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May 6, 2009

You will notice a new page this week - Figure Skating!  Only one year and one DVD so far.  More are coming.  Promise. 

Most of the updates for the last several weeks have been of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  If you notice on the "source" column, most of these are listed as "rough".  That means I have taken these straight from the tapes without any editing for commercials or sports.  When I recorded these in 1992, I had one TV and one recorder.  When I got the triplecast, I was recording as much as I could all day long.  The triplecast was a gift from a friend and her request was for all the equestrian event.  So equestrian came first and everything else came after.  Some of the tapes during NBC's primetime coverage went back and forth between NBC and the Triplecast.  Someday I hope to edit all these tapes according to sport;  putting all the gymnastics together and editing between the NBC coverage and the Triplecast coverage.  Not today, though.  

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