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Pacific NorthWet RASP — Regional Atmospheric Soaring Predictions maintained by TJ Olney

Updated as new model runs become available.
PNorthWet, Blanchard, Tiger, and Fraser Valley domains run three times daily.

BTW: Any of the available maps can be "looped" over the course of the hours available using the loop link next to the map link. This will open in a new window.
  • frameblipspots.html Dr.Jack's Blipspots (Subscription to Dr.Jack Required) Same generated by Dr. Jack's system.

    Non-RASP weather pages that include current observations and forecasts collected from many sources.

    Main Blanchard page: Current observations and collected forecasts from many sources. (most are included on the RASP and Current Observations pages listed above.)
    Including all on the same page, the current visible satelite photo, current radar, current wind map from NWS, webcam showing Blanchard launch and webcam looking South from Bellingham Bay. The page also includes the NWS
  • blanchard.html Stable version of the blanchard page. Parts Updated every 5 minutes.
  • Slightly simplied version of the above, no forecasts, only current observations initially visible.
    Main Ft Ebey page: Current observations and collected forecasts from many sources.
  • whidbeymos.html Updated every 10 minutes.
  • Smith Island Winds so far today. Updated hourly. at hh:20
    Fraser Valley forecasts and Pictures
    My weather widget — Pick a site then pick a forecast type. (or map type) It fetches it for you. Point and click map or specific pre-determined sites.
       My Wx Widget


    Soundings RUC MAPS and RASP (Rapid Update Cycle)

    Produced every hour, these are the most current forecasts available at this time.
    RUC soundings re presented for lower elevations only including TI and local lapse rate. This gives a clearer picture of the RUC soundings at low elevations where we fly.

    Same as above, but this version includes a couple of other calculated measures.
    TI is Thermal Index and LPT is the Theoretical temperature of a Lifted Parcel of air starting at the ground. When the Lifted parcel temperature cools to the temperature of the surrounding air, the TI = 0.

    Printable Text only (No graphical plot), sounding forecast data for whole day. These are good to print and take to the hill with you. Regenerated hourly.
    | blanchard_stewart_rucsoundingsonly.html | iron_mtsoundingsonly.html | frasersoundingsonly.html | big_johnsonsoundingsonly.html | ft_ebeysoundingsonly.html | Tigersoundingsonly.html

    Another version of the Text only RUC and MAPS soundings for printing that includes the current mountain fire weather forecast, LAMP, GFS, and NAM forecasts. The mountain fire weather forecast is especially nice as it forecasts winds at 20' both in the valleys and along the ridge-tops. Regenerated hourly.
    | big_johnson.html | black.html | blanchard_stewart_ruc.html | fraser.html | ft_ebey.html | iron_mt.html | Tiger.html

    I am not producing RASP Soundings as of April 15, 2012 — Windgrams have the same information and use less bandwidth and compute time.

    National Weather Service Discussions

    -- An attempt has been made to make the sometimes obscure NWS forecast discussions easier to read. (The translator is sometimes fooled by ambiguous abbreviations.)
  • Translated Forecast discussion
  • Translated Forecast discussion with embedded weather map images.
  • Marine forecast Admiralty Inlet and Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Translated Mountain fire weather -- tracks valley and slope winds at 20ft.
  • latestvisible.html

    Close to real time surface observations from APRS network and Weather underground and mesowest
  • aprs.html

    Miscelaneous pages.
  • winds_aloft.html Forecast from Vancouver BC and Seattle
  • Collection of all listed flying sites and their most current official wind forecasts. windcastsonly.html
  • meso.html A nearly obsolete presentation of 9 mesowest observations on one page.
  • padillaframe.html A special page to present the Padilla Bay winds
  • padillawinds.html A different version.

    Compact pages of current observations for Mobile devices.
  • qblan.html
  • qeast.html
  • qebey.html
  • qtiger.html

    Maps and Map access
  • My Wx Widget Pick a site or Lat and Lon then pick a map type. It fetches it for you.
  • bctopomaps.html
  • fraservalleytopo.html
  • AtlasCanadaTopographicMaps.htm
  • fetchmap.htm If you are interested in a particular site, this is best started from My Wx Widget by choosing your site and clicking Large Topo Map.

    Radio related
  • myhent.htm
  • wavecalc.htm
  • hentenna_match_attach.jpg
  • hentennasm.jpg
  • ski-pole_2m.jpg
  • ski-pole_6m.jpg
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