a nice piece about Fosbury on the 077-O92 recording.  I also remember seeing Jim Ryan at that BYU meet.  He didn't break 2:00 minutes that evening, but BYU is at a pretty high altitude.  That was a fun time.

Finally, these recordings include the gold medal performance of Trent Dimas on the high bar.  This gold medal was at least as unexpected as Paul Wylie's silver in figure skating.  You will never see a more exuberant and gleeful celebration than Trent Dimas and his coach. 


This week there are 6 new recordings from this year's college gymnastics seasons.  The schools include powerhouses, Alabama, Utah, and Georgia.  Courtney Kupets scored to perfect 10's against Alabama.  There are also 4 new recordings from the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games.  These include all the Women's Individual Apparatus recordings in Gymnastics.  Shannon Miller won 3 medals; in bars, beam, and floor. 

It's been a fun week watching the National Spelling Bee.  Congratulations to Kaviya.  Now we enter that slow season when I hope to get lots of work done before the busy Winter Olympic season starts in the fall.  

This weeks new listings are all figure skating - Nationals in Cleveland 2009.  I am still working on the 1992 Barcelona Games but ran into a confusion on a couple of tapes this week.  I'm sure I will have more triplecast recordings to add next week. 

This week is the National Spelling Bee.  I love the National Spelling Bee and will be glued to the TV on those days.  My favorite of the last several years, Samir Patel, is too old to participate and won't be back this year.  I am looking forward to rooting for new favorites.   If anyone wants a recording, just let me know. 

Boy, life is busy.  I'm enjoying these Wednesday sessions.  I finally feel like I'm getting a sort of permanent place to catalog my recordings.  There are so many.  Tons of recordings are coming.  

Some very cool recordings from Barcelona this week.  During the Women's All-around, a 15-year-old Shannon Miller performed the most perfect vault I have ever seen.  It's no longer the most difficult vault, but I still regard it as perfectly performed.  Then there's the judging discussion during the Women's 3 metre qualifying competition in diving.  Cynthia Potter and cohorts sat for about an hour and explained the way judging works in diving.  It is fabulous.  At the time I wished figure skating would adopt this system.  The "new" system for judging figure skating has many of these elements, just not enough of the provisions that prevent bias.   It's a great conversation - one that could never have happened on network TV. 

Two new pages this week.  Arts and Entertainment and Trade Only.  I love classical music so many of the recordings here are classical performances.  The first entry is my favorite concert by Luciano Pavarotti.  I have never seen it available in full and I feel lucky to have it.  The Trade Only page is recordings I made of events that are available commercially.  The commercial recordings are of much better quality, but I am including these as a part of my complete inventory. 

May 13, 2009

Another new page is coming this week.  This week I'm adding an Olympics page.   

More 1992 Summer Olympics recordings this week.  It's time to talk about about John Tesh as an accouncer for gymnastics.  John was very sincere.  The problem was that he kept finding these sugary sweet phrases that he latched onto and then repeated,   and repeated,    and repeated.   Even after 17 years, I still cringe at some of them.  We only needed the reference to Gutsu as Boginskaya's "little sister" one time.  It never needed to be spoken again. 

The announcers for the triplecast were Greg Lewis, Peter Vidmar and Julianne McNamara.  As with all the triplecast coverage, the gymnastics coverage was more relaxed than the NBC coverage.  Greg Lewis tried to be humorous and succeeded much of the time.  Peter and Juliane got a little bit fixated on some scoring issues but not to the point where I was overly annoyed.  As with all triplecast coverage, we got to see many, many more gymnasts and performances than were shown on the NBC network broadcasts.    

May 6, 2009

You will notice a new page this week - Figure Skating!  Only one year and one DVD so far.  More are coming.  Promise. 

Most of the updates for the last several weeks have been of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  If you notice on the "source" column, most of these are listed as "rough".  That means I have taken these straight from the tapes without any editing for commercials or sports.  When I recorded these in 1992, I had one TV and one recorder.  When I got the triplecast, I was recording as much as I could all day long.  The triplecast was a gift from a friend and her request was for all the equestrian event.  So equestrian came first and everything else came after.  Some of the tapes during NBC's primetime coverage went back and forth between NBC and the Triplecast.  Someday I hope to edit all these tapes according to sport;  putting all the gymnastics together and editing between the NBC coverage and the Triplecast coverage.  Not today, though.  

April 29, 2009

I spent most of this week trying to figure out what I did three months ago when I transferred some of the 1992 Summer Olympics tapes to DVD.  It's frustrating to have to re-do material I thought was already done.  Grrr.   Now that I am up and running on this web page I should be able to avoid that cofusion.  I hope so. 

Starting next week, I plan to start adding pages for permanent listings.   There will be separate pages for Figure Skating, Gymnastics, and The Olympic Games.  Each of those pages will be organized by year.  That's the plan, anyway.  Wish me luck. 

April 22, 2009

There's a mandatory blog page on these websites so I guess I'll keep a blog of sorts.  This weeks video watching included Cinderella;  the Rogers and Hammerstein musical with Julie Andrews.  My niece, nephew and brother-in-law sang several songs from it and several other Rogers and Hammerstein musicals in a small community production this week.  I recorded Cinderella in 2004 when it was broadcast on PBS.  It had not been seen since its live broadcast in the '50s.   I will have it listed soon.  Since it is available in a commercial form, it will be a trade only recording.

I am progressing with the 1992 Olympics triplecast recordings and have been working on this year's World Championship Figure Skating Competition as well as women's collegiate gymnastics.  If there is anything you need recorded that you can't get in your area, let me know.  I may be able to record it for you.