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The Lone Ranger - Stephane Lambiel!

There is a nice cliffs notes thread on Golden Skate with the music choices for figure skaters for the coming year.  As usual the Dancers have the most interesting choices.  Some of the music for the OD makes me very curious.  As for the rest, there is the usually lot of lovely music and ugly music.  Only one choice really made me raise my eyebrows.  Stephane Lambiel has chosen the William Tell Overture for his short program!  For those who don't know, that's the Lone Ranger theme.  My word!  This should be very interesting. 

This weeks Olympics recordings include the Dream Team Gold Medal Game along with the complete medal ceremony.  There is also the Women's Volleyball Bronze Medal Game with the USA defeating Brazil to take the medal.  Next week it's the Track and Field relays and the men's marathon. 

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