NES stuff

FDSStick Drive emulator for Famicom Disk System.
SMB2J (code) MMC3 hack of Super Mario Bros 2(J). Thanks to beneficii for the piranha plant bugfix.
BoxBoy My entry for the 2003 Minigame compo.
Firefly Small tech demo, trying some color effects with emphasis bits. Use an accurate emulator (like Nintendulator)
Colortest Another tech demo. This changes the background color solely by reading $2007 very quickly mid-scanline. (Nintendulator...)
Unfinished Yet another demo.
CIC Some pics of Tengen's CIC clone.
asm6 6502 assembler I wrote for myself.
loopynes Really old NES emulator.
FDS BIOS Partial disassembly (IDA database). Might be interesting to someone, I dunno...
the skinny on nes scrolling Something I wrote a long time ago that earned me some notoriety.
PowerPak mappers (last updated 2011-11-17): CNROM, MMC3, FDS, NSF, VRC4, VRC6, N106, Sunsoft-5B, BxROM, Codemasters, Mapper 90 (partial), MMC5 (partial).
PowerPak NSF player source