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New Sources - Universal and The Mountain

I added eight new recordings to the 2008-09 figure skating season today.  Except for Skate America, all of them are entertainment shows and fundraising events.

My life just got a little bit more exciting.  I now have access to Universal Sports as well as some new regional channels, including "The Mountain".   I will be recording lots of events on my DVR.  I may or may not save them on disc.  Figure Skating and Olympics will always be saved.  They are my first priority.  I almost always save gymnastics as well. 

Whether or not I save other events will depend upon interest.  My main interests are individual sports - swimming, diving, Track and field.  I also like college football.  I will post anything I'm recording to DVR in News on the main page.  I'll save things for a month or two.  If there is anything you want - YELL!!! 



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