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Light at the end of the Tunnel?

I'm feeling like the 1992 Olympics project may be done soon.  I found my copies of the Opening Ceremonies this week and am making headway towards the closing ceremonies.  Now I can start planning the next project.  2004 HD coverage?  Maybe.

Did anyone else watch the Track and Field World Championships this week.  I have all of that recorded as well - just waiting for someone who is obsessed with Usain Bolt. 

I also added all of the 2009 Figure Skating World Championships this week.  I loved spending the whole week watching again.  I am always partial to the US skaters - always will be, I guess.  I was very happy to see Evan Lysecek win.  I remember watching Evan as a novice in 1999 in Salt Lake City.  I sort of feel like I discovered him.  I love to watch skaters progress.  I always miss them when their paths go away from skating.   It makes it even more exciting to see some of them succeed - like Evan. 

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