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Welcome to friends and fellow enthusiasts. 
This is my personal project to transfer my recordings from tape to DVD.  I have created the site so that I can share these recordings.  I am always interested in trading.  However, if you just want a recording, contact me or email me at oldvideos@comcast.net.  I can make copies on DVD.  I still make video tape copies as well.  

4/21/12 - I just posted some recordings from the 1988 Calgary Games given to me by a great friend.  It's a little bit rough and fragmented, but it does include stories about cumpulsories.  It also has closing ceremonies with lots of skating.  Also, I do have access to Universal Sports.  I have coverage of U.S. Nationals, Four Continents, Europeans, and the World Championships from Nice.  Contact me if you need copies.
2/07/12 - Started listing the 1987-88 Figure skating season.  I also have recordings of 2012 Nationals.  Contact me if you are interested.   I hope to also have Four Continent.  
12/28/11 - Started uploading the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games today.  So far it's just the Paralympics.  More to come.  Find it on the Olympics page or Here.  
12/27/11 - Figure Skating - Added Skating With the Stars - Finals and an additional recording of Pairs from Grand Prix Finals.  Find them on the Figure Skating Page or Here
08/25/11 - Beijing Olympics, 2008
I just added 25 recordings to the 2008 Beijing Olympic page.  These recordings cover most of the daytime broadcasts from
August 9th to August 13.  There are lots more to come.  
07/22/11 - Figure Skating, Nationals 2007
I traded for 13 recording of Naitonals 2007.  These include all championship events including exhibitions.  I also have recordings of Novice Ladies.  These recordings include all the competitive programs with no commentary. 
You can see them here
Find more programs on the Figure Skating Page.  
06/17/11 - Figure Skating, 2006 Nationals
I traded for 6 new recordings of Nationals 2006.  These have all the performances without commentary.  You can see them here.  Find more programs on the
Figure Skating page.  
06/08/11 - Figure Skating, 2004-05 Season
Today I uploaded several figure skating recordings from 2004-05.  They are mostly from the World Championships in Moscow.  You can see them here.  Find many more programs on the Figure Skating page. 
06/01/11 - 1984 Summer Olympics,
Los Angeles
Today I listed the recordings I have for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.  This includes a full recording of the Opening Cermonies - my favorite of all the Opening Ceremonies.  This listing is of my tapes.  Most of them have not been transferred to DVD.  The picture quality is pretty good for older tapes.  Contact me for more information.  I would be happy to transfer the recordings on request although it may take some extra time.   
You can find these recordings on the Olympic Page
05/26/11 - Track and Field
I added 13 recordings of the IAAF World Championships from Berlin
- 2009.  Find them on the Sports Page.  
05/13/11 Figure Skating

I found the rest of the recordings for the 2009-10 season - Skate Canada
and Grand Prix Finals.  I have added them to the list. 
Check them out on the Figure Skating page.  
04/29/11 Worlds and Royals
I am in the midst of recording all the Universal coverage of Worlds.  Recordings should be available by Monday.   Also - I went over the top with the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I have coverage from ABC, NBC, CNN and FOX.  I won't keep most of it, but it's available for now.  
04/22/11 - More Athens Videos
I added 20 new recordings of the 2004 Athens Olympics.  The videos include the rest of the HD recordings - all Track and Field.  I also added the fluff and news recordings - Today Show, local news and a very interesting show from Link TV about a woman from Afghanistan who competed in the Athens Games.  I also made a start at listing the recordings of the standard broadcasts by date.   
04/14/11 - New Videos Listed
I added most of the 2009-10 Figure Skating Season.
This includes about 70 videos from Grand Prix, Nationals, Europeans, Four Continents, Worlds and shows.  
Check it out on the Figure Skating Page.   

The Grand Prix season for 2010-11 is available along with Nationals, Europeans, Four Continents and shows.  I will be recording Worlds starting April 27th.    

Recent Additions
05/25/10 - 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.  HD coverage - Diving (now complete).
05/11/10 - 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.  HD coverage - Swimming (now complete) and Diving.   
05/05/10 - 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.  HD coverage - gymnastics (now complete).  
04/27/10 - 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.  HD coverage - gymnastics.


Vancouver Olympics Recordings Available
Here is a partial list of recordings available.  If there is anything you don't see- just ask. 
- Pairs Short and Free Programs - NBC 
- Men's Short and Free Programs - NBC
- Ice Dancing CD, OD and Free Dance - NBC
- Ladies Short and Free Programs - NBC
- Figure Skating Review Preview - The Universal Skating Hour - 14 Episodes
- Vancouver Preview - Includes 1/2 hour of figure skating coverage - 2 episodes, Feb 12th and 13th. 
- Vancouver Olympic News Center - 14, 90-min. episodes, combined with-
- Behind the Games - 15, 30-min episodes.
- Vancouver Olympic News Center - 16, 60-min. episodes, combined with-
- Meet the Olympic Press - 15, 30-min episodes, combined with-
- Vancouver Review Preview - 14, 30-min episodes.
- America's Greatest Games - 1 30-min. episode on Feb. 28th.
- Today Show - All shows from Feb. 12th - Mar. 1st.
- All Prime Times broadcasts
- All Late Night broadcasts
- All Daytime broadcasts
NBC covered Speedskating - short and long track, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Events, Alpine Skiing and all the Snowboarding events. 
Lots of curling and hockey.  I didn't have room for all of it, but I do have all the medal rounds.   
You can contact me at oldvideos@comcast.net .


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