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That's Why They Have the Competition

We are now three weeks into the Olympic Figure Skating season.  So far Plushenko and Kim Yu Na look unbeatable.  Shen and Zhao look impressive.  The only real competition seems to be in Dance.  Dance ?!  Boy is that a topic for a blog entry, but some other time. 

Today I want to talk about counting chickens.  There have been so many years and so many skaters that were locks for medals, even gold medals.  Going further, there have been so many skaters that were supposed to be the future of figure skating. 

Things happen.  Injury, tragedy, a bad night's sleep, sickness, lousy food, hurt feelings, too much media, too little media, lack of confidence, taking things for granted, issues with skates, issues with costumes, travel problems, nerves, hitting a rut in the ice, a collision with another skater.  And the biggy - just not skating well. 

It may well be that we see Plushenko, Kim, and Shen and Zhao win gold medals in Vancouver.  It is just as likely that someone else will win gold.  It's why they have the competition. 

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