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Firefox, explorer, O. J. Simpson and High Bar.

Yeah, I know the title is strange.  Here's something even stranger.  I spent 2 hours updating the Olympic page this evening.  I finally gave up on firefox and updated on explorer.  Everything worked great.  (Note to self:  always use explorer to update the website).  Then I went back to firefox to do some other work and decided to check out my updates there.  Guess what.  The Olympic page didn't update on firefox - it's still the old page.  I don't know if it will work itself out or not.  Just please make sure you are using explorer when you are looking for anything.

This week's new recordings of the Barcelona games include a bunch of track and field.  I am always startled to hear O. J. Simpson doing the commentary.  It takes me a minute to remember that he was the ranking color commentator on track and field for many years.  I remember seeing O. J. set a world record in the 4 by 100m relay at the NCAA championships in June of 1967 at BYU.  He was on the USC team with Earl McCullough, another football player. 

I loved watching that meet at BYU.  Dick Fosbury was there with his Fosbury flop.  It was really new and different at the time.  By the way, there is a nice piece about Fosbury on the 077-O92 recording.  I also remember seeing Jim Ryan at that BYU meet.  He didn't break 2:00 minutes that evening, but BYU is at a pretty high altitude.  That was a fun time.

Finally, these recordings include the gold medal performance of Trent Dimas on the high bar.  This gold medal was at least as unexpected as Paul Wylie's silver in figure skating.  You will never see a more exuberant and gleeful celebration than Trent Dimas and his coach. 


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