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Congratulations to Bridget Sloan and Jonathan Horton and a 1984 Olympics question.

Gymnastics was fun to watch last weekend.  It was so obvious that the members of the 2008 Olympic Team had become a tight knit group.  They all seem so much more mature - willing to include all competitors and cheer each other on.  I was happy for Bridget Sloan.  Not just because she won, but just as much because she seems to have grown in leaps and bounds in confidence and maturity.  She was relaxed.  She supported everyone.  She cheered for everyone.  She seems to have embraced a leadership role along side Nastia.  I thought Bridget was impressive.

There's more 1992 Olympics this week, but some of the coverage makes me ask a long time question about the 1984 Olympics.  We have been told over the years that Terry Schroeder, of Water Polo fame, was the model for the male statue in front of the coloseum in Los Angeles.  Who was the woman?  Was it ever made public?  If I ever knew, I've forgotten.  If you know, please comment.  Thanks  Till next week all.  

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