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U.S. Nationals 2009 and the National Spelling Bee

This weeks new listings are all figure skating - Nationals in Cleveland 2009.  I am still working on the 1992 Barcelona Games but ran into a confusion on a couple of tapes this week.  I'm sure I will have more triplecast recordings to add next week. 

This week is the National Spelling Bee.  I love the National Spelling Bee and will be glued to the TV on those days.  My favorite of the last several years, Samir Patel, is too old to participate and won't be back this year.  I am looking forward to rooting for new favorites.   If anyone wants a recording, just let me know. 

Boy, life is busy.  I'm enjoying these Wednesday sessions.  I finally feel like I'm getting a sort of permanent place to catalog my recordings.  There are so many.  Tons of recordings are coming.  

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