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Jane Fonda and the End of One Project

This week I added the original best Jane Fonda workout.  Used VHS tapes of this workout still sell on Amazon for nearly $20.00 with sales rankings often in the top 100 of all video tapes.  This workout was never released on DVD.  I converted a tape for a friend who still uses the workout regularly and wanted a DVD since she was afraid the tape would wear out.  For anyone who loves this workout, having it on DVD is a great idea.

Next week I should be adding the very last of my 1992 Barcelona recordings.  This week I put up the Closing Ceremonies and the ending credits.   I always make a point to watch closing credits.  It's usually some of the best music of the entire two weeks and I love seeing all the names of those who make my enjoyment possible. 

Next is the World Gymnastic's Championships in London. 

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