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Perfect Vaults, Great Judging and Pavarotti !

Some very cool recordings from Barcelona this week.  During the Women's All-around, a 15-year-old Shannon Miller performed the most perfect vault I have ever seen.  It's no longer the most difficult vault, but I still regard it as perfectly performed.  Then there's the judging discussion during the Women's 3 metre qualifying competition in diving.  Cynthia Potter and cohorts sat for about an hour and explained the way judging works in diving.  It is fabulous.  At the time I wished figure skating would adopt this system.  The "new" system for judging figure skating has many of these elements, just not enough of the provisions that prevent bias.   It's a great conversation - one that could never have happened on network TV. 

Two new pages this week.  Arts and Entertainment and Trade Only.  I love classical music so many of the recordings here are classical performances.  The first entry is my favorite concert by Luciano Pavarotti.  I have never seen it available in full and I feel lucky to have it.  The Trade Only page is recordings I made of events that are available commercially.  The commercial recordings are of much better quality, but I am including these as a part of my complete inventory. 


Those vaults are why I started gymnastics! No one does it like Shannon.

diana benana (05/28/2009 08:16:56)

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