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2006! The year of Skating's Next Star, Moskvina Minutes and Push Dick's Button

I added 16 recordings this week - all from 2006.  WE network tried a celebrity competition called "Skating's Next Star".  It's a good look at journeyman skating.  I found myself enjoying it;  looking for the good stroking, artistry, and presence that marks excellent skating.  I also added the 9 hours of Paralympics programming that were broadcast that year.  These programs appeared all on one day on ESPNU.

The 2006 Olympics broadcasts included "Olympic Ice" on USA network.  It was the best idea NBC had that year.  Mary Carillo was inspired as the host of the daily hour show.  She was irreverent and funny while still respecting the seriousness of the Olympic Skating competition.  I found her laughing with the skaters, not at them.  Dick Button had a ball answering questions on "Push Dick's Buttons", chuckling all the way through the segment.  Finally Moskvina had her tongue firmly in cheek during her "minutes" and Jaime and David joined in the fun.  Add the band and the cheerleader and it's fun to watch.   Now if NBC will just decide to show us ALL the skating.  Please show us ALL the skating. 

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