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Spelling Bee, Swimming, Badminton and catch up.

I am changing my day for updating this page.  Tuesdays will now be my regular day for the time being. 

Another week of adding in recordings I made and labeled years ago.  This week includes this year's Ameican Cup gymnastics as well as the Pacific Alliance from 2006.  There are recordings of Badminton in 2005, and Swimming from 2006.  These will eventually go on a general sports page. 

I always record the National Spelling Bee and this week I added the 2006 version when Kerry Close won.  I liked Kerry and was glad she won even though I rooted for Samir Patel for several years.   I remembered watching her for several years.  Some of the competitors are appealing and some just aren't.  Kerry was appealing.  I'm pretty sure this was the first year the final appear on ABC during primitime.   

I also added 2 programs that I find valuable and want to keep.  One is "Small Fortunes", a documentary about the micro-credit movement and the other is the Nova broadcast of "The Wave That Shook the World"; about the Tsunami on December 26, 2004. 

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