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Figure Skating. Gymnastics. What a busy week.

It's my official beginning of the Olympic Figure Skating season.  This week is Trophee Eric Bompard; the first of the Grand Prix competitions.  After thinking we weren't going to get more than 2 hours of TV coverage for the whole Grand Prix season, we suddenly have news that NBC and Universal are going to broadcast 12 hours of each competion.  Wonder of wonders.  At the same time, the schedule is still sort of confused.   One press release indicates more broadcasts than Universal has on it's schedule.  I'm guessing the descriptions are wrong.  That happened last spring for the World Championships.  I am waiting to see what is actually broadcast, then I will list accurate descriptions of each recording. 

This week is also the Gymnastics World Championships in London.  Again there is lots of coverage on NBC and Universal.  I will record it all and list the recordings along with those for figure skating.

Finally.  Drum roll please.  I have finished listing all the Barcelona 1992 Olympic recordings.  I will probably slow down adding new Olympic material during the season. 

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