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May 13, 2009

Another new page is coming this week.  This week I'm adding an Olympics page.   

More 1992 Summer Olympics recordings this week.  It's time to talk about about John Tesh as an accouncer for gymnastics.  John was very sincere.  The problem was that he kept finding these sugary sweet phrases that he latched onto and then repeated,   and repeated,    and repeated.   Even after 17 years, I still cringe at some of them.  We only needed the reference to Gutsu as Boginskaya's "little sister" one time.  It never needed to be spoken again. 

The announcers for the triplecast were Greg Lewis, Peter Vidmar and Julianne McNamara.  As with all the triplecast coverage, the gymnastics coverage was more relaxed than the NBC coverage.  Greg Lewis tried to be humorous and succeeded much of the time.  Peter and Juliane got a little bit fixated on some scoring issues but not to the point where I was overly annoyed.  As with all triplecast coverage, we got to see many, many more gymnasts and performances than were shown on the NBC network broadcasts.    

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